Kiøbenhavns kongel. privilegerede Adresse-Contoirs nye kritisk Journal, Bind 1–4


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Side 183 - To build, to plant, whatever you intend, To rear the column, or the arch to bend, To swell the terrace, or to sink the grot; In all, let Nature never be forgot.
Side 183 - Conscious they act a true Palladian part, And if they starve, they starve by rules of art. Oft have you hinted to your brother peer A certain truth, which many buy too dear...
Side 393 - You receive here inclofcd a ftiort account of the condition of thefe valuable remains of antiquity. The King intends with pleafure, to give you leave to make ufe of them. It depends only of you, Rev. Sir, to appoint fome able perfon here, who may examine, and, if you think it proper, collate...
Side 183 - And something previous e'en to taste— 'tis sense; Good sense, which only is the gift of Heaven, And though no science, fairly worth the seven; A light which in yourself you must perceive ; Jones and Le Notre have it not to give.
Side 393 - fure of my bell wifhes for the " fuccefs of your arduous under" taking, that cannot fail to im" mortalize your name; and, what " to a man of your religious way " of thinking muft be of infinitely " more value, will draw down upon
Side 183 - Terras, or to fink the Grot ; In all, let Nature never be forgot. But treat the Goddefs like a mo'deft fair, Nor over-drefs, nor leave her wholly bare; Let not each beauty ev'ry where be fpy'd, Where half the (kill is decently to hide. He gains all points, who pleaiingly confounds, Surprizes, varies, and conceals the Bounds...
Side 393 - Ma" jefty thinks fit to affift you by all " potfible means, in order to pro" mote a defign fo truely ufeful to " religion and learning, and con" fequently fo much deferving the " greateft encomiums. In this «' view I am honoured with his' • • royal commands, to acquaint •' you, Sir, with the arrival of " fome ancient copies of the He...
Side 393 - with printed copies ; in order to " gather out of the former fuch " various readings as may occur " therein. I hope you will be per" fuaded before-hand, that the per" fon employed by you to this pur" pofe will meet with all imagi" nable readinefs to facilitate his
Side 327 - Ces détails même, je ne les ai pas tous donnes ; car, qui pourrait dire tout Cmns qui cipes.
Side 293 - Tranlañions , giving lome account of the prçfent undertakings, Studies and labours of the Ingenious in many confidc-rable parts of the World , &»ilfet be lose ¿t le»ere to trebiebeele eller over £al»beelen (ettere enb man fan {МУС bet i enge

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