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cises during the hours of worship were

similar to those of former years. MT. LEBANON, N. Y.

1843. Many of the messages which No. 7.

had been written were now compiled

and received the title of “Sacred Roll The first day of the New Year, and Book.” A corresponding work 1842 was a continuation of the same began at Watervliet, N. Y., and the wonderful display of divine manifesta- work written at that place was entitled tions of spirit power. The first day Holy Wisdom's Book.” The manuof January will be remembered by the script of the Sacred Roll having been visitation of Holy Mother Wisdom. prepared, it was printed at CanterA large number of messages were bury, N. H., by the Believers in that written, containing words of comfort Society, and in 1849 the book of Hoand blessing to those who walked up- ly Wisdom was printed in the same rightly. It was during this season place. that public service was discontinued 1844. The meetings during this and a notification was placed on the year and also during 1845 were quite door of the church. The Sabbath like those of an earlier date. The rewas kept more as a day of meditation ceiving of beautiful songs and the and prayer, and this was better se- manifestation of divine gifts, were the cured by dismissing that service which ever present privileges. Testimonies invited a large company of strangers of thankfulness, of simplicity and of to visit the Village for many hours love for the abundant gifts of the during the day.

spirit broke forth from every heart. A remarkable visitation of the spir- The public Sabbath service which its occurred about this time, embrac-was closed in 1843 was again opened ing persons from many nations. Much this year, and all who so wished were of the time during the service was oc- permitted to attend. The order of cupied by these different classes, as exercises was as in former years and the Instruments were singing some the ministration of the gift of God new and beautiful songs or engaged was a living power which filled the in exhortations. The general exer-assembly. Although the demonstra



tion of the spirit, as exhibited in so ping, or moving of tables, and by many wonderful ways, gradually faded speaking while in a trance state. away, there was remaining in the Some of these demonstrations were, hearts of the people, a treasure which certainly, very remarkable, and were the world could neither give nor take well calculated to attract the attention away. A work of such magnitude, of nearly all classes of persons, filled as it was with wonderful and

GIFTS FROM 1851 to 1856 mysterious spirit manifestations could never have been anticipated by those who were chosen as actors, or even by

The form of the spiritual manifestathose who were privileged to be the tions that took place within the boundwitnesses. It came in the quietness ary of our Society, during the above and in the obscurity of a dream, but period, presented nothing remarkably it rapidly developed into a work of new, as worthy of special notice. The power and gave evidence that it was

hours for divine worship were attendof God.

ed with marked regularity, and were 1850. Although the mysterious seasons of blessing to those who noises that were heard at Hydesville, walked in the light. A living testiN. Y., in 1848 in the Fox family had mony was manifested against all evil, been attracting more or less attention, as in this came the prosperity of the and the curious were investigating, it Community. Some walked in tribudid not arrest our attention very much | lation, as they witnessed in some pertill the present year.

Several mem

a departure from light, or an bers of our Society visited the family apostacy from the word of God. A that was attracting so much attention, more direct testimony was held before and were very much interested in the world, to show them that the spirwhat took place by "rappings and it of Christ is found in the path of tippings." This strange work of the righteousness and peace. spirit was foretold through the medi- During those several years we were ums of our own order, especially the blessed with many refreshing gifts, rapping manner of communication. with much consolation from soul to

Although we do not consider these soul, and were still able to say that manifestations identical with those Zion yet rejoices in her God and gives that have been seen in our own order, glory to his name. yet they have proved to be very inter

(TO BE CONTINUED.) esting and given us an inspiring hope, that it was the opening of a way that TOPOLOBAMPO BAY, SINALOA, Mex., might lead to an increasing, gospel

SEPT. 15, 1889. light among those who were strangers G. B. AVERY, Mr. LEBANON, N. Y. to nearly every form of spirituality. DEAR FRIEND :-I received the MANISeveral of the mediums visited our Festo for April, May, June and AuSociety and exhibited those singular gust with many thanks. I am very manifestations, by rapping, by tip-glad to hear from you at all times, but


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cannot make arrangements to join you Bro. Avery? Please accept my best at present, as I had fondly hoped to do. wishes for your prosperity, both in My wife is not favorable to my doing so numbers and virtue. May all be hapat present. She thinks that as we put py in your temporal and spiritual relaall our possessions into the C. F. of s. tionships, and may peace attend your we ought to remain here, so that if efforts to honor our common Lord shall succeed in realizing our former be my earuest prayer.

I will put your hopes, we may be as happy here as MANIFESTO iu our reading room and so elsewhere, especially as the climate is spread the light. Write me at your very salubrious. And unless we do leisure. I am yours, fraternally. succeed we shall have no means to take

THOMAS YOUNG. us away. I wish to keep up my correspondence

SEVEN TRAVAILS OF THE with you. I am beginning to feel quite

SHAKER CHURCH. at home with the writers of the MANIPESTO and turu first to this Sister and

DANIEL OFFORD. then to that Brother as though we were

“I love the faith of the Gospel, old acquaintances. There is no doubt

The gift of free salvation; a fellow-feeling between Ils of true

It will redeem the fallen race Christian sympathy, although I may be From sin and condemnation. regarded by your people as living upon Then hold ye fast the living faith, the lower floor, as Brother Eads would 'Tis not of man's invention: say until I renounce my former faith

It is from God, who reigns above,

And claims our whole attention." and mode of life, and adopt the Shaker

JESUS and Mother Ann Lee were plan.

the most perfect examples of the In my case there were two in the

Christian faith, and the most perfect compact, and each pledged our troth ; it

witnesses of what the spirit of Christ is only fair my wife should have her choice, being regarded as the weaker could and would do with fallen hubecause three years the older. And manity. The system of government there would be no virtue in the act of

in operation when they were on the surrender on our part, as we could lay earth, was very far behind what it is no claim to the “Virgin life,” or the up-in our time; and as the governments per floor, by our giving the remnant of of earth progress, it opens the way, our worthless lives, after sowing to the through the gift of divine revelation, flesh and then to go cringing before for the Christian system to be perfectGod and ask him to accept the dregs of ed. But the spiritual lives of Jesus our inability to sow to the flesh any and Mother will never be excelled. longer. It seems too much to expect,

There seems to be, in the minds of our being enrolled among the one hun-some, at least, great objections against dred and forty-four thousaud virgins ; referring to or speaking of land reafter a life of sensual gratification. form, dietetics, hygiene, or any other Where does the self-denial come in, reform, as though these things had looking at it from your stand-point, nothing to do with Christianity in its highest manifestation. And objec- gan by reforming themselves ; in other tions to any physical demonstration, words, they practiced what they operating through the human body, preached. Jesus was a Shaker; a like shaking or dancing, or any vio- land reformer of the highest type; the lence of spirit in our meetings, because greatest hygienist that has ever walked it is not the worship of God. Jesus the earth; and he said his disciples and Mother have been the examples would do greater works than he did, for souls to follow ; and, thank God, or could do, in land reform and hywe have living witnesses, in our own giene. They would more fully crysday and time, that are living out, tallize or materialize the abstract truths through the gift of divine revelation, which he uttered; bring them down to a far more perfect system of Chris-practical every-day life. Of what use tianity than it was possible for Jesus is the revelation of truth, unless it enor Mother to live out; still we have ters the life of humanity? Jesus not attained perfection. But our said that the foses had holes, and the hopes are strong that, through an in- birds of the air had nests; (Where? creased revelation, greater good will Why, on the land ;) but the Son of yet be obtained. Father James said, Man, under the unjust system where “The Gospel is perfect; as straight he was obliged to live, had no place as straightness and as pure as the to lay his head. No rights in the land, heavens.” Father Joseph said the had he, that the government was bound church would pass through seven trav- to respect. What was his prophecy ails or cycles. We are only in the and promise to those who would folfirst travail—if haply we are there ; | low him? That for all they "forsook and if we are, we shall be found hat- of father, and mother, and sisters, and ing the flesh, vehemently. That was brothers, and houses, and lands, they the testimony of our blessed Mother ; should receive an hundred-fold of faand no soul can enter the second trav-thers, mothers, sisters, brothers, ail or cycle, till they have passed houses and lands." Was not that through the first. Every soul must land reform? And is not the system be baptized with the testimony of under which people are living to-day Mother, to hate the flesh before they well nigh as bad as it was when Jesus will find a successful travail into the lived on the earth ; and especially in second, third, or seventh cycle or those countries whose governments travail.

are called Christian. We, whose privI look upon Jesus and Mother as ilege it is to live under the infidel govthe greatest reformers that have ever ernment of the United States, enjoy blessed the earth ; not reformers after better things than they. But let this the sense and spirit of the world, but government get into the hands of the according to the will of God. Why? so-called Christians, and the liberties Because, in their practical lives, there we now enjoy will soon disappear, was more divinity; and under the in- and everybody will be compelled into spiration of the Holy Spirit, they be- the narrow limits of their creed, and

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