The Novelness of Bakhtin: Perspectives and Possibilities

Jørgen Bruhn, Jan Lundquist
Museum Tusculanum Press, 2001 - 213 sider
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During the last 30 years, the Russian thinker M. M. Bakhtin has achieved great international recognition for his work with - among other subjects - literary theory and philosophy of language, and inspiration from his research is to be seen in almost all fields of the human sciences. However, Bakhtin's authorship focused primarily on one particular phenomenon: the novel. In this book, the world's leading Bakhtin scholars discuss Bakhtin's special understanding of the novel, both in relation to the status the novel occupies in the existing theoretical and philosophical debate, and in the historical context in which it was created. Articles such as Michael Holquist's Why is God's Name a Pun - Bakhtin's Theory of the Novel and Theo-Philology and Derek Littlewood's Epic and Novel in Magic Realism have been revised and augmented for the publication.

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Why Is Gods Name a Pun?
Bakhtins Dialogism and the History
Lovens lange arm The Long Arm of the Law The Hidden Discourse
Objective Narrative Theory The influence of Spielhagens Aristotelian
Gestures of the Unheardon Style Rhetoric and Articulation in Novelistic

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