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ABERCROMBIE, Dr., his work on the
Brain referred to, i, 287; his double
character as a metaphysician and
physician instanced as a parallel to
that of HIPPOCRATES, ii, 333.
ABERNETHY, his rule in regard to tre-
panning the skull, i, 360, 361.
Abortion, ancient modes of producing,
ii, 280.
Abruption, definition of the term, ii, 18;
of the extremity of the humerus
defined and described by the Editor,
ii, 31-32; briefly noticed by HIP-
POCRATES, ii, 71; of the acromion,
described and explained, ii, 97,
ACKERMAN, a very learned authority
on the authenticity of the different
Hippocratic treatises, i, 29; his list
of the genuine works, i, 29.
Acromion, on the dislocation at the,
ii, 166.

Acute diseases, what were so named
by HIPPOCRATES, i, 235.
Affections, characters of the Hippocrat-
ic treatise on, i, 70, 71; on inter-
nal, the characters of, i, 71, 72;
probably emanated from the Cni-
dian school of medicine, i, 73.
Affusion, of hot water on the head use-
ful in all fevers but the bilious,
ii, 266; of cold water in tetanus,
ii, 237; and swellings and pains of
the joints, ii, 197.

Air, treatise on, probably not genuine,

i, 60, 61; opinions of the ancient
philosophers regarding atmos-
pheric, i, 118, 119; held by them to
support the earth, i, 61.

Airs, Waters, and Places, genuineness
of this work, i, 46; argument to
and translation of, i, 147, 184.
ALEXANDER THE GREAT, description of
the fever which proved fatal to
him, i, 260, 261.

Aliment, the Hippocratic treatise on,
analysed, i, 95, 96.
Allopathy, or the doctrine of the con-
traries, i, 60, 63.

Alvine discharges, prognostics founded
upon, i, 203, 215.

Amazons, the ancient myth respecting
them considered, i, 155, 156; HIP-
POCRATES neither affirms nor de-
nies the truth of it, ii, 128, 129.
Ambe, reduction of dislocations by the,
ii, 89, 90.

Amputation of the extremities in cases
of gangrene, i, 334.
Analepsis, or the suspending the arm
in a sling, ii, 35.

Analogy between the bones of the
upper and lower extremities, ii, 53,


Anatomy, whether or not the Ascle-
piadæ cultivated human and com-
parative, i, 6; HIPPOCRATES cer-
tainly not unacquainted with hu-
man, ii, 81; ARISTOTLE, his ac-
quaintance with human, ii, 81; re-
marks of BECLARD on the knowl
edge of, possessed by HIPPOCRA-
TES, ii, 84; further proofs of HIP-
POCRATES' acquaintance with, ii,
86, 119.

ANDRAL confirms the ancient doctrines
on crises, i, 206; his observations
on the critical days, i, 206.

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