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Ruin's wheel has driven o'er us,

Not a hope that dare attend,
The wide world is all before us

But a world without a friend ! *


* Strathallan, it is presumed, was one of the followers of the young chevalier, and is supposed to be lying concealed in some cave of the Highlands, after the battle of Culloden. This song was written before the year 1788.



Tune-“ MORAG."

LOUD blaw the frosty breezes,

The snaws the mountains cover ; Like winter on me seizes,

Since my young highland rover

Far wanders nations over. Where'er he go, where'er he stray,

May heaven be his warden : Return him safe to fair Strathspey,

And bonie Castle-Gordon !

The trees now naked groaning,

Shall soon wi' leaves be hinging,
The birdies dowie moaning,

Shall a' be blythely singing,
And every flower be springing.


[blocks in formation]

Sae I'll rejoice the lee-lang day,

When by his mighty warden
My youth's return'd to fair Stathspey,

And bonie Castle-Gordon. *


* The young highland rover, is supposed to be the young chevalier, Prince Charles Edward.



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RAVING winds around her blowing,
Yellow leaves the woodlands strowing,
By a river hoarsely roaring,
Isabella stray'd deploring.
“ Farewell, hours that late did measure
“ Sunshine days of joy and pleasure ;
“ Hail, thou gloomy night of sorrow,
“ Cheerless night that knows no morrow.

“O'er the past too fondly wandering,
“ On the hopeless future pondering;

Chilly grief my life-blood freezes,
" Fell despair my fancy seizes.

66 Life

“ Life, thou soul of every blessing,
“ Load to misery most distressing,
“ O how gladly I'd resign thee,
“ And to dark oblivion join thee !" *


* The occasion on which this poem was written is unknown to the Editor. It is an early composition.


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