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I told him of the crew I'd met,

Says he, I understand-
And now you've escaped from such a set,
What are you going to stand ?

Tol lol, &c. My song I now conclude

in this
You'll all agree, I think,
My friends, that this is quite the march

Of intellect in drink.
When the landlord he puts out the light,

I shall take him by the hand-
You've had a good room, my boy, to-night,
Now what are you going to stand ?

Tol lol, &c.


I've roy'd afar thro' summer climes,

And under bluer skies, Where music rose in palaces,

Whose walls a king might prize.
Yet there I heard our village chime,

The wild coo of the dove,
And saw the little cot, where first

I met my native love.
The dark ey'd maids of Italy

Have turned the wild guitar,
And sung the merry song to me,

Beneath the twilight star.
Like fairy harps, whose murmuring strings

The night winds gently move,
Then stole thy soft tones on mine ear,

My own, my native love.



A CLOD-HOPPING country clown,

And rough as a badger was I,
When I arrived first up in town,

My fame and my fortune to try.
A target I seem'd for each one,

Who chose with their jokes to make free,
And level at me their sly fun,

For there was something green about me.
Experience soon came to my aid,

Though once but a regular spoon ;
For when a joke on me was play'd,

I return'd it with interest soon.
That they'd got the wrong sow by the ear

They saw, when with me they made free,
For I said with a wink and a leer,

“Do you see anything green about me?"
While trudging one day through the street,

A thinking of different things,
A fellow stoop'd down to his feet,

And pick'd up two real golden rings.
He tried to catch me with his lures,

Says he" we'll not disagree ;
For å sovereign they both shall be yours.'

“Do you see anything green about me ?”
A woman that I went to woo,

To pass for a virgin did try,
But her scheming for me wouldn't do,

I learnt she'd a child on the sly.
So I said when she next did appear,

A coaxing and making so free,
And saying "you'll marry me, dear?”

“Do you see anything green about me?”

A swell once took me by the hand,

And on me such friendship bestow'd, That into a tavern so grand,

He took me to drink wine, I'm blow'd! I drank deep, and was going away,

When the swell, who my movements did see, Cried out-“You've this bill to pay

“Do you see anything green about me?” Of a sov'reign I wanted change,

And to get it I once asked a Jew,
He wanted to trick me—most strange!

And I tried to diddle him too.
Two bad shillings he gave me, egad!

Which I took as composed as could beBut the coin I gave him was rank bad,

So there was nothing green about me! To buy a horse once I did go,

When the dealer, who was a queer knave,
Said that he'd sell me one low,

In fact, he the animal gave ;
The horse died ere he got stable in,

But I gave him a bad note, you see-
So I made by't the shoes and the skin,

So there was nothing green about me!


Fill the bowl with streams of pleasure,

Such as Gallia's vintage boast :
These are tides that bring our treasure,

Love and friendship be the toast.
First our mistresses approving,

With bright beauty crown the glass ; He that is too dull for loving,

Must, in friendship be an ass.

Pylades is with Orestes

Said to have one common soul ;
But the meaning of the jest is,

In the bottom of the bowl.
Thus, by means of honest drinking,

Often is the truth found out,
Which would cost & world of thinking-

Spare your pains and drink about.


QUEER sayings long in folks' chat

You'll own have had a part in-
As "Take a sight'—What are you at ;-

“The ticket,' and 'Betty Martin.' But now another one's come up,

Which every one does cry out, As through the streets you chance to pop, ‘Oh!—There you go with your eye out.'

Ri tooral loo, &c.
Not long ago fra' Yorkshire Town,

I cum'd up by the waggon:
And soon in Lunnun wur set down,

At sign o' George and Dragon :
But soon fra' thence 1 steer'd d’ye see,

O'd uncle's house to pry out,
When a chap com’d up and said to me
"Oh !—There you go with your eye out.'

Ri tooral loo, &c. Of this, d'ye mind, I took no heed,

But to o'd uncle's past on ; When another chap to me indeed,

Cum'd up just like the last one ;

He stared at me--I stared at him

Good humour then was nigh out, For wi' a face he bawld so grim, ‘Oh!—There you go with your eye out.'

Ri tooral loo, &c. If one eye's out, says I, it's droll,

And to me is unknown, sirs ; Put up my hand to find the hole,

But found it wur not flown, sirs. When a third chap cam wi' grinning face,

My patience quite to try out, And bellowed out wi' strange grimace, Oh !—There you go with your eye out.'

Ri tooral loo, &c.

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What all the world says must be true,

To me it seems quite funn-y,
When I left home I'm sure I'd two,

Tho' now it seems but one eye,
As those who will not see, are none

So blind—I've heard folks cry out,
Now tho' I see folk every one,
Still bawl that I've an eye out.

Ri tooral loo, &c.

T' account for this affair, egad!

It cost my brain much trouble ;
And I thought I must be drunk or mad,

If drunk, I did see double:
So the next that bawl'd I black'd his face,

And made his eye soon fly out : So I cried with a better grace, “There you go with your eye out.'

Ri tooral loo, &c. But now of Lunnun town I'm sick,

So I'll from Cockney talk sheer, And take this speech that's quite the kick.

Wi' me now back to Yorkshire

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