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case illustrative of its characters, i,
315; sediments in, ii, 264; albumin-
ous or frothy, ii, 264; comparison
of healthy with unhealthy, ii, 271;
general characters of, in diseases,
ii, 231, 232; further remarks on, i,
336, 337, 343, 345, ii, 231, 232; its
characters in cases of delirium, i,
346; in other acute diseases, ii, 230.
Uterine hemorrhage, excellent treat-
ment of, i, 64, 92.

Uterus, dropsy of, i, 161, 162; fumiga-
tion of the, in amenorrhoea and
other diseases i, 91, ii, 239.

Varices, why held by HIPPOCRATES a
natural cure of curvature of the
spine, ii, 114; treatment of, by
puncture, ii, 291, 305.

Variola, not described by the Greek
authorities, as has been supposed,
i, 320.

Veins, the Hippocratic treatise on the,
probably an excerpt from another
work, i, 98.

Venesection, rules for, in acute dis-

eases, i, 261; GALEN's opinions as
to the cause why no mention is
made of its having been performed
in most of the Cases of Epidemics
related by HIPPOCRATES, i, 323, 329;
remarks on the performance of the
operation, ii, 306; cures dysuria, ii,


VERDUC, his translation of a passage of

HIPPOCRATES, ii, 11; further cited,
ii, 12, 17, 44 et pluries.
Vertebræ, minute description of, ii,
117, 118; the great vertebra, mean-
ing the vertebra dentata, ii, 115,
meaning the fifth lumbar, ii,
118, the seventh cervical, ii,
119; on curvature and displace-
ment of, ii, 114 et seq.
VESALIUS, his remarks, with regard to

the sutures of the skull, i, 353; fur-
ther reference to, i, 356.

VIDUS VIDIUS, his opinion with regard
to the treatise on Ulcers, i, 56; fur-
ther quoted, i, 57 et pluries; his

definition, of the hedra, i, 373; on
the treatment of wounds, ii, 295.
Vision, on the, Hippocratic treatise
with this title not genuine, i, 101.
Voice, impairment of the, in phthisis,
i, 334.

Vomitings, prognosis founded upon, i,
203; rules respecting the remedial
use of, ii, 219, 220.

Water, ancient opinions on the nature
of, i, 117; on the administration of,
in acute diseases, i, 250; hot and
cold, the uses of, i, 88, 89; in surg-
ical practice, i, 376.
Waters, characters of the different
kinds of, i, 161-166; characters of
thermal, i, 162.

WATSON, Bishop of Llandaff, misrepre-
sents the ancient doctrines on the
elements, i, 107.

Wax or Cerate, use of, in the ancient
method of treating fractures, ii, 14,

Weasel-armed or Weasel-elbowed per-

sons, ii, 96, 165. See Dislocations.
WENZELS, their opinions regarding the
nature of the pituitary gland, ii,
Winds, their different effects on the
health, ii, 212; figure of the Greek,
as given by CORAY, i, 151.
Wine, on the administration of, in
fevers, i, 247, 248; important rules
on this head by HIPPOCRATES and
by a modern authority, Dr. STOKES,
i, 256; directions to the same effect
by Dr. TWEEDIE, i, 255, 256; by
TRALLIAN in phrenitis, i, 256; used
as a dressing to ulcers, ii, 293.
Women, on the Diseases of, analysis
of this Hippocratic treatise, i, 90–
93; on Sterile, this Hippocratic
treatise reviewed, i, 93; on the
Complaints of Young, this Hippo-
cratic treatise reviewed, i, 93, 94;
how to judge whether or not they
are pregnant, i, 219.


Wounds of important parts, prognosis
founded on, i, 218; of certain or-
gans mortal, ii, 252.

XENOPHON, cited in reference to CTE-
SIAS, i, 13; further quoted regard-
ing medical authors, i, 40; quoted
in reference to an opinion of Soc-
RATES, i, 152.

ZENO, the Eleatic (misprinted Eclectic),
different from ZENO the Stoic, i, 115.
ZUINGER, his opinion regarding the
treatise on the Law, ii, 283, 284;
further quoted, i, 85 et pluries.

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