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"a bag, and finding nothing, asked the servant "standing by, for it; he said that it was at home. "Most assuredly,' said Garnett, ' you neither "have it here, nor at home. I have ever been far "from every thought of this kind; every such thought being wicked in itself, and contrary to "the well regulated institutes of the catholics. I "exhort you all to abstain from such turbulent machinations, and learn to keep your souls in patience.'


"Being asked whether he had any thing further "to say? This alone,' said he, 'that all catholics present may pray with me, and for me.'


Being led from the edge of the stage, to the "foot of the ladder, which was placed against the gallows, he was asked, whether he thought him"self condemned justly? He answered,-" un'justly, as far as I am condemned for having been privy to the laying of the powder under the par"liament-house. For I knew nothing about that, "unless in such a place, and in such a manner, as "rendered it impossible for me to divulge it:

but, so far as I made known to none, the suspi"cions which I have acknowledged myself to have "entertained, I leave it to the judgment of every "one to think of it as he pleases.'

"Having stripped off his clothes, even to the "shirt, which had been sewn together as low as "the ankles, and kneeling down for a little, he' prayed in silence. He then ascended the steps "of the ladder, and said with a loud voice, May "God bless you all! and make you roman-catho







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“ lics! For others, there is no entrance into hea“ ven! May our Lord God bless the king, queen, “ prince, and all the council! When I was exa“ mined in the first instance, my reason for not “ acting openly with the nobleman deputed to me, was,

because I was forbidden by the bond of the “ sacrament: but, when I ascertained that the affair “ had been made public by those, who listened to

my conversation in prison, I thought it better to “ confess the fact, as it was, than, by my silence, “ to give occasions for suspicion and talk; for the

disposition of man is prone always to suspect and

report what is worse than the real fact; lest “ too, the reputation of my dear brother Tesimond “ should suffer, as he was thought to have inter“ meddled more with this plot than he really did. “ As to what regards myself, I die a catholic. “We adore thee, O Christ! and bless thee, be

cause, by thy cross thou hast redeemed the world! “ This sign of the cross will be in heaven when “ the Lord shall come to judgment! Alleluiah !

Then, having addressed the Virgin Mother in a “ short hymn, and having repeated many times, “ the words of our Lord Christ, from the psalm, «« Into thy hands I commit my spirit,' he crossed “his arms on his breast; and entreating of God “ that he might bear that sign in his heart to his “ last moments, he was turned off the ladder. “ The populace, by their cries, deterred the exe“cutioner from cutting the rope too soon,--shout

ing again and again, Keep off! Keep off! Let him hang to the last breath!'

“While he was dying, a deep silence and much “compassion appeared. Some argued, from his “ modest gravity, some from the steadiness of his “mind and countenance, which he preserved even “ in death, others from his sensible answers, that " a deed so atrocious, as that with which he was charged, could not have been committed by such

a man; and they declared, that he was a saint, " and without doubt received into heaven. So

powerful is innocence against any false accusation "whatever!”




WE have presented our readers with the accounts published of the gunpowder conspiracy, by two historians of very different characters, and who have written with very different views : we shall now attempt to present them, I. With a summary mention of the principal publications to which the conspiracy gave rise : II. An account of some other fathers of the society of Jesus, who were accused of concurring in it: III. Some observations on the conduct of father Garnett, in respect to it, and in respect to certain circumstances, with which it was connected : IV. A discussion of the charge brought against Cecil, earl of Salisbury, that he was privy to it, and that it was secretly fomented by him : V. And an inquiry, whether the guilt of it can be justly charged on the general body of English catholics.

XLVI. 1. Writers to be consulted on the subject, THOSE, who wish to have a complete knowledge of the nature and extent of the gunpowder conspiracy, and of all that protestants have said upon it, to criminate the catholics, and of all which catholics have asserted in their defence, should peruse several other publications beside those, which have been noticed : particularly the Relation of it which was printed by the order of government*; king James's Account of it t, Isaac Casaubon's Letter upon it, to the learned jesuit Fronto le Duc f, the Tortura Torti of the bishop of Chichesterý, and the

* “ A true and perfect Relation of the whole Proceedings

against the most barbarous Traitors, Garnett a jesuit and his “ Confederates ; containing sundry speeches delivered by the “ lords commissioners, at their arraignments, for the better 6 satisfaction of those that were hearers, as occasion was " offered. The earl of Northampton's speech has been en“ larged upon those grounds, which were set down; and lastly, “ all that passed at Garnett's execution. Imprinted at Lon“ don by Robert Barker, printer to the king's most excellent “ majestie, 1606:"-Reprinted with a preface and several papers or letters of sir Everard Digby, chiefly relating to the gunpowder plot, by Thomas lord bishop of Lincoln, in 1679, 8vo.

+ James's Apology and Præmonition, printed among his other works.

Isaaci Casauboni Epistolæ, Hagæ Com. 1638. Ep. clxx. 4to. p. 251.

Tortura Torti, seu Responsio ad Torti Librum, London,


Antilogia of Dr. Abbott *. All these publications, (but least of them, that of king James), are unfavourable to the catholics. On the other hand, the catholics have been ably defended by cardinal Bellarminet, Andreas Eudamon-Johannes, aCretan jesuit I, Dr. Challoners, and Dr. Milner 1. The official account of the plot, inserted in Winwood's Memorials, has been already noticed.

XLVI. 2.

Other Jesuits accused of being concerned in the Conspiracy

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Three jesuits, besides Garnett, were alleged to have been implicated in the conspiracy; father Gerard , father Oldcorn, and father Greenway. The two first were apprehended; father Greenway, on the first discovery of the conspiracy, fled to the continent.

Father Gerard was, almost immediately after his apprehension, imprisoned in the Tower. There, he was taken into a dungeon; various instruments of torture in it were shown to him; and he was threatened with the severest applications of them,

Antilogia, adversus Apologiam Eudæmon-Joannis pro Garneto, 1613.

+ Matthæi Torti Responsio ad Librum Jacobi Regis Magna Britanniæ, de Juramento Fidelitatis. Col. 8vo. 1610.

| Andreæ Eudæmon-Joannis Cydonii Apologia pro Garneto, 1613. 8vo.

Memoirs of Missionary Priests, vol. ii. p. 246. n Letters to a Prebendary. Letter vii.

9 There is a curious letter respecting Gerard, in Strype's Annals, vol. iv. p. 307.


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