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May our enemies be pickled in the brine that pre

serves Old England. An arıny that will stand ; but no standing army. Days of ease, and nights of pleasure. The roses of Love without the thorns. Laughing lovers to merry maids. May we kiss whom we please, and please whom we

kiss. May the wings of Love lose every feather. The single married, and the married happy. A Friend, and a bottle to give him. May we never want wine, nor a friend to partake of it.

A drop of good stuff, and a snug party, To spend the evening social and hearty. Cheerfulness in our cups, content in our minds, and

competency in our pockets. Old wine and young women. Friendly may we part, and quickly meet again. May the evening's amusement always bear the morn

ing's reflection. May the hinges of friendship never rust. May the lamp of friendship be lighted with the oil of

sincerity. May we always have a friend, and know his value. Ability to serve a friend, and honour to conceal it. May we never see an old friend with a new face. May merit never be compelled to beg for reward. May we never break a joke to crack a reputation. Our injuries written in sand, and our friendship in

marble. May our endeavours to please be always crowned with May the heart that sympathizes in the distresses of

others, never sorrow over its own misfortunes alone. May the morning of prosperity shine on the evening

of adversity. May we never want a bait when we fish for content. All Fortune's daughters except the eldest, Mis fortune. Good luck till we are tire it. Good trade and well paid.


Blest with content, and from misfortunes free, Long may we live, and happy may we be. May we never know sorrow but by name. May we never make a sword of our tongues to wound

the character of a good man. May we be always merry as wise, and wise as merry. May we always delight to please. May our pleasures be free from the stings of remorse. May misfortunes make us wise. May the desires of our hearts be virtuous, and those

desires gratified. •May poverty ever remain a day's march behind us. May the women we love be honest, and the land we

live in free. May every day bring more happiness than yesterday. May real merit meet reward, and its counterfeit

punishment. May we always be able to resist the assaults of pros

perity and adversity, May the gates of consolation be ever open to the chil

dren of affliction. May prosperity never make us arrogant, nor adver

sity mean. Plenty to the poor, and feeling to the rich. The grey-headed man, whose actions have secured the

approbation of all good men. May we cease to blame the ways of Providence. May the tongue speak the sentiments of the heart. May we look forward with pleasure, and backward

with content. May casual mistakes never be construed into wilful

crimes. Sprightliness in youth, stability in manhood, and se

renity in old age. May we always see our neighbour's distresses with an

eye of compassion. May temptation never conquer virtue. Life's best pilot, wisdom and discretion. May appetite attend on good living, and health wait May our love for our Queen have no bounds, nor our

on both.

fear of her need any. May sprigs of liberty adorn the fire-side of John Bull. May the whole universe be incorporated into one city,

and every inhabitant be presented with the freedom. May all the governments of the world speak the will,

and promote the happiness of the governed. Everlasting happiness to the man who gave the death

blow to the slave-trade. All the societies associated for promoting the happi

ness of the human race. May revolutions never cease while tyranny exists. May the freedom of election be preserved, the trial by

jury maintained, and the liberty of the press secur

ed, to the latest posterity. May all mankind make free to enjoy the blessings of

liberty, but never take the liberty to subvert the principles of freedom. May our councils be wise, and our commerce increase. May the miseries of war never more have existence

among enlightened nations. Confusion to those despots who combine themselves

against the liberties of mankind. May the frowns of avarice never disfigure the face of

a Briton. Health to the Queen ; prosperity to the people ; and

may her ministry ever direct their endeavours to the

public goos. May the whole world become more and more enlight

ened and civilized. May every civil government be founded on the natural

right sof man. May civil and religious liberty always go hand in hand. May civil distinctions among men be founded upon

public utility. May the halt of our enemies always betray the lane

ness of their designs. To all honest reformers of our country. May British virtue always find a protector, but never

need one.

May the laws of the land be always consonant to those

of nature. The liberty of the press, and success to its defenders. May equity govern every branch of the law. May the glorious liberties of the people be immortal. May religion and politics flow from upright and libe

ral principles. Our country, may it continue to be the land of liberty

to the end of the world. The inside of a house, and the outside of a prison. The pleasure of pleasing. The resurrection of friendship, and the funeral of

animosity, May we strive to avoid law as we do the devil. A merry heart and a full purse. An upright judge, and a downright jury. Fair days, fair times, and fair ladies. No magic but the magic of bright eyes. May big wigs cover wise heads. May the devil never show his cloven foot. Success to that government which prefers armed citi

zens to armed slaves. The abolition of domestic slavery throughout the world. Success to the industrious peasantry of Great Britain

and Ireland, and may they profit by their industry. Religion without priestcraft, and politics without party. May the brow of the brave never want a wreath to

adorn it. The Queen, and may true Britons never be without

her likeness in their pockets. Holiness to our pastors, honesty to our magistrates,

and humanity to our rulers. May those who delight in war, share its calamities.

May Peace o'er Britain spread her wings, And commerce fill her ports with gold. May the smiles of peace disperse the frowns of war. May neither precedent nor antiquity be a sanction to

errors. May taxation be lessened annually.

May the nation that plots against another's liberty or

prosperity, fall a victim to its own intrigues. May he who betrays his country, know the want of a

country to shelter in. May those who root up the tree of liberty be crushed

by its fall. Honour and affluence to the patrons of trade, liberty,

and property. May the love of country be imprinted in every

Briton's breast. A lasting peace, or an honourable war. May the

brave heart never want protection. An Englishman's birthright, trial by jury. May our seamen, from the captain to the cabin-boy,

be like our ships, hearts of oak. May the ensigns of the British Navy always prove the

harbingers of dismay and defeat to their enemies, and of confidence and security to the allies of their

country. May the tar who has lost a leg, an arm, or any of his

members in the defence of his country, be re-meni

bered by his Brave countrymen. May the gale of prosperity waft us into the port of

happiness. More hard ships to Britain, and less to her enemies. Riches to seamen's widows and orphans. A broadside of comfort to every distressed heart. May no true son of Neptune ever flinch from his gun. Girls for sailors, and sailors well stored for girls. Grape-shot to our friends, and chain-shot to our

enemies. A round dozen to all pirates. The immortal memory of Lord Nelson, and may every

British Admiral follow his example. Our naval affairs well managed. Neptune's favourites, British sailors. A British seaman's toast : success to every young cock

boat who ventures on the sea in defence of Great Britain.

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