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THIS the first (of what may be termed legitimate Racing) Meeting of the year was most fashionably attended; the weather throughout the week was beautifully fine; and the racing, particularly amongst the Derby favorites, afforded plenty of scope to the speculators. The number of horses in training here is above the general average, the principal part consisting of two and three-year-olds. The ground was in fine trim, and, take "all in all," I hesitate not to affirm that the Meeting under notice was the best I ever attended. Some considerable alterations will be found in the prices annexed to some of the Derby nags when compared with their figures at the last meeting of Tattersall's; one or two indeed have retired altogether, to the dismay of their too sanguine admirers. To shew the effect of each day's running on the odds for the Derby, I shall "serve up" the bettings at the conclusion of each day's sport, with such remarks as I consider necessary. With this little introduction I shall at once convey my reader to the starting post.

The Craven Stakes, generally looked upon as a trial race for the different Stables, brought a goodly lot of all aged horses, and after a very sharp contest Scroggins was declared the winner by a head only; Montreal second, and Epirus third-five others nowhere. Betting brisk at 7 to 4 on Montreal, 7 to 2 agst Epirus (taken), and 6 to 1 agst Scroggins, who looked and went amazingly well. Connelly rode the winner.

The sporting Twenty Pounds Handicap for three's and four'sso frequently known by its introducing a rattling favorite in the Derby market-was won by Lord Orford's colt by Clearwell out of Petulance, at 6st. 71b. (Pettit), beating by a head colt out of Velvet, 4 yrs, 8st. 4lb.; Marialva, 3 yrs, 7st. 4lb.; Medea, 4 yrs, 8st. 3lb.; Capote, 3 yrs, 7st. 10ft.; Reindeer, 3 yrs, 7st. 10fb.; and Exit, 3 yrs, 6st. 4lb.Betting: 3 to 1 agst Velvet, 3 to 1 agst Exit, 4 to 1 agst Capote, 5 to 1 agst Reindeer, 5 to 1 agst Medea, and 5 to 1 agst Marialva.-The winner ran tolerably forward in the July Stakes last year, and is a smart going horse. He is not in the Derby.

The Match between Ottoman and Olive Branch, the former giving 7ib., was too hollow a thing to require much comment; the filly had it all her own way. Betting: 2 to 1, and even more, on the loser, whose chance for the Derby may now be considered completely gone. Cotton rode the winner.

The P. P. Fifty Pounds Sweepstakes, D. M., brought out the celebrated North-country favorite, Theon, against rather a middling Field ; he won in a canter after making all the running. Betting: 5 to 2 on Theon, who certainly shews considerable improvement since last year, and will unquestionably run a good and honest horse for the Derby. The Field consisted of Janus, who was second, Diploma, Half-caste, and Merle. Tommy Lye rode the winner.

The Riddlesworth was alike remarkable for the defeat of Lord Jersey's favorite, and the secreey observed by Scott's party as regards the winner; it was indeed a god-send to the bettors round. Glenorchy had been bolstered up all the spring, "straw beds and ploughed fields'

were called into requisition, yet all would not do; she was last by a long way. The race was cleverly won by The Ant, Sister to Industry, beating Emetic, Raymond, and the crack. The betting fluctuated strangely at one time 6 to 4 was betted freely on Glenorchy; at the close, however, 2 to 1 was freely offered against him, while The Ant was supported at 3 to 1. William Scott rode the winner. The bettings in the evening were rather heavy at the following figures:

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The Theon and Angelica party were wonderfully well pleased with the result of this day's sport, and ventured more of the "ready" upon their respective pets. Muley Ishmael and Confederate were in favor, but Wardan, Black Bess, and Gambia were nearly friendless; so much for consistency! Crucifix was in demand for the Two Thousand Guineas and Oaks.

Tuesday. This morning the bettings on the Column and Derby was very extensive. For the former race 6 to 4 was betted upon "the grey" against the Field: for the Derby, Confederate, Assassin, and Muley Ishmael were in great demand.

The first race of the day was won by Lord Albemarle's Cambyses (Cotton) beating colt out of Datura and the Squire's Saddler colt-the whole three bad. Betting, even on the Squire, and 2 to 1 agst the winner.

Flambeau, at 8st. 3fb., beat, in the commonest canter imaginable, Merganser, 8st. 71b. Robinson rode the winner, and Connelly the loser. Even betting.

The Tuesday's Riddlesworth was a sorry affair, Billow and Robinson did just as they liked with the Green Mantle filly and Darling. Betting: 4 to 1 on the winner.

A Sweepstakes of 300 sovs. each, h. ft., A. F., sent three of the last year's Derby tits to the post-Euclid, at 8st., was the winner against Bosphorus, 7st. 71b., and Cæsar, 8st. 71b. Little Euclid looked uncommonly well, and was very cleverly ridden by his old jockey P. Connelly. Betting: 7 to 4 on Euclid.-Cæsar broke down, and left Bosphorus to struggle through the difficulties alone.

The Coffee Room Stakes was carried off by Lord Albemarle's Spangle beating three shocking wretches; one of which, Mr. Batson's filly by Plenipotentiary out of Acacia, was thought to be an Oaks nag, but she cut up wofully, and was last! Betting: even on Acacia filly, and 4 to 1 agst the winner. Rode by Cotton.

The Duke of Cleveland's Farce colt won a 100 sovs. Sweepstakes from The Orphan and Amurath over the D. M., with the betting 7 to 4 and 2 to 1 agst. Amurath might have won this Stake for Lord Exeter, but the brute would not run a yard. John Day rode the winner. The



result of this affair gave Theon a further lift in the Derby odds-they say he can give the Farce colt 14b. and win; if so, his chance for the Epsom race must be "prodigiously good."

In two Matches fixed to come off this day, Stamboul and St. Francis received h. ft. from Proteus and Feather (broke down). In the evening some considerable business was transacted on the Two Thousand Guineas and Derby at the following figures:


5 to 2 agst colt by Clearwell out of Angelica


3 to 1 agst Crucifix (taken).

3 to 1 agst Confederate (taken freely). 10 to 1 agst Wardan.

5 to 4 on Confederate and Crucifix (taken).



6 to 1 agst Launcelot (taken). | 22 to 1 agst Melody colt (Song-
7 to 1 agst Theon (taken).
8 to 1 agst Confederate.
9 to 1 agst Angelica colt.
15 to 1 agst Muley Ishmael.
20 to 1 agst Monops.

Wednesday. This

22 to 1 agst Assassin (taken).
35 to 1 agst Black Bess (off.)
35 to 1 agst St. Andrew (off.)
40 to 1 agst Gambia.

40 to 1 agst Wardan (offered). 40 to 1 agst colt out of Velvet. 50 to 1 agst Pathfinder. 70 to 1 agst Benjamin (taken). 100 to 1 agst Farce colt (off.)

was a very bustling morning, and much important betting took place previous to taking our departure for the Heath. The " grey party were very sanguine on their favorite, both for this day's race and the Derby. It will be seen that he was "bowled over" by a comparative outsider: the result, like many other "certainties," was a regular "poser" to the "fancy greys;" but some were bold enough to "bear up" in favor of the race being a "mistake." Alas! how some people are fascinated!

The High Ash Stakes was the prelude to the day's mischief: it was won cleverly by Dreadnought, Brother to Defender, beating over the Rowley Mile Hellespont and Perseus, who ran a dead heat for the second place. Betting: 6 to 5 agst Perseus, who ran badly, and 7 to 4 agst Dreadnought. John Day rode the winner.

The next, the most interesting race of the whole Meeting, was the Column Stakes of 50 sovs. each, h. ft., Rowley Mile, thirty subs., for which the following seven three-year-olds made their appearance, and came in as I place them :

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Lord Albemarle's Assassin, by Taurus, 8st. 2lb. (E. Edwards)
Lord Exeter's c. by Sultan out of Velvet, 8st. 7lb. (S. Darling).. 2
Lord Orford's g. c. by Clearwell, 8st. 4lb. (Robinson)........... 3

Not placed:-Duke of Portland's c. by Glencoe out of Tragedy, 8st. 4lb. (John Day); Lord Chesterfield's Molineux, Brother to Bloomsbury, 8st. 71b. (Scott); Lord Albemarle's Janus, by Jerry, 8st. 71b. (Cotton); and Mr. Batson's Plenary, Sister to Plenipotentiary, 8st. 4lb. (Chapple). The last bettings at the post were, 6 to 5 and 5 to 4 on the grey, 5 to 2 and 3 to 1 agst Assassin, and 6 to 1 agst the Velvet colt.-The running was made by Janus and the Tragedy colt at a great pace, so much so, that before the lot had got half the distance, the chances of Molineux and Plenary were completely told out: on entering the ropes the grey, Velvet, and the Tragedy colt each made a desperate effort to defeat Assassin, but failed; and Assassin, whatever any one may say to the contrary, won very easy by a good length; the Velvet colt beating the crack by a neck, with Tragedy close up. This running proves Assassin to be a very superior horse, and I should not be at all surprised at his winning the great Epsom Derby. The Velvet colt is a very nice looking animal, and seems like an improving horse.


grey ran stoutly and well; but there cannot be a doubt about his having been considerably over-rated. Young Edwards rode the winner with great patience and judgment. Immediately after the race, 9 to 1 was taken about Assassin, and 33 to 1 offered against the grey for the Derby. It will be seen, however, that much less odds than the above were taken in the evening about the "gallant grey.”

General Grosvenor's Diploma won a Handicap of 50 sovs. each, at 7st. 11ib., beating over the T. Y. C., her favorite course, Menaleppe, 7st. 10lb., and the colt out of Emigrant's dam, 7st. 11fb. Wakefield rode the winner.-Betting: 5 to 4 agst Emigrant colt, and 3 to 1 agst Diploma. Won very easy.

The Subscription Plate for all ages was won by Scroggins beating by not more than a head Epirus over the T. Y. C. Connelly rode the winner. A three-year-old colt of Lord Verulam's, named Carlos, started, but cut a sad figure, being last the whole way.-Betting: even on Scroggins against the Field, and 6 to 5 agst Epirus.

Mr. Byng's Garryowen, 8st. 21b. (Nat), beat Mr. Ford's Ten-pound Note, 8st. 71b., T. Y. C., 50 sovs. Won quite easy.

Two other Matches ended in forfeitures.

In the course of the evening Confederate was promoted to the front rank in the betting on the Two Thousand Guineas, 2 to 1 having been taken in more quarters than one.-The result of this day's sport considerably affected the betting on the Derby: Assassin took the "Grey's" place, and Lord Exeter's lot were in general demand, but no offer that I heard made against them.

Thursday.-A slack and uninteresting day as regards the racing, but speculation on "coming events" enlivened the scene.

A Handicap of 20 sovs. each, A. F., was won by Flambeau, 8st. 10lb., beating Mendizabal, 9st.; Dædalus, 8st. 31b.; and Merganser, 8st. lib. The run in was capital between old Mendizabal and Flambeau, and was won by half a length.-Betting: 11 to 8 agst Flambeau, 2 to 1 agst Mendizabal, and 4 to 1 agst Dædalus. Robinson rode Flambeau. After this race, 1000 to 10 was taken about Crazy Boy for the Derby, and 10 to 1 agst Teleta for the Oaks; both Flambeau's stable companions.

The Claret Race, an affair in by-gone years of vast importance to the betting gentry, was confined to Euclid and The Corsair; D.I.— The betting was 2 to 1 on Euclid, but at no part of the race did appearances justify such betting; for it was a near shave" all the way. Euclid won by condition and nothing else. Connelly rode the winner, and John Day the other.

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In a Match for 1000 sovs., h. ft., Rowley Mile, Lord Chesterfield's filly out of Rowton's dam received a compromise of 400 sovs. from Mr. Thornhill's Empress.-Betting in the evening:

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Friday-The Craven Meeting closed with this day's sport, and the bettings in the morning on the Derby, Oaks, 2000gs., and Chester Cup, were heavy.

The opening race went into Scott's stable, being won by Nicholas against a mealy looking thing of His Grace of Portland. The Stakes were 200 sovs. each, three subs. Scott rode for Colonel Anson, and John Day for the Duke.-Even betting.

A Subscription Plate was won by the Duke of Portland's Ruth colt beating Hellespont, Reindeer, and a filly of the Duke of Bedford's by Augustus out of Courtezan.-No betting of consequence. Howlet rode the winner.

The next race was an interesting affair, inasmuch as it brought the flying North Country mare against Grey Milton and the winner of the Tuesday's Riddlesworth. It will suffice to say that Black Bess won in a canter; Grey Milton second. Black Bess is a remarkably fine animal, and will prove a very dangerous customer to Crucifix for the 1000gs. Stakes and Oaks. Scott rode the winner very well indeed, and honest John" made every use of his "grey," but was outpaced throughout. The other filly saw the race.—) -Even betting on the winner, and 4 to 1 taken immediately afterwards that she wins the Oaks.

Ganymede, 8st. 71b. (Nat), beat Columella, 7st. 12ft. (Rogers), out of 50 sovs., T. Y. C., in a trot, with the odds 3 to 1 upon


To shew that "it never rains but it pours," Lord Albemarle's Domino won the Port by eight or ten lengths from Æther and Bosphorus.-7 to 4 on Ether, and 3 to 1 agst Domino. Cotton rode the winner. The extraordinary good luck of Lord Albemarle's horses seemed to give general satisfaction amongst the Newmarket people, where His Lordship is a great favorite.

Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, h. ft., D. M., for fillies, was gained by Currency beating, giving 3lb., Olive Branch. John Day rode Currency, and won by a good honest length.-2 to 1 on Currency.

The finishing stroke to the week was a Match between Diploma, 8st. 7b., and Clove, 8st.; T. Y. C., for 100 sovs. a-side. Clove won entirely by the beautiful style in which little Cotton made his finishing rush: he just" did the trick" by a "short head.”—4 to 1 agst Clove.

The Tedworth Stakes was walked over for by Glimpse and Perseus. Hellespont and Firefly received in their respective engagements.

In the early part of the week Lord George Bentinck scratched all his Derby horses, and the Wild Duck colt gave his backers the slip by giving up the ghost.-Closing prices on the Heath :—

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