Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North of Scotland: Hitherto Unpublished, with Explanatory Notes, Bind 2

W. & D. Laing, and J. Stevenson, 1828
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Side 158 - My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here, My heart's in the Highlands, a-chasing the deer; A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe, My heart's in the Highlands wherever I go...
Side 80 - That I have found in the green sea; And while your body it is on, Drawn shall your blood never be; But if you touch me, tail or fin, I vow my belt your death shall be.
Side 78 - Her mother died when she was young, Which gave her cause to make great moan ; Her father married the warst woman That ever lived in Christendom.
Side 325 - We do not know them in the fountain, but in the stream; not in the root, but in the stem; for we know not which is the mean man that did rise above the vulgar.
Side 259 - I heard a maid making her moan ; Said, Saw ye my father ? Or saw ye my mother ? Or saw y'e my brother John ? Or saw ye the lad that I love best, And his name it is Sweet William...
Side 256 - And looked in a diamond bright, To see if she were fair. " My girl, ye do all maids surpass That ever I have seen ; Cheer up your heart, my lovely lass, And hate young Hazelgreen." " Young Hazelgreen he is my love, And ever mair shall be ; I'll nae forsake young Hazelgreen For & the gowd ye'll gie.
Side 201 - Wide in, wide in, my lady fair, Nae harm shall thee befall ; Aft times hae I water'd my steed Wi' the water o
Side 79 - And while your finger it is on, Drawn shall your blood never be : But if you touch me, tail or fin, I swear...
Side 202 - Wide in, wide in, my lady fair, No harm shall thee befall; Oft times have I watered my steed Wi the water o Wearie's Well.
Side 74 - Come down, come down, my lady fair, A sight of you I'll see ; And bonny are'the bags of gold That I will give to thee.

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