A Catalogue Raisonnée[!] of Oriental Manuscripts in the Library of the (late) College, Fort Saint George: Now in Charge of the Board of Examiners, Bind 1


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Side xx - Scarba's isle, whose tortured shore Still rings to Corrievreken's roar, And lonely Colonsay ; — Scenes sung by him who sings no more ! His bright and' brief career is o'er, And mute his tuneful strains ; Quenched is his lamp of varied lore That loved the light of song to pour ; A distant and a deadly shore Has LEYDEN'S cold remains ! XII.
Side ix - Maastee-cull ; which illustrate the ancient customs of the early inhabitants, and perhaps of the early western nations. 5. The sepulchral tumuli, mounds, and barrows of the early tribes, similar to those found throughout the continent of Asia and of Europe, illustrated by drawings, and various other notices of antiquities and institutions.
Side iii - It was only after my return from the expedition to Ceylon in 1796, that accident, rather than design (though ever searching for lights that were denied to my situation) threw in my way those means that I have since unceasingly pursued (not without some success I hope), of penetrating beyond the common surface of the antiquities, the history, and the institutions of the South of India. The...
Side vii - I had, at very considerable hazard of my health, just completed the survey of the northern and eastern frontier of Mysore. " How far the idea suggested was fulfilled it is not for me to say ; from adverse circumstances one part was nearly defeated ; and the Natural History...
Side viii - Much of the materials collected on this occasion were transmitted home in seven folio volumes, with general and provincial maps ; but it is proper to observe, that still more considerable materials for the history of the south are in reserve, not literally belonging to the Mysore survey, though springing from it.
Side viii - Ghats, which have been since enlarged by materials constantly increasing; and confirming the information acquired in the upper country. Among various interesting subjects may be mentioned, 1. The discovery of the Jain religion and philosophy and its distinction from that of the Boudh.
Side v - Guntore ; throughout the whole of " the war, from 1790 to 1792, in Mysore, and in the countries ceded to " the NIZAM by the peace of 1792 ; and from that period engaged in the
Side xv - ... the Inscription, the date, where found, and in whose reign or by whom inscribed. Of three folio manuscript volumes containing these abstracts, two have been prepared since the death of Colonel Mackenzie.
Side v - IS years, therefore, there is little to shew beyond the journals and notes of an officer employed in all the campaigns of the time; first, towards the close of the war of 1783, in the provinces of...
Side xxi - He exhibited an unexampled facility, not merely in acquiring them, but in tracing their affinity and connexion with each other, and from that talent, combined with his taste and general knowledge, we had a right to expect, from what he did in a very few years, that he would, if he had lived, have thrown the greatest light upon the more abstruse parts of the history of the East. In this curious, but...

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