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The genial seasons soon are o'er,
Then let us, ere we quit the shore,
Contentment seek, it is life's zest,
The sunshine of the breast.

Life let us cherish, &c.
Away with every toil and care,
And cease the rankling thorn to wear ;
With manful hearts life's conflict meet,
Till death sounds the retreat.

Life let us cherish, &c.



EYES! living crystals, strain'd with thought,

0! look—'till dazzled sight decay ! Lips ! moving rubies, music-fraught,

O ! breathe my soul in sighs away.
My dream of hope ! my crown of pleasure !

Thou only one in life to me ;
Could rified worlds amass their treasure,

No ore or gem should purchase thee.

This morning very handy,

My malady was such,
I in my tea took brandy,
And took a cup too much.

(Hickups) tol de rol.
But stop, I musn't mag hard,

My head aches if you please,
One pinch of Irish blackguard,
I'll take to give me ease.

(Sneezes) tol de rol.

Now I'm quite drowsy growing,

For this very morning,
I rose when cock was crowing,
Excuse me if I yawn.

(Yawns) tol de rol.
I'm not in cue for frolic,

Can't up my spirits keep,
For love on windy cholic,
'Tis that which makes me weep.

(Cries) tol de rol.
I'm not in mood for crying,

Care's a silly calf,
If to get fat you're trying,
The only way's to laugh.

(Laughs) tol de rol.


So warmly we met, and so fondly we parted,

That which was the sweeter e’en I could not tell, The first look of welcome her sunny eyes ted,

Or that tear of passion which blessed our farewell. To meet was a blessing, to part thus another, Our smiles and our tears seem'd two rivals in bliss

; Oh, Cupid's two eyes are not liker each other,

In smiles and in tears, than that moment to this. The first was like day-break, new sudden, delicious,

The dawn of a pleasure scarce kindled up yet ; The last was the farewell of day-light more precious,

More glowing and deep as 'tis nearer its set. Our meeting, though happy, was tinged by a sorrow,

To think that such happiness could not remain. While our parting, though sad, gave a hope that to

Would bring back the blest hour of meeting again.



A LANDLADY of France, she loved an officer, 'tis said,

And this officer he dearly loved her brandy, oh ! Sighed she, “I love this officer although his nose is

red, And his legs are what his regiment call bandy oh!" But when the bandy officer was ordered to the coast, How she tore her lovely locks that look'd so sandy,

oh! “Adieu, my soul,” says she, “if you write pray pay

the post ; But, before we part, let's take a drop of brandy oh !" She filled him out a bumper, just before he left the

town, And another for herself so neat and handy, oh! So they kept their spirits up, hy pouring spirits down,

For love is like the cholic, cured with brandy, oh! * Take a bottle on't," says she, “ for you are going into

camp, In your tent you know, my love, 'twill be the dandy,

oh!" “You're right,” says he, “my life, for a tent is very

damp; And 'tis better with my tent to take some brandy



STAND to your guns, my hearts of oak,
Let not a word on board be spoke,
Victory soon will crown the joke ;

Be silent, and be ready.

Ram home your grins, and sponge them well,
Let us be sure the balls will tell,
The cannons' roar shall sound their knell ;

Be steady, boys, be steady.

Not yet, nor yet-reserve your fire,
I do desire: -Fire!
Now the elements do rattle,
The gods, amazed, behold the battle.

A broadside, my boys !
See the blood in purple tide
Trickle down her battered side;
Winged with fate the bullets fly ;-
Conquer, boys, or bravely die.
Hurl destruction on your foes.

She sinks-huzza!
To the bottom down she goes.

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LET sons of Slaughter try their skill

In hunting fox or hare ;
We'll join the chase, but scorn to kill,

Unless it's to kill Care.
So our chase shall haily gaily be,

Women and wine before us ;
We'll hunt the bottle merrily

With a smack and kiss in chorus.
With a smack and kiss, &c.

Great Alexander fury hurld,

In hunting he'd not halt ;
For, after hunting all the world,
He found himself in fault.

So our chase shall haily, &c.

Grave undertakers join the chase,

They hunt for loss of breath ;
For when we've run our earthly race,
They come in at the death.

So our chase shall haily, &c.
The parsons are all hunting men,

Which no one can deny ;
They hunt for goslings, one in ten,
And tithe pigs in their sty.

So our chase shall haily, &c.
High fill your glasses, fill apace,

We'll drink away to Fame;
Liquor and love shall be our chase,
Women and wine our game.

So our chase shall haily, &c.



UNDAUNTED in peril and foremast in danger,

Ever ready the rights of mankind to defend, The guard of the weak and support of the stranger ;

To oppression a foe, and to freedom a friend. Amid the rude scenes of dismay and commotion,

Since Anarchy first her red banner unfurl'd, Still firm as a rock, in her own native ocean,

Stood England, the Anchor and Hope of the world. Sweetest spot on the earth, where true honour com

bining, With justice and truth, gives a strength to the whole ; Where the rose-bud of beauty with valour entwining,

Enlargeth the heart and exalteth the soul. O land of my birth! yet shall peace be thy portion,

And thy white sails in commerce again be unfurl'd ; And still shalt thou stand, lovely rock! in the ocean, The anchor of Europe, the Hope of the world.

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