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The contents and arrangement of this Volume, which brings the labour of fourteen years to an end, seem to require a word of explanation.

Under the heading “ Anonymous ” are included all those titles whose authors could not be identified after a careful examination of the original works in the Library of the Royal Society. Such titles as could be identified have been assigned to their respective authors, and are distinguished by the word [Anon.] to indicate the absence of the writer's name in the work from which they were copied. The difficulty of arranging a large number of anonymous articles has ·been met by placing them alphabetically, according to the titles of the books in which they are found, as in the List of Abbreviations prefixed to Vol. I.

Under “ Additions" are included Corrections as well as new titles from works indexed during the progress of the Catalogue through the press. Care has been taken to exclude titles already printed in the earlier portion of the work, but the references have been preserved, and simple instructions are given where to place them. The consecutive figures attached to titles signed with “ initials” only, do not necessarily imply identity of authorship; they are intended to facilitate reference in the Index of Subjects now in preparation. In some cases the baptismal names of the authors are given in full, while in the former volumes there may have been initials only. The consecutive numbering will, however, prevent any confusion of identity.

The complete list of works catalogued since the publication of Vol. I. will save the trouble of referring to several volumes. A reference not found here will be found, of course, in the first list. Many of the deficiencies noted in


a 2

that list have been made good, but it has not been judged necessary to specify them here. Generally it will be understood that when the title of a paper is not to be found under an author's name, the volume containing it was not accessible to the compilers of the Catalogue.

As the value of this work has been generally recognised, and as, in consequence of the lapse of time since 1863, the want of a continuation has already been felt, the Royal Society have resolved to continue the Catalogue of Scientific Papers to the end of the year 1873.




Adansonia. Recueil périodique d'Observations Botaniques ; rédigé

par le Dr. H. BAILLON. Paris. Vol. V. 1860-63. *Alessandria, Osservazioni

Osservazioni meteorologiche fatte in Alessandria alla Specola del

Seminario, 1860. Alessandria, 1861. American Instit. Rep..... Eighth Annual Report of the American Institute of the City of

New York. 8vo. Albany. 1850. Amsterdam, Geneeskund. Genees-, Heel-, en Scheikundige Verhandelingen der Eerste Klasse Verhand.

van het K. Nederl. Instituut van Wetenschappen, etc. te

Amsterdam. 4to. Amsterdam. Vols. I-IV. 1823–26. Amsterdam, Jaarb.

Jaarboekje van het Zoologisch-Genootschap : “Natura Artis Ma

gistra." 12mo. Amsterdam, 1852–55, 1857–58. *Anhalt, Verhand. Nat. Hist. Verhandlungen des naturhistorischen Vereins für Anhalt in Dessau. Ver.

8vo. Dessau. Vols. I-XXII. 1840-63. Annal. Hydrogr..

Annales Hydrographiques. Recueil d'avis, instructions, documents,

et mémoires relatifs à l'Hydrographie et à la Navigation. 8vo.

Paris. Vols. I-XXIII. 1849-63. Asiat. Soc. Trans.

Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and

Ireland. London. 4to. Vols. I-III. 1827-35. Beiträge Anat. Physiol. Beiträge zur Anatomie und Physiologie ; von C. ECKHARD. 4to.

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Berg. und Hüttenm. Jahrb.. Berg- und Hüttenmännisches Jahrbuch der k. k. Schemnitzer-

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1859. XI. 1862. Berlin, Polytechn. Gesell. Bericht über die Verhältnisse und die Wirksamkeit der PolytechBericht

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1855, Berlin, Sammlg. Deutsch. Sammlung der Deutschen Abhandlungen, welche in der k. Akademie Abhandi.

der Wissenschaften zu Berlin vorgelesen worden in den Jahren

1788-1803. Berlin. 4to. Vols. I-VI. 1793-1806. Berlin, Ver. Bot. Ver. Verhandlungen des botanischen Vereins für die Provinz BrandenBrandenb.

burg und die angrenzenden Länder. Herausg. von Dr. P. AsCHERSON. 8vo. Berlin. Hefts I-IV., 1859–62 ; Heft V., 1863,

herausg. von Dr. ASCHERSON und Dr. Th. LIEBE. Berlin, Zeitschr. Acclimat.. Zeitscbrift für Acclimatisation. Organ des Acclimatisations

Vereins für die k. Preuss. Staaten. Herausg. von Ernst Kauf-
MANN. 8vo. Berlin. Vole. I-IV. 1858-62. New Series.
Vol. I. 1863.

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