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Bien, wealthy, plentiful
ABEIGH, At a shy dis- Birk, birch

Birkie, a clever fellow
Airl-penny, earnest-money Birken-shaw,Birchen-wood-
Asklent, asquint, aslant

shaw, a small wood Atbort, athwart

Bleert and blin, bleered and Auld lang syne, olden time, blind days of other years

Bleerit, bleared, sore with

rheum B

Bluntie, snivelling

Bogles, spirits, hobgoblins BAUDRANS, A cat Bouk, vomiting, gushing Bawk, bank

out Beld, bald

Breckan, fern Ben, into the spence, or Brent, smooth parlour

Bughtin-time, the time of But and Ben, the country collecting the sheep in kitchen and parlour

the pens to be milked. Bield, shelter

Bught, a pen VOL. iv.




Burn, or Burnie, a water, Crowdie, a dish made of a rivulet

oat-meal Buskie, bushy

Cusbats, doves, or wood Busks, dresses

pigeons Buss, shelter

Cutty, short Byre, a cow-house, a shippen

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DAFT, Merry, giddy, Caller, fresh, sound, re

foolish freshing

Davoc, David Canie, gentle, mild, dex- Dights, cleans trous

Dool, sorrow, to sing dool,
Cantie, cheerful, merry to lament, to mourn
Cesses, taxes

Doos, doves
Chiel, a young fellow Doup, backside
Claut, to clean, to scrape Doup-skelper, one that strikes
Clavers, idle stories

the tail Cleeds, cloaths

Dour and din, sullen, salCluds, clouds

low Cockernony, a lock of hair Douser, prudenter tied up on a girl's head, Dowff, pithless, wanting

force Coft, bought

Dowie, worn with grief, faCog, a wooden dish

tigue Coggie, dimin. of

cog Doylt, stupid
Collieshangie, quarreling Drone, part of a bag-pipe
Coof, a blockhead, a ninny Droukit, wet
Coost, did cast

Draunting, drawling
Coutby, kin loving Drumlie, muddy
Craik, name of a bird Duds, rags, clothes
Crouse, cheerfully, coura- Dunted, boxt


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a cap

Gar, to make, to force to

Gaber-lunzie, an old man EERIE, Dreading spirits, Gadsman, plough-boy, the frighted

boy that drives the horses Eild, old age

in the plough

Geck, to toss the head in F

wantonness or scorn

Giglets, playful girls FA, Fall, lot, to fall Glaiket, inattentive, foolish Fa’s,does fall, water-falls Glaum'd, aimed, snatched Fash, trouble, care;

to Gleck, sharp, ready trouble, to care for Gleib, glebe Fecht, to fight

Glen, dale, deep valley Fechtin, fighting

Glinted, peeped Fecket, waistcoat

Gloamin, twilight Feckly, weakly

Glowr, to look, stare Fen, successful struggle, Gowans, flowers of the fight

daisy, dandelion, hawkFerlie, to wonder, a won- weed, &c.

der, a term of contempt Gowany, gowany glens, daiFiel, soft, smooth

sied dales Fient, fiend, a petty oath Grained & Gaunted, groaned Fiere, sound, healthy, a and grunted

brother, a friend Fleech'd, supplicated Grat, wept, shed tears Flickering, to meet, to en- Gree, to agree, to bear the counter with

gree, to be decidedly For-by, besides

victor Fotber, fodder

Grunzie, mouth Fyle, to soil, to dirty


Graith, geer


HALY, holy

GART, Forced to

Hallan, Hallan, a partition wall in Kintra cooser, country stala cottage

lion Hetht, offered

Knurl, dwarf
Heckle, a board in which Kitb, kindred

are fixed a number of
sharp pins, used in dress-

ing hempt, flax, &c.
Hiney, honey

LAIGH, low Hoddin, the motion of a Lawin, shot, reckoning bill

sage country man riding Lave, the rest, the remain

on a cart horse, humble der, the other Hosts, coughs

Lea-rig, grassy ridge Howff, a landlady, a house Leesome, pleasant of resort

Libbet, gelded Howlet, an owl

Lift, sky Husbion, cushion

Lilts, ballads, tunes to sing

Linn, a precipice

Loan, or loanin, the place

of milking ILK, or Ilka, each, every Loof, the palm of the hand

Loup, jump, leap

Lugs, the ears

JINKIN, Dodging

M Jouk, to stoop, to bow the head


Meickle, much

Mirk, or mirkest, dark,

darkest KENSPECKLE, Well known

N Ken, to know, kend, or ken't, knew, known NEIVES, or Nieves, fists


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SCAITH, To damage, to

injure, injury OCHELS,Name of moun- Screed, to tear, a rent tains

Shaw, a small wood O baith, O faith! an oath Sheugh, a ditch, a trench,

a sluice P

Sbiel, a shed

Sicker, sure, steady PAITRICK, A partridge Skeigh, proud, nice, highParle, speech

mettled Pawkie, cunning, sly Skelp, to strike, to slap; to Pettle, to cherish, a plough

walk with a smart tripstaff

ping step; a smart stroke Philibegs, short petticoats Skinklin, a small portion worn by the Highland- Snapper, stumble

Sneck, latch of a door Poortith, poverty Snell, bitter, biting

Snool, one whose spirit is R

broken with oppressive

slavery ; to submit tameRAX’D, stretched

ly, to sneak Reek, smoke

Sonsie, having sweet, enReeking, smoking

gaging looks; lucky, Rew, repent

jolly Rief randies, sturdy beggars Sough, a sigh, a sound dyRouthie, plentiful

ing on the ear Routh o' gear, plenty of Spates, swollen streams goods

Speel, to climb Rowth, plenty


Stalwart, strong, stout Rung, a cudgel

Sten, to rear as a horse, to Runkled, wrinkled



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