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The ever-blooming roses are best for house culture in pots-because they bloom quicker and more continuously than any of the others, and besides this, their style

habit of growth are more bushy and better adapted to the purpose. They can be kept nicely with other growing plants,

and with proper attention to their require-
Ente ments will bloom freely. (1.) Do not by.

use too large pots—if possible, not more
than three or four inches. The rule is,
one size larger than the plants have been
grown in. The smaller the pot-provided,
of course, it is large enough to contain
plant—the quicker and stronger the plant
will start. It is very difficult to get a
small plant to live and grow in a large
pot. A rose will not bloom much till the
pot is well filled with roots; therefore,
small pots facilitate quiek bloom. If the




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In presenting the following pages to the public, I consider it incumbent upon me to state the reasons which have induced their publication in the present form.

Most of the chapters in this work were written, at leisure moments, for a Horticultural Magazine, formerly published in this place. That work having been for a long time suspended, many of my female friends have solicited me to publish them in the form of a book. In compliance with their solicitations I have been induced to collect and arrange them, together with additional matter, in the hope of thereby furnishing a work that might be useful to those amateur florists who possess more taste for Floriculture than knowledge of the principles and practice by which it should be directed. I have endeavored, according to the best of my humble ability, to make the subject as intelligible, and to present its prominent principles encumbered with as few difficulties or embarrassments, as possible.


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