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The first principles which in them constitute the foundation of virtue-References to Toobo Neuha, Hala A'pi A'pi, and others—Farther habits of practical liberalityThe principle of respect and veneration to the gods, chiefs, parents, and aged persons-Defence of hereditary rights, and love of country--Instances of the principle of honour: instances of the contrary: remarks: conclusions -Their liberal opinions of one another, and of European nations, with references-Humanity-General observations on the virtue of chastity-Investigation of the proportion of married women-Conduct of the married women-Conduct of the unmarried women: of the married men: of the unmarried men--General view of society, as far as their notions respecting chastity are concerned

Conclusions upon this subject-Remarks. Page 140 CHAP. XX.—Preliminary observations-Cava root :

mony of preparing the infusion, and order of serving it out, either as a chief, a priest, or a god may presideThe ceremony of Ina'chi ; of Fuccala'hi ; of Cava fuccu e'gi; of Tow-tow; of Nawgi'a; of Tootooni'ma; of Boo'too and its minor ceremonies, viz. Fa'la, Tooltoo, Lafa, Toogi, Fo'a, Oo'loo; with a quotation from Leviticus ; of Langi, and the very singular mode of shewing respect to the remains of Tooito'ngaof Taboo and the ceremonies of mo'ë-molë and forta ; of Toogoo cava; of Lo'tooOmensCharms.

182 CHAP. XXI.-Introductory observations on the state of the

healing art in these islands-Their surgical knowledge borrowed from the Fiji islands—Medical skill of a Sandwich islander-The operation of cawso, with a case described ; regimeh; precautions against tetanus-Two


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cases of tetanus cured by the operation of tocolosi—Operation of boca, or castration : a man castrates himselfFractures and luxations-Topical blood-letting-Opening abscesses—Burning and blistering-Friction-Scarification of the tunica adnata-Gun-shot wounds-Amputation-Circumcision-Ta tatto'w at the Tonga islands; at the Fiji islands—The diseases called cahi and palla-Gonorrhæa-Observations respecting the existence of syphilis at these islands-Gonorrhæa cured by fright in three individuals-Tona, a disease similar to the yaws-An eruption on the feet called gno'woon-Foou, or elephantiasis, Momoco, or general wasting of the flesh-Feke-feke, a species of irregular intermittent.

Page 2-10 Chap. XXII.-General observations on the principal arts and manufactures-Canoe-building-Inlaying with ivory

- Preparing graves--Constructing stone vaults-Netmaking-Fishing-House-building--Striking the tattow -Carving the handles of clubs—Shaving with shells Cooking food-Enumeration of the principal made dishes -Making ropes ; bows and arrows; clubs and spearsManufacture of gnatoo, and mode of printing it-Making mats, baskets, combs, thread, &c.

274 Chap. XXIII.-General habits of chiefs, matabooles, mooas, women, and children-Quotation from Cook's Voyages, affording a very correct view of their public festivals and rejoicings in honour of illustrious visitors, and describing very accurately their boxing and wrestling matches, and sundry dances : the whole including a point of time when Captain Cook and his companions were to have been assassinated by the natives—An account of their different dances and songs — Specimen of their

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songs in rhyme-Specimen of their music-An account of their various sports and games—The pastimes of a day -Conclusion.

Page 296 A Grammar of the Tonga Language.

353 A Vocabulary, Tonga and English. A Vocabulary, English and Tonga.


The Port au Prince mails from Gravesond--Arrives in the

River of Plate ----Touches at the Falkland IslandsDoubles Cape Horn-Falls in with the Earl St. Vincent, Southa whaler--Attempts to cut two whalers (that had been taken by the Spaniards) out of the Bay of Conception-Accident to Thomas Turner --Arrives in Coquinbo Ronde-Desertion of eleven men--Captures three Spanish briga--Attacks the town of Arica-Captures the town of Hilo and burns it to the ground-Lons of the Begonio brix by Bro-Captures a small Spanish brig Picks up a bont with six hands on board, belonging to the Minerva, South whaler, whose crew had mutinied Falls in with the Lucy privatoor. In company with the Lucy, ongnges the Spanish frigate Astra-Makes Chatham Island, and parts company with the Lucy-Arrives on the whaling ground---Makes the Isle of Plate -Captures three Spanish vessels Anchors in Taoamies Ronin-Sails and anchors in Tola ronds ---Friendly reception from the governor of Told-Anecdote of the governor's daughter.

ON Tucsalny, February 12, 1805, it cleven o'clock A.M. the Port au Prince weighed anchor at Gravesend, mnde mail, and worked down the river. At twelve P. M. she came to an anchor at the Warp. The following day


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