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CHAP. LXIII. Internal Occurrences among the English Catholics during the reign of Charles the First

page 419 1.-Proceedings of the Chapter on the death of bishop Smith

420 2.-Blackloism


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NOTE I. referred to in page 93. The Account of the Gunpowder Conspiracy transmitted by the

British Government to its foreign Ministers page 433

NOTE II. referred to in page 176. On the Anonymous Letter respecting the Gunpowder Plot,

delivered to Lord Monteagle


NOTE III. referred to in page 319. Statement of the objections to the Oath prescribed to the Roman

Catholics by James the First, and of the Answers to them 447

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E are now arrived at an event, which every

Englishman surveys with exultation :-it was a trying circumstance to the English catholics; but even in the opinion of their adversaries, their conduct in it did them honour.

For a considerable time, Philip the second had been employed in making preparations for some enterprize, both by sea and land, of no common magnitude: towards the close of the year 1587, it became public, that the object of it was the invasion of England: troops from every part of Europe subject to the power or control of the

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