Good Books on Agriculture, Forestry, Roads

State Journal Company, printers to the commonwealth, 1915 - 18 sider
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Side 10 - Marketing and Manufacture By HERBERT MYRICK. A practical handbook on the most approved methods in growing, harvesting, curing and selling hops, and on the use and manufacture of hops. The result...
Side 11 - PRUNING-BOOK: A Monograph of the Pruning and Training of Plants as Applied to American Conditions.
Side 8 - THE FERTILITY OF THE LAND: A summary Sketch of the Relationship of Farm-Practice to the Maintaining and Increasing of the Productivity of the Soil. By IP ROBERTS, Director of the College of Agriculture, Cornell University.
Side 9 - A textbook for the grammar grades treating of the microbes, fungi, weeds, insects, birds and mammals that help or hinder the raising of crops.
Side 7 - Excellent, popular work, carefully written, accurate and attractively illustrated. "The viewpoint, all the time, is that of the practical man who wants cash compensation for the intelligent care he gives to his land." — Introduction. A soil expert pronounces it One of the best books in the language either for the practical farmer or the city-living farm-owner who is undertaking to improve his land and needs advice.
Side 7 - The material is grouped under the following heads: Agricultural surveying, drainage, irrigation, roads, farm machinery, farm motors, farm structures, farm sanitation, rope work.
Side 6 - Farmer's business handbook; a manual of simple farm accounts and of brief advice on rural law.
Side 11 - I2tno, price $1,10 net This book is designed for use in high schools, academies, and normal schools, and in colleges when only a short time can be given to the subject. It is also useful to the farmer or general reader who desires a brief survey of agriculture. The purpose of the book is to make the teaching of agriculture in the existing high schools comparable in extent and thoroughness with the teaching of physics, mathematics, history, and literature.
Side 7 - ... 550. King, FH Ventilation for dwellings, rural schools, and stables. King. $0.75 Gives foundation facts and principles, shows the necessity of ventilation, and suggests methods of installing simple systems. 8—37680/2 551. Lynde, CJ Home...
Side 8 - King, FH The soil, its nature, relations, and fundamental principles of management.

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