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places, and whose tender mercies are over all his works.

You know, there are thousands and millions in the world who have never heard of salvation by Christ; and among those who have heard of it, you know there are many, who enjoy not the means to obtain it. You lament their unhappy situation. You wish that the light of the glorious gospel may shine unto them. Toward spreading the gospel among them it is but little that you can do, and this little you resolve to do, and wish you could do more. More you can do. You can pray daily, that the word of God may have free course and be glorified through the world that heralds may be sent forth to proclaim the glad tidings of salvation among the perishing sons of Adam, and that the hearts of them who hear, may be opened to receive with joy the glorious tidings proclaimed.

If we will not attempt any good for our neighbors, for the church, for our country, for mankind, in a way so cheap and easy as this, what pretence can we make to Christian benevolence? We may have a kind of mechanical compassion, which is awakened by the sight of an object in distress; or there may be some favorite political design, which prompts our exertions. But if no serious and humble prayers are mixed with our compassion for distress, or with our exertions for the public good, there is no virtuous benevolence in our hearts. True benevolence to men will warm our devotions toward God, on whom all human happiness depends.

We have seen our obligations to do good, and the various ways, in which it may be done. In some or other of these ways each of us may do something, perhaps much to promote the general happiness. If we would all unite in the work, we might soon introduce a pleasing change in the state

of families, churches and other societies. The miseries of the world arise from the selfishness of those who dwell in it. When there are perilous times, it is because men are lovers of their own selves. When benevolence prevails, happiness will increase and spread. Men, under the influence of this principle, will not hurt, but serve one another. Let us therefore do good to all, as we have opportunity, especially to them, who are of the household of faith. Let us pray always with all prayer, and watch thereunto with all perseverance. Let us strive together in our prayers, that the word of the Lord may be glorified among us, and that the whole earth may see his salvation.

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