The Christian Household, Etc

A. Tompkins and B. B. Mussey, 1854 - 160 sider

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Side 20 - A something, light as air — a look, A word unkind or wrongly taken — Oh! love, that tempests never shook, A breath, a touch like this hath shaken.
Side 151 - ... world in the beauty and majesty of noble manhood. This is the way men are made. There is no other way. Their powers are developed in the field of Employment. Men are not born; they are made. Genius, worth, power of mind are more made than born. Genius born may grovel in the dust; genius made will mount to the skies. Our great and good men that stand along the paths of history bright and shining lights are witnesses of these truths. They stand there as everlasting pleaders for Employment. Now...
Side 97 - I said over the holy words of the holy prayer she had taught me, heart and eyes uplifted to heaven. The hour and the power of darkness had passed. I was no longer standing in slippery places, with a flood of waters ready to sweep me to destruction — but my feet were on a rock. My mother's pious care had saved her son.
Side 21 - ... these light afflictions, which are but for a moment, work for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.
Side 97 - Ah! that unknown mother, as she taught her child to repeat his evening prayer, how little dreamed she that the holy words were to reach a stranger's ears, and save him through memories of his own childhood and his own mother ! And yet it was so. What a power there is in God's Word, as it flows into and rests in the minds of innocent...
Side 149 - A man's business does more to make him than anything else. It hardens his muscles, strengthens his body, quickens his blood, sharpens his mind, corrects his judgment, wakes up his inventive genius, puts his wits to work, starts him on the race of life, arouses his ambition, makes him feel that he is a man and must fill a man's shoes, do a man's work, bear a man's part in life, and show himself a man in that part. No man feels himself a man who is not doing a man's business. A man without employment...
Side 150 - ... is not a man. A good cranium full of brains is not a man. The bone and muscle and brain must know how to act a man's part, do a man's work, think a man's thoughts, mark out a man's path, and bear a man's weight of character and duty before they constitute a man. A man is body and soul in action.
Side 151 - Many of them were unfortunate orphan boys, whom want compelled to work for bread — the children of penury and lowly birth. In their early boyhood they buckled on the armor of labor, took upon their little shoulders heavy burdens, assumed responsibilities, met fierce circumstances, contended with sharp opposition, chose the ruggedest paths of employment because they yielded the best remuneration, and braved the storms of toil till they won great victories for themselves and stood before the world...
Side 97 - ... places, with a flood of waters ready to sweep me to destruction; but my feet were on a rock. My mother's pious care had saved her son. In the holy words she taught me in childhood, was a living power to resist evil through all my after life. Ah! that unknown mother, as she taught her child to repeat...
Side 9 - Youth from School Slavery. 1 vol. 12mo, 264 pp. Muslin, $1 50. The Christian Household, — Embracing the Christian Home, Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Child, Brother and Sister. By Rev. GS WEAVER. 1 vol. 12mo, 160 pp. Muslin, $1. This little volume is designed as a partial answer to one of the most solicitous wants of Christian families. I have for years seen and sorrowed over the absence of Christ in our households. Among the Christian people of every sect, there is a sad deficiency of Christian...

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