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BRITANNIA's name from age to age

Has like her cliffs stood fast, And promises in history's page,

In honour long to last,
Her sailors rulers of the sea,

Her soldiers of that soil,
On which the industrious peasantry,

To give it value, toil.
All, all shall hail Britannia's name,
As glory hands it down to fame.
Then sing our tars who boldly roam,

Our glory to ensure ;.
And sing our soldiers who at home

That glory well secure:
And sing our peasants, at a word,

Who of mankind the friend,
Would turn each ploughshare to a sword,
Their country to defend.

All, all shall sing, &c.


Since I to the seas must go, If the wind should blow hard my boys,

As God will have it so, The fishes in the ocean,

Shall'my companions be, Since so being is a pleasure,

None has my heart but thee. Our goodly ship lay beating,

All on the English shore, We hoisted up our top-sails.

As we had done before.

We weigh'd our anchor briskly boys,

Then we set sail for sea,
Our goodly ship she ran aground,

Sweet girl I thought on thee.
Our goodly ship lay beating,

All on the English shore,
We put into Cork harbour,

And staid a month or more ;
The wind it did blow hard my boys,

All things ran cross with me,
Whene'er I put my foot on shore,

Sweet girl I thought on thee, So fare you well, Cork harbour,

For Gibraltar sail'd we, From thence unto New York,

From thence to Virginia,
Where there were fine towns and places,

And pretty girls I see,
But of all the women in the world,

There's none I love but thee.
So fare you well, Virginia,

'Tis you I leave behind, And steer my course to Bristol,

Some comfort for to find.
Tho' love and despair,

While she sat on my knee,
Bat of all the women in the world,

None has my heart but she.


Excuse, Sir, my confusion,

Your wish I've thought about, And I've come to this conclusion,

That I cannot marry Krout.

He does nothing, Sir, but scold one,

He's old, and ugly too ;
And as jealous as the old one,-
But that's no offence to you !
Excuse my agitation,

But indeed, Sir, I've found out,
After due consideration,

That I cannot marry Krout.
Besides, sir, I've discover'd

What alone should me deter,
That there's another lover

I should very much prefer :
So handsome, sir, the rogue is,

So merry, young, and true ;
And he laughs at all old fogies,
But that's no offence to you !

Excuse my agitation, &c.


BRITANNIA, musing oe'r the deed

By her brave sons achieved,
In battle where the valiant bleed,

And death stalks forth unheeded :
Within her cave the goddess sat,

And view'd the foaming ocean, Whose surges high began to beat

In furious commotion ! When lo! a Triton from afar, Came floating in a wat’ry car,

Haste!' he cried, “ Britannia rise, Succour bring, or Nelson dies!' Rous'd at the name of her fav’rite, she flew To the scene where the hero expos’d to her view,

Alas! wa

no more!

Frantic with grief, her locks she tore,

And thro’ the fleet engaging, The direful tale to all she bore,

Amidst the battle raging : • Revenge, revenge !' aloud she cried,

“To stimulate your fury,
See yonder deck, how richly dy'd !

'Tis Nelson's blood conjures ye ;
By his dear manes, his parting breath,
I charge to avenge his death;
Let the British thunder go ;
Hurl destruction on the foe!
Let not his fall without something so great
Be recorded to mark the lamentable fate

Of an hero so great.' She ceas'd: and now great Nelson's name

From ship to ship resounded,
While France and Spain, enwrapp'd in flame,

Astonish'd and confounded,
Feebly oppose the vengeful ire,

In British hearts excited-
In vain to glory they aspire,

His death must be requited !
Unequal to the conflict's heat,
Though greater numbers fill their fleet,

See, they strike! vengeance sweep,

Rushing down th' unfathom’d deep, Sinks the confed’rates of proud France and Spain, While the genius of Albion exulting claim

Victory! Victory !


He's gone and I shall never see

manly form again,
And peace has now forsaken me,

From tears I can't refrain ;

The time seems long tho''twas this morn,

He left me here alone,
He swore he'd ne'er forget, and then

Left me to sigh and moan.
Can he forget how oft he's swore

To love no one but me,
He may when in the cities, for

He fairer maids will see ;
He said that to his mountain rose,

He ever true would prove,
A tear should never dim mine eyes,

He ne'er would cease to love.
He whisper'd when we last embraced,

Some comfort to my heart;
He said that unpropitious fate,

Should ne'er us lovers part ;
He quickly would be here again,

And wed without delay ;
Oh, when I see him here again,

'Twill be a happy day.


Life let us cherish while yet the taper glows,
And the fresh floweret pluck e’er it close
Why are we fond of toil and care,
Why chose the rankling thorn to wear ;
And heedless, by the lily stray,
Which blossoms in our way?

Life let us cherish, &c.
When clouds obscure the atmosphere,
And fork'd lightnings rend the air ;
The sun resumes his silver crest,
And smiles adown the west.

Life let us cherish. &c.

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