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All we wish and all we want, when we ask nothing

unreasonable. Desire and ability to do good. Equal punishment to the ragged rascal and the rich

villain. Faith in every kind of commerce. From discord may harmony arise. Freedom to those who dare honourably to contend

for it. Frugality without meanness. Freedom to the slave. Great men honest, and honest men great. However obscure we are by birth, may we never be

renowned for crimes. Hastiness in doing good, and horror in doing evil.

A pot and a pipe, and a good-natured wife,

Just to make me feel happy the rest of my life, Humanity in prosperity, and fortitude in distress. Health of body, peace of mind, a clean shirt, and a

guinea. Integrity to those who wear the robe of justice. May the mind never feel the decay of the body. Honest men and bonny lasses. May the best day we have seen be the worst in our lives. May we learn to live well. May harmony arise from the ashes of discord. May the vicious thorn be eclipsed by the budding rose. May each succeeding moment be as happy as the last. May meanness never accompany riches. May we never be blind to our own errors. May we cherish hope and conquer fear. May we be slaves to nothing but our duty. Our happiness sincere, and our joys lasting. May the cheerful heart never want a pleasant com

panion. May Poverty never stare us in the face without pre

senting Hope as her successor. May our principles be upright, and our morals pure, May discerning eyes bestow charity, and discerning

objects receive it.

her post.

May we derive amusement from business and improve

ment from pleasure. May private grief never affect the public welfare. May length of days be crowned with prudence. May we always be in possession of the power to please. May our looks never be at variance with our thoughts. May the prison gloom be cheered by the rays of hope,

and liberty fetter the arms of oppression. May we never want courage when put to the shift. May we live in honest pleasure and die out of debt. May the turnpike-road to happiness be free frem toll

bars and bye-ways, and furnished with guide-posts. May every honest man turn out a rogue. May the juice of the grape never drive reason from May our own wants never proceed from negligence

of our own creating. May our thoughts never mislead our judgments. May the duties of social life never give way to selfishPalsy to the hand of the assassin. Plenty to the benevolent, and poverty to the miser. Riches and honour to the charitable and humane. Riches to the generous, and power to the merciful. Gaiety in innocence. May those who are first in sway be foremost in virtue. The freedom of the press. May happiness increase with length of years. Health, happiness, riches, and a good wife. Success to those who wish it to others. The life we love, with those we love. The land we live in. Short shoes and long corns to our enemies. Reconciliation to our friends. Lenity to the faults of others, and sense to discover

our own. Pretty frigates well rigged, and jolly boys to man them. May our laws guard our liberty, and our liberty our



May mirth exalt the feast.
May the polished heart make amends for a rough

countenance. May might never overcome right. Champagne to our real friends, and real pain to our

sham friends. A fig for care. The pleasures of imagination realized. Envy in an air-pump without a passage to breathe

through, When we watch in a calm, may we be always prepa

red for a storm. Church and Queen. Charms to strike the sight, and merit to win the heart. A Venus born from Ocean's bed-Britannia. May British virtue shine when every other light is out. The jolly sportsman that enters the covert without

being bit by the fox. The fox's brush over the thatched tavern. Artless love, and disinterested friendship. Here's to the mouth that can keep a secret. May our friends always possess the three H's-Health,

Honour, and Happiness. Harmony all over the world. May the journey through life be as sweet as it is short. May we never be stranded on Cuckold's Point. Friendship in marble, animosity in dust. May we always be bomb-proof against villany. May the streams of rapture meet each other, and seize

life in the middle current. Our absent friends. Caledonia ; may it ever be the abode of freedom, and

the birth-place of heroes. In the voyage of life, may content be our cabin pas

senger. All tails but tell-tales. Emulation in virtuous breasts. Here's life dainty dressed with the sweet sauce of



ne's leaden

plain dealing


IN Purah, may we live all the award never wear a red coat, nor the hypocrite a black one. The complaisant door that opens before you knock. The man that feels for sorrows not his own. The beginning and end of love. May paper-credit never lend to corruption wings to May we always detest the malice of those who attempt

to disunite the interest of our Queen and country,

which should be ever inseparable. Laurel water to the enemies of the constitution. May our trade and manufactories be unrestrained by

the fetters of monopoly. May the laws never be misconstrued. May Britons never have a tyrant to oppose. May Britons never invade the rights of others. A sti cord and a long cord to those who make

discord. May the hospitable hearts of the Sons of Blunder ne

ver be seduced from their attachment to the con

stitution. Greenwich Hospital, and health to its supporters. May the adjective Victorious, be ever joined to the

substantive Britain. Every soldier his right, and every deserter a halter.

Commerce universally extended,

And blood-stained war for ever ended. May French principles never corrupt English manMay our commanders have the eye of a Hawke, and

the heart of a Wolfe. An elevated situation to the knave.


breatr be


exalt the feast. A hornp.

Fished heart make amends for a rough friend. May our frie overcome right. terrors.

real friends, and real pain to our May friendship be

the sun that ripens incurs A pot and a whiff, and a goou-a. As sensibility is the child of nature,

cherished. Gratitude to remember, and sense to forget. May the folly of those who ape the manners of the

great be always held up to ridicule. May we always do unto others as we would they should

do unto us. The Glorious Revolution, which placed a William on

the Throne and when his successors hazard another Revolution, may they be its first and only vic

tims. A lasting cement to all contending powers. Brunswick’s glory, and may it last till the end of time. Friendship in a palace, and falsehood in a dungeon. Gratitude to our friends, and grace to our foes. Gratitude to preserve our friends, and good behaviour

to procure new ones. Home pleasant, and our friends at home. In friendship and love may we never know vexation. May the son of our friend live to be a better man than

his father. A good horse, a warm house, a snug estate, and agree

able wife, to every one that deserves them. Every thing of fortune but her instability. Conscious innocence, and constant independence. Fortune to the brave, and contentment to honesty.


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