Public schools for the middle classes


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Side 147 - The objects for which the company is established are, " the conveyance of " passengers and goods in ships or boats between such places as the company may from " time to time determine, and the doing all such other things as are incidental or " conducive to the attainment of the above object.
Side 81 - ... children to be trained, the older within certain limits, should the trainer be. He has more need of experience, of self-knowledge, of discernment in child-nature, and sympathy with child-life. He has before him a more delicate and continuous work than he who acts upon the juvenile boy or girl.
Side 86 - Minutes, pupil-teachers of both sexes and different grades, numbering now above 6,000 — all the instructive books — all the excellent maps — all the ingenious apparatus — if not absolutely wasted — are indeed far too costly and too cumbrous for the service in which they are engaged, and about as proportionate to its requirements as a park of artillery for the dispersion of a flock of sparrows...
Side 127 - I am earnestly desirous that the people should grow jointly in power and true knowledge ; but at the same time I should regard their power as the worst of evils, if true knowledge were not to accompany it. It seems to me, then, that the education of the middling classes at this time, is a question of the greatest national importance. I wish exceedingly to draw public attention to it ; and at the same time, if I may be allowed to do so, to impress most strongly on those engaged in conducting it, the...
Side 128 - ... it is no less true, that we have no regular system of secondary education. The classical schools throughout the country have Universities to look to. Distinction at school prepares the way for distinction at college ; and distinction at college is again the road to distinction and emolument as a teacher. It is a passport with which a young man enters life with advantage, either as a tutor or as a schoolmaster.
Side 86 - I fear that we are getting so accustomed to this standard of school age as almost to regard it as the normal state, and to be passive under it, if not almost satisfied with it. Yet, what is it in reality? Is it not a pretty fair assurance that all the long and imposing array of certified masters and mistresses, assistant teachers under your lordships...
Side 127 - They feel this inconvenience themselves, and their pupils feel it also ; opportunities for making known their proficiency are wanting alike to both. It has long been the reproach of our law, that it has no efficient secondary punishments : it is no less true that we have no regular system of secondary education.
Side 81 - The following letter, addressed to me by the incumbent of a populous manufacturing district, describes a case which is certainly not unique. " I have now a schoolmaster from , a young man of pleasing manners, only nineteen years of age, who was a pupil-teacher in a school at Brighton, obtained a first-class Queen's scholarship, and is just now placed in the first class of certificated teachers ; but I don't think he has much idea of conducting a school; he does not teach at all. I have watched him...
Side 147 - Patent Stereotype Company, Limited," with Articles of Association annexed. Memorandum of Association. 1st. The name of the company is "The Patent Stereotype Company.

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