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she weighed anchor again, passed through the Downs with a fair wind, and, sailing down the Channel, proceeded on her intended voyage. No particular circumstance, worth mentioning, occurred during several weeks, except the loss of a seamnan, who was found one morning dead in his hammock, without having had much previous illness. The wind continued fair, but variable. On the 20th of March, in the afternoon, the mizen mast gave way by the jerk of a swell, and was found much decayed under the

in the way of the mizen gaff': this damage, however, by the next day was completely repaired. On her arrival (April 9) in lat. 21. 55. long. 38. 38. a very heavy gale came on. The foretopsail yard, being now discovered to be rotten in the slings, was sent down and replaced by a new one. The gale continued to increase, and from three to five in the morning, continual flashes of lightning came on from different quarters, with loud and repeated claps of thunder, succeeded by very heavy rains.

From this period till the time of her arrival off the river of Plate, the weather was changeable, and for the most part stormy. On the 6th of May she commenced her cruize in this river ; nothing particular, however, occurred for several days, except the loss of a boy, who

accidentally fell overboard and was drowned, in spite of every exertion made to have him. On the 13th, being off the island of Lobos, a boat was went on whore to reconnoitre. In the evening she returned, without having discovered any inhabitants; a number of meals, however, were seen, and proper apparatus for skinning them, which in all probability had been used by persons from the main land, in the habit of resorting to this island for the ex. prons purpose of procuring seul skins.

On Tuesday, the 14th, two boats were rent on shore to the high land above Maldonado, to reconnoitre and kill wild cattle, which were seen in abundance; the vessel in the mean time plied in a bay under the biglu land. The boats returned next morning at eight o'clock, with one bull, not baving been able to kill wore, on account of the storminens of the weather, which rendered them too wild. The crew were detained on whore much longer than they otherwise would have been, on account of the desertion of two men, who had been left to take care of the bonts; and after a search of several hou without effect, they were under the necessity of returning without them. About three hour's after their arrival on board, the two men in question were seen on the beach, making wig

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Bay hy # Tariga chief and his wife, who had returned frith therinews ideas respettidig the Walte und eit: bulation of trusteyeneral slaughter of the dog at Va ano, on accumut of their desturing the gatherTheir Hech baked and enten bry several chefe = 'first eesay at the spot of fatini kalai with the bird fritt Tonga

I'nge 249 (HAB, 1X-island of Botnge kurimis baterii there, and

herty first diskutered.Aneedete tuf the persemn who first diseawered the cavetti==Desitiktint of the spirit tof shatta ing rate Penila tale of the tigin of the thiga islands

Minute petitn th Vavahti-- (eneral fima, and kilure tof seweral Ariefs Stratagein used th secure Catahinta Several of the primers taken mit ih sa to bre sunk; their titiwersakitini on the way=conduct of Carabite whilst sinking Conduct of the widerte (of the dentased, particularly of the wider vf Nrw Walnut: Deertifiti tof the plantation of Mahe generalar tale of what happened at this plantation in further titnike -- Tonga strig

-Abrindande of a pet utiar Ash found here this platita fion given up by Mahe Putignati, and truferred on Mt: Marine hry Wintr# A deasperitareti #halk found toff the tof the islands - Their thethed of making tittat enite with its teeth :-Ameek exemplifying the brighi katiwa tiwa in which whale's takih are held still grantet value of them at the t'iji istands Arrival of Cow Motala fretti

w CHA# *# Mavala s warrative=His early residente at

the t'iji islands=is drifted to #trtotita ton his return the Toniga Partimula eustning till trotting-Arrives at 10tinning tot his tetth the Wi--Chatter tof the purple tralar tale of we giante Arrives # Navihi Leviti, titik to the fisi islatuleder of the people. Their

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cannibalisin-Olservations --Sails for the island of Pau, the most important of the Pul islands : ils tratlie-- Ac. count of an European venael wrecked there-Anecdote of A kiantie lizard, (probably i crocodile) which did much mlachief at a neighbouring inle: stratagem used to destroy it-Parther account of l'nu-Description of several eustoms of the Fuji island-Description of the island of Chichin, and its strong fortress : some account of its war with Pau-Description of a cannibal fennt-Jeast given

by Finow on Cow Moonla's return to Tonga, Page 317 Cuar, XI ---Arrival of a canoe from the Inland of Tonga,

bringing a chief and two young mataboules, with a petilion from Toobo Malohi : they give an account of the late transactions there, viz. Teoo Cava, chief of llibilo, being joined by the chief's and inen that formerly belonged to Nioocalofa, makes an attack on the fortress of NookooNookoo, and takes it: the enemy return in the night, and set fire to it-Teoo Cava, making his encape, in stopped and killed by a Fiji Islander-Conduct of Ata in the defence of Ilibilo, and the bravery of MaccappaGrief of Teoo Cava's widown for his lowelleference to an anecdote in the missionary voynge respecting Eliza Money (mote)-Jetition of Toobo Malohi and his chiefs to finow; their reception ivy liim, and ceremony of pare don-Lobo Malohi's conversation with Finow, and his

ultimate departure for the lapui inlands. Chap. XII.-linow's younger omwhter l'alls nick--Petitions

to the gods farther avertint of the mode of invocationPinow' illness-Debate among the godlm respecting linow Supposed eflect of l'inow's illness and recovery on his daughter --llin daughter conveyed to the island of Ofou mller drat-'eremony of her burial Ntrange custom of the people of llamo Finow's illness-l'etitions to

the gods--Strangulation of a child in the way of sacrifice l'inow's death-Political state of the Tonga islands, Ocensioned by this event - Grief of Pinow's daughterMr. Mariner rebuked by the prince for his grief at fi. now's death-Sumpicious conduct of Voona --( 'onsultation of the god Toobo Toty - Report of what had been l'inow's intentions previous to his death-The prince consults with his uncle on matters of political government relative to his muccension,

Page 302 Char. XIII,Ceremony of Finow's burial---Cirief of his

widow-Melf inflictions of the mourners --Funeral procention to Pelleton--'' policy of the prince.Denerip tion of the grave, and ceremony of interment --Ceremonies after burial.mespect paid ly persona pasning the grave. The prince's intimation to Voona that lie should exile bimwell. The prince receives authority as low at a Cava party-llis noble speech on this occasion---Farther exhortations to his chiefs and matubooles respecting the cultivation of the country --llall mourning commences-The cereinony of the twentieth day after burial--Descrip tion of the dance called M de too Buggi-Heroic behaviour of two boys at the Krave.The late Ilow's lisherinen e* hibit proofs of their allection for the deceased--Moral and political character of the Inte low-li personal character-A brief comparison between the charncters of the late and present Ilow.

392 Char, XIV.-The large fortress of Folleton rebuilt-The

late king appears to Foonagi (a female chief) in a dream The charm of Tattoo--Tongamana arrives from the Ilapai islands respecting the Inachi-Certain political views arising from this circumstance-Perminnion granted to Toobo Ton to come to Vavnoo to perform the usual ceremonies at l'inow's gravellis conduct on this occa


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