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Adam inquires concerning celestial Mo

tions, is doubtfully answer'd, und exhorted io search rather things more worthy of knowledge : Adam asents, and ftill desirous to detain Raphael, relates to him what herenzember'd since his own Creation, his talk with God concerning Solitude and fit fociety, his first meeting and Nuptials with Eve, his di.course with the Angel thereupon ; who after admonitions repeated departs.


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HE Angel ended, and in Adam's Ear

So Charming left his voice, that he a wliile Thought him ftill speaking, ftill stood fixt to hear; Then as new wak’d thus gratefully reply'd. W'hat thanks sufficient, or what recompence Equal have I to render thee, Divine Historian, who thus largely haft allay'd The thift i had of knowledge, and yoxchlaf'd This friendly condescention to relate Things else by me unsearchable, now heard With wonder, but delighi, and, as is due, With glory attributed to the high Creator; something yet of doubt remains, Which only thy solution can resolve. When I behold this goodly Frame, this World of Heav'n and Earth consisting, and compute, I heir magnitudes, this Earth a spot, a grain, An Atom, with the Firmament compar'd And all her number'd Stars, that seem to rowl Spaces incomprehensible (for fuch Their dittance argues, and their swift return Diurnal) meerly to officiate light Round this opacous Earth, this punctual spot, One day and night; in all their vast survey Useless belides, reasoning I oft admire,

25 How Nature wise and frugal could commit Such disproportions, with superfluous hand So many nobier Bodies to create, Gicater to manifold to this one use,



For aught appears, and on their Orbs impose
Such restless revolution day by day
Repeated, while the sedentary Earth,
That better might with far less compass move,
Serv'd by more noble than her self, attains
Her end without least motion, and receives, 35.
As Tribute such a sumless journey brought
Of incorporeal speed, her warmth and light;
Speed, to describe whose swiftness Number fails.

So spake our Sire, and by his count'nacce seem'd
Entring on studious thoughts abitruse, which Eve 40
Perceiving where the sat retir'd in light,
With lowliness Majestic from her seat,
And Grace that won who saw to with her fay,
Rose, and went forth among her Fruits and Flours,
To visit how they prosperid, bud and bloom, 45
Her Nursery; they at her coming sprung
And toucht by her fair tendance gladlier grew.
Yet went she not, as not with such discourse
Delighted, or not capable her ear
Of what was high: fich pleasure the reserv’d, se
Adam relating, the role Auditress;
Her Husband the Relater me preferr’d
Before the Angel, and of him to ask
Chose rather; he, she knew would intermix
Grateful digreflions, and solve high dispute S5
With conjugal Caresses, from his Lip
Not Words alone pleas'd her. O when meet now
Such pairs, in Love and mutual Honour joyn’d:
With Goddess-like demeanour forth the went;

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