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tion with his Father, so, though temptation came near him, it could never enter his soul to poison its pure fountains. This faith is the great redeeming and sanctifying power which is needed to operate upon a world of unreconciled and wicked men. It removes enmity and hatred from the heart, and produces contentment and peace. The possessor is satisfied and happy, and can feel no settled disposition to violate the laws of his Maker.Say not that man will be led into sin through the influence of such a faith. No, it will purify his soul and save him from sin. It must

be so.

Here, O! objector, stop, and consider, before you presume to slander this holy faith, which discloses to the mind, a God of infinite glory and lovliness, seated upon the throne of the universe, and directing all things at his will. It is the only sure hope of poor mortals; it is the only light which can reach, and burn brightly in all dark places. It is the only theory that can solve the mysteries of creation, and make all plain, and harmonious and grateful. Then let us cling to it, as the dearest benefaction of this mortal existence, and rejoice that the Lord God omnipotent reigneth. AMEN.


ALMIGHTY and eternal God, Thou art the unbounded source of benevolence and hope, and the inexhaustible fountain of light and life, communicating happiness and joy to every department of the world; and, to celebrate Thy praise shall be the delightful employment of a universe of beings, in that glorious world where pleasures ever rise and eternal ages roll sweetly on. Thou hast seen fit, great God, in thy pleasure, to reveal Thyself in the character of Creator, and that character Thou hast impressed upon every thing around us. The smallest insect that floats in the sun-beams, witnesseth that thou art, and that thou art wise and good. The earth, and the fullness thereof, as a single specimen of thy power, was tost from thy omnipotent hand replete with miracles, when thou didst lay the foundations of the earth, when thou didst stretch the line upon it, when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God. shouted for joy-and from that interesting period to the present moment thou hast caused

the most exact order to pervade the universe. The earth has performed its regular revolutions around the sun, and its rotation upon its axis, and bringing about the various seasons of the year—annually budding and bringing forth to give seed to the sower and bread to the eater, and afford things in abundance, to satisfy the wants of thy dependent creatures. For this manifestation of thyself, we would adore and praise Thee. But in a special manner would we thank Thee for the written Word which thou hast been pleased to pass before us, through the medium of those who wrote and spake as they were moved by Thy Spirit; and that in this Word, Thou hast made thyself known as Father and Savior, as well as Creator and Sovereign; and that in Thy wisdom and goodness, Thou has purposed the immortality and blessedness of Thy rational offspring; and that Thou hast assured us that in Thy omnipotence, Thy counsel shall stand, and that Thou will do all Thy pleasure. We are enabled, through Thy grace, to contemplate a time when all evil shall be destroyed, and Thy moral creation be all beautiful and blessed forevermore. For this bright and cheering hope, we would bless Thy holy name. Wilt Thou give us a cor

rect understanding of Thy character and government. May we see Thee in Thy wisdom and goodness, in every event of Thy providence; and, resigned to Thy benign will, may we be faithful in the performance of the duties enjoined upon us; may we rejoice under Thy punishment, and be possessed of consciences void of offence towards Thee and towards our fellows. Thus may we live; and with an unshaken hope of a blessed immortality for ourselves, and all people, may we die.


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THE TEXT is a beautifully conceived and happily expressed invitation to a feast, represented by waters, wine and milk. The feast is a spiritual one. The mind needs refreshment in order to retain its vigor and increase its energies as much as the frail tenement of mortality which encloses it. The christian. religion is often figuratively represented in the scriptures. It is called the waters of life, the bread of God, and the flesh and blood of Christ. The comforts and consolations of

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