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native strength and energy- and will ultimately influence all created intelligences.

The revengeful spirit of the world, which would smite the adversary- which would carry on its conquests, with garments rolled in blood-is giving place, we hope, to the forgiving principles, inculcated by the Savior, and enjoined upon all his disciples. Let it be so. We hail with joy, every indication. in the religious world, which presages the triumph of "the glorious gospel of the blessed God," and assures us of the ultimate reign of the Redeemer. Let his kingdom be established in all the earth. Let it be done! Let it be done! And unto God, Most High, shall be the glory.


GREAT SPIRIT of the universe! Thine we are, and unto Thee we come, reverently bowing before thy throne, and lifting up our souls to Thee, in supplication and prayer. Dependent upon Thee, as we all are, for all the blessings we need, both for time and eternity, we would approach thy holy presence with

deep humility and reverence; remembering how kind thou hast been unto us, how many unmerited favors thou has bestowed upon us, how many tokens of thy distinguishing mercy thou hast manifested to us, and how many obligations of gratitude we are under to Thee for all thy mindfulness of us, in all the periods and conditions of our existence. Deeply sensible are we, that Thou hast ever been our friend and constant benefactor, and hast ever opened to us, in the order of thy Providence, thy bountiful hand, and supplied us with all things needful for our subsistence, and even for our temporal enjoyment, here upon the earth; nor hast thou been unmindful of our spiritual wants and spiritual welfare. Even when the world was dead in sin, and wandering far from Thee in forbidden paths, Thou wast pleased, in the infinite plenitude of thy goodness, to send forth from thy presence, thine only Son, thy well-beloved, to seek and to save the lost, and gather into the spiritual kingdom, the redeemed family of man. Thanks be unto Thee, for this, thy unspeakably great and glorious gift to man! Thanks be unto Thee, for all He hath done for a sinful race, and for what He is yet to accomplish in due time! Thanks be to Thee,

for the spirit of love which He manifested upon the earth, for the precious truths which He communicated to man, for his disinterested devotion to the cause of humanity, for his noble triumphs over all suffering, sin, and death! Glory to thy name! that He hath lived, labored, suffered, died, and risen again, for the salvation of intelligent humanity, from sin and error, and even from the bondage of corruption, and thine exaltation in ceaseless and endless beatitude. Through Him, thou hast accomplished all this great good for man, and unto Thee belongeth all the glory. Though man had sinned, and even rebelled against thy government and laws, yet Thou wast pleased to reveal Thyself to him, in the person of thy Son, as a sin-forgiving God, and the Redeemer and Savior of all the souls thou hadst created and made. And now, we praise Thee for thy goodness; we bless Thee for thy saving grace; we rejoice in the glorious results of thy power; we glorify Thee for the stupendous witness of thy love-" For of Thee, and through Thee, and to Thee, are all things; in whom beglory, forever. Amen."



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No portion of sacred history more fully reveals the moral government of God, than the account of Joseph and his brethren. It unravels the mystery of the present moral state; shows how mortals may act according to the free volition of their wills, and yet not be beyond the controlling will of Almighty God; how they can go to the utmost length of their own volitions, and yet, never go beyond that point, where the Divine will

directs and influences, so as to secure what perfect benignity dictates. It shows how good is brought out of evil, and how those very agents who meant the evil, after having passed through the tribulation and anguish. which are inseparably connected with their crime, are brought to participate in the very blessings they have labored to destroy. It shows, too, when the desired consummation is secured, how those who have thought evil, and have labored to frustrate the designs of heaven, may cease to be grieved and angry with themselves, in seeing that their wickedness has been overruled in such a manner, as to promote the glory of God and the good of his creatures.

God revealed to Joseph, in a dream, that his brethren should bow to him. This prediction excited their envy, and they determined that they would not bow, and took such measures as they thought would forever prevent the fulfilment of the prediction. But mark! How directly they were led, by the free volition of their own wills, to choose that course, and to adopt those measures that were the necessary condition to bring the end about which God had revealed.

They sold him to a travelling company of

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