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Surely 'twas thy presaging Spirit : For why!
Hauing small time thou would'st doe worthily.
Thou took'st thy flight, because in heauinesse
Would'st not see drown'd a world of Worthinesse.

V pon the sudden and immature Death of both the Lords.

Here wee see verified, All Aesh is grasse ;
And the glory thereof like flower of grasse ;
The flower fadeth long before the grasse :
So worthiest Persons before other passe.

A comfortable Conclusion.
Tho Death on them hath shew'd his vtmost power,
Heav'ns King hath crown'd them with th’ Immortall Aower.

GVILIELMvs lones.
Capellanus mestissimus fecit invità Minervâ.

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