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that "these light afflictions of a moment, shall work out for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory." What are all the persecutions, the calumnies and the hatred of little souls, to counterbalance the joys springing from a belief in this great salvation? Light are they when compared with those endured by the Savior; yet did they even exceed them, they would furnish no sufficient motive for us to abandon the only faith, which could enable us to endure affliction here in life. And what are all the blandishments of wealth, of rank and power, or all the gilded flatteries of fashion and favor, to turn one away from the enjoyment of such hopes? Poor, indeed, must be the exchange which those make, who forsake them from motives like these. They are purchasing the vain pleasures of earth at an exceeding costly rate, who barter away for them, the hope of heaven for themselves and the world.

And what motives can be urged, that are not here found to draw us to God and duty? His love so extended- the compassion of a Savior so strong- the good they are to confer on us so unspeakably great- we must have hearts of stone not to be moved by influences like these. If we listen not to them, we

fear it may be said of us with too much of truth, "neither should we be persuaded, though one should arise from the dead." Let it not be so with us; but rather let this grace of God, bringing salvation to all men, teach us to deny ourselves of ungodliness and every evil, and to live soberly, righteously and godly in this world, and thus be prepared for heaven here, and for heaven hereafter. AMEN.


O THOU God of all grace Thou who didst lead Israel out of bondage and establish him in the land of promise, and who by thy Son hast promised to lead a world to Thee; we give Thee thanks for the exceeding excellence of Thy grace, and the glory of Thy purpose. -We praise Thee for our lives, and the preservation of the same-for the provision Thou hast made for our temporal wants, and for that gospel which satisfies all the desires of our souls. Condescend, O Thou Most Merciful Father, to shine in upon our sinful hearts by the light of Thy grace. Illumine the

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darkness of our minds. Uproot every evil passion contained in them. Create within us clean hearts, and renew a right spirit within us. Lead us, by the influences of Thy Spirit away from the deceitful paths of sin, and cause us to walk by the still waters of living pleasures. Prepare us for Thy service, and enable us to present our bodies and souls a living sacrifice on the altar of duty. Lift, we pray Thee, upon the whole world, the light of Thy countenance. Send thy word abroad through the earth, and let all the kingdoms of this world speedily become the kingdoms of Thy Son. And in Thine own good time, roll on that great and glorious era, when Jesus shall have subdued all creatures to himself when he shall have put down all rule, all authority and power- and delivered the kingdom up to Thee, that God may be all in all; and to Thee, our Father, will we ascribe the glory and the praise forever,





JOHN, 11: 35.


How exquisitely admirable is the sentiment of sympathy! How much of the divine it manifests! It breathes the spirit and temper of heaven. It is an emanation from the essence of the Holy One. How lovely is its exhibition in a world of suffering and sorrow! It goes out from self; and makes the ills and woes of others its own. It feasts itself with pleasurable satisfaction on the bliss of acquaintance; and lets fall the tear of com

miseration on witnessing scenes of adversity and distress. It rejoices with the joyful; and laments with the grief-stricken and broken-hearted. It congratulates the fortunate and happy. In sympathy is found much of the charm and poetry of life. How cold and desolate would be the soul destitute of its favors and solicitudes! How dreary the scenes of earth unenlivened by. its celestial influences! It is the vital element of sociality, friendship, and charity. Without it, the world would be a blank, and not an oasis to cheer the traveller, on his wearisome journey. With it, delightful scenes are beheld scattered over the fields of existence; and the soul revels in the gifts of an indulgent Providence. To be conscious of sharing none of the worlds sympathy, is to be a stranger among acquaintance; and to feel the loneliness of solitude amid the social throng. This sentiment serves to fortify the mind against the most trying scenes and circumstances, to sustain the soul in life's darkest hour, inspire it with dauntless courage in the prospect of death, and nerve the heart with energy to execute purposes and achievments, amid the most direful opposition. How dispiriting the thought that there is no heart beating in

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