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interests. Thy goodness is beheld in the multiform phenomena of nature- in the outward economies of the world. But a richer display of thy benevolence and solicitude is beheld in the gift of Thy dear Son, whom Thou hast commissioned to complete the revelation of Thine adorable perfectionsdefine human responsibilities and obligations

carry mankind forward in attainable excellence-ánd, finally raise the whole creation, that groaned in bondage waiting for redemption, to glory and bliss. Such a manifestation of love and mercy, calls for the highest notes of praise by angels sung. And shall man, the subject of infinite favor, be unmoved by the exhibition of that grace which makes him freely the heir of heaven? O Lord! "help our infirmities" that we may render Thee that tribute which is Thy due! It was in the spirit of Thine own divine mindfulness, that Thy Son, our Savior, voluntarily enlisted in the work of his mission; and in him we have in practical developement, "the brightness of the Father's glory, and the express image of his person." We desire to glorify Thy name for having communicated to him so fully Thine own excellence and thereby rendered him the angel

of mercy and good will the friend of the friendless to a wanting world. The deep sympathy he ever felt for suffering humanity: that pure, disinterested philanthropy which prompted him to bind up the broken hearted -to console the afflicted-to comfort the distressed to bless the needy- to pour "the oil and the wine" of consolation, into the lascerated bosom to chase away the clouds of melancholy gloom, and throw a smile of hope over the countenance of despair, excites our admiration. And we pray, that the same spirit may be cultivated and cherished among mankind, that friendshipand love, peace and harmony, humanity and charity may abound in society, and that the highest good of the world may be promoted. We praise Thy name, O God! not only for this example of perfected excellence, but for that form of religion instituted by our Savior in Thy name, which contains an embodiment of all that is good in theory and valuable in practice; and which is so highly calculated to assimilate its adherents to the character of its divine Author; and render them merciful and humane, while it inspires with hope of bliss immortal. O, may this religion continue to be our stay and staff while life and being

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last, that we may have a Comforter to cheer in life's darkest hour-a solace to soothe in bereavement and sorrow a hand to sustain when earth and all its treasures fail source of joy and triumph when the taper of life is flickering in its socket, and the farewell sigh is heaved to the charms of the visible creation around! O, may this religion have its renovating, salutary influence on our hearts and lives, so that our days may be the days of the righteous; and our end peaceful, and calm as the waters of the tranquil lake, unruffle by the stirring breeze, so that we may be useful to the world, and leave behind us a name that will be worthy of being cherished in the fondest recollections of the virtuous and the good, speaking in silent but persuasive eloquence, that will tend to mould character into the image of gospel righteousness! O, may this religion extend its influence far and wide, blessing the nations of the earth, till the whole world shall know and appreciate the Father's love, a Savior's sympathy, and the excellence of moral righteousness-till the present state is made an antepast of the celestial paradise-and all souls blessed of God, shall call Thee blessed evermore.

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JOHN, I: 9.


THE Forerunner in introducing the history of Christ and his ministry, speaks of his religion as it existed in its own native beauty and spirituality, unconfined by time or circumstances; as one great essence of spiritual light and perfection; before creation dwelling in the mind of Omniscience, constituting a part of the Divinity, shining forth upon his works, and irradiating all intelligent life. He declares, that, in twilight glimmerings, it was always in the world, though not com

prehended by the finite senses of benighted man; yet there it was, attracting the human mind upward to the worship of the great Original. Amongst the multiform inventions of men, and the conflicts of warring passions, this had still gleamed as the precursor of the rising sun of the gospel day, intimating some great, unchanging, almighty truth, yet concealed, to break, at some future day, in meridian glory, upon the world, Ancient sages and philosophers had been gently touched with its inspiration, and had uttered, imperfectly, some of its breathings; while prophets had not only felt its stirrings within. them, but had been permitted, through opening vistas, to look forward into the future, when its better morning should arise, and to contemplate the coming of the Just One and the glory which should follow.

This bright morning at length, broke upon the world, when it could be said in the language of the poet,

"The race that long in darkness pined,
Have seen a glorious light;

The people dwell in day, who dwelt
In death surrounding night.
We hail thy rise, thou better Sun;
The gathering nations come,
Joyous, as when the reapers bear
The harvest treasures home."

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