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Lee, major, noticed ; captures British garrison at Masterly retreat of the Americans, 179.
Powles Ilook, 14.

Natthews, general, noticed, 107.
Lefebere, general, his conduct, 287.

Maxwell, general, surprises Elizabeth Town, 119.
Leipsic, battle of, 360.

M Pherson, Jolin, Capt. killed, 94.
Lennor, lord George, 21.

Mecklenburg, Princess Charlotte us, chosen by George
Leslie, major general, takes possession of Charlestown, III. as queen, 13.

Meeting of new parliament, 16. Of parliament, 186.
Lerington, battle of, 87.

Do. 139, Do. 207. In the nary, 202.
Libel, cases, rights of juries jo, 212.

Mehee de la Toriche noticed, 311.
bill passes, 218,

Melville, lord, proceedings against, 313.. Resigas
Life-bvar noticed, 300.

situation, 314. Erased from privy council, 315.
Lincoln, general, wounded, 122.

Impeached, 321.
Linois, admiral, repulsed, 310.

Memorial of navy officers presented to the king, 1.96.
Livingstone, colonel, noticed, 94.

of French executive, 029. Replied to by
Loan of 1,200,0001, 3. Interest provided for by ad- lord Grenville, 230.

ditional duty on ale, ib. To India Company of Mends, captain, his squadron, sources of, 343
1,400,0001, 81. To Germany, 251.

Mercer, general, receives three bayonet Woueds,
Logwood, right of cutting it ceded to Britain, 33.

which occasion his death, 109.
London, negotiation at, 6. City of, its remonstrance Message respectiug finance, 302.

to the king, 74. Sends up a second, 77. A third Messages from Prince Regent, 389.
and fourth, 79. Petitions in favour of America, 87. Metternich, prince, visits England, 367.
Corresponding society, 218.

Middleton, surgeon, noticed, 44.
Loudon, earl of, policed, 24.

Miles, colonel, noticed, 105.
Longitude, reward for ascertaioing the, 20.

Military events on the Continent, 238. Operations on
Loughborough, lord, (Wedderburne) tries London rioters the Continent, 246. Preparations, 303. Arrange-

by special commission, 155. Made lord Chancellor, ments, 320. Plan of lord Castlereagb, 328.
1 028.

Militia, ballot, productive of riot, 3. New, uncoo-
Louis XVII. dies in the temple, 253.

stitutional, 96. Bill to raise Scotch, 97. Rejected,
XVIII. withdraws from Venetian territories, ib. Regulations, 141. Called out, 205.
257. His entrance into Paris, 366.

their services, 269. Consolidation of laws, 300.
Lovel, general, noticed, 144.

Local, noticed, 394. Augmentation of, 335.
Lownds, president, noticed, 146.

Ministers, relinguish income, 381.
Lowther, Sir James, his motion, 179.

Ministerial appointments, 321. Disputes and cbanges,
Lucia, St. taken, 258.

340. Differences, 354. Negociations, ib. Irore
Lackner, general, noticed, 24.

sion, 113,
Luddites noticed, 354.

Ministry, conduct of, 15. Steps taken by, ib. Change
Lurell, colonel, vacates his seat in parliament. Op- of, 59. Defeat of, 180. Dissolved, 181. Nee,

poses Wilkes. State of the poll. Consequences, 72. ib. Ourvoted and resign, 186. A new one, 191.
Lautsen, battle of, 360.

New one formed, 29+. New, its members, 368.
Lynch, Sir William, noticed, 68.

Appointments in the, 313. New, 320. Change of
Lyne doch, lord, noticed, 367.

the, 328.
Lyttleton, lord, 43. Celebrated speech of, 44. His Minorca restored, 33. Taken, 183. Capture of, 978.
patriotisun, 62.

Miquelon, isle of, given to France, 37.
Mirabeau, Count de, report of, 210.

Miranda, general, noticed, 392.

Mir Cossim noticed, 53. His attempt against the

India Company, details of it, ib.
Macartney, earl, sent ambassador to China, 951. Misconduct of the Admiralty, 180.
Muck, general surrender of, 315.

Nilford, Sir John, resigns the situation of speaker ce
Mackintosh, Sir James, noticed, 387.

accepting the othce of lord chancellor of Ireland,
Macleane, colonel, noticed, 144.

with title of lord Redesdale, 300.
Macnamara, captain, noticed, 29.

Monckton, general, commands successful expeditica
Aladera, occupied by Britain, 295.

against Martinico, 26.
Madrid, ipsurrection at, 380. Evacuated by the Moro besieged, surrender of island, 28.
French, ib. Capture of, 353.

Motion on American war, 107. Of ceasure oa lord
Magax, colonel, capitulates at Fort Washington 107. Sandwich, 140. For abolition of slave trade, 900.
Mahrattas noticed, 56.

Of Mr. Flood, for parliamentary reform, 218. Fer
Maida, battle of, 323,

reform in parliament, 218. For negotiation with
Muitland, lieut, colonel, noticed, 146.

France, 228. For sending minister to Paris, ih.
--, lord, his splendid talents, 106.

For peace, barracks, &c. 237, Against Americas
Marlburough, duke of, poticed, 42.

war, 167.
Malmsbury, lord, sent ambassador to France, 267. Monte-Video, capture of, 326.
Malta taken, 292.

Moore, Sir John, noticed, 332. Retreat, battle of
Maliby, captain, noticed, 78.

Corunna, &c. 333.
Nallese, property in Spain seized, 301.

Moscou, destruction of, 356.
Man, Isle of, its sovereignty purchased, 50.

Mosquito settlers evacuate Honduras, 200.
Manchester, disturbances at, 382. Du. 384. Meeting Motives of national policy for encouraging pacific
dispersion of, 390.

proposals, 31.
--, duke of, resolution in house of peers, 96.

for a general peace, 186.
Manilla, governor of, his character, 28.

ils capture,

Movements of French" forces, 367. Of allied forces,
ib. Saved from justly merited pillage, though taken 373.
by storm, ib.

Murders in metropolis, 354.
Manby, captain, captures an ordnance vessel from Murai, joins the allies, 363. Advances agaies
England, 91.

Austria, 376. Keturns to Naples; killed, ib.
Mansfield, lord, his patriotism, 62. Ilis opinion of the

American war, 97. House in London destroyed
during riots, 155.

Mantua, its surrender, 20+.
Marat, death of, 241.

Naples made a republic, 284.
Marengo, battle of, 291.

National force, increase of, 61.
Maria Louisa, archduchess of Austria, ber marriage,

income, 338.

expenditure, ib.
Marion, general, noticed, 160.

Naval preparations, 136. Affairs, 952. Mutiny, 802.
Maroon war terminates, 252.

Operations, 263. Do. 299. Actions, 997. Do.371.
Marriage bill proposed, 167.

Do. 350. Engagements, 362.
of the Duke of York, 215.

Navy, review of the, 83.
of the Prince of Wales, 252.
Martial Law, 304.

Negapatam, surrender of, 178.
Martinico, Isle of, deseent on, 25. Its surrender, ib.

Negotiation for peace with France, 10. Main points ou
Restored with Marigalapte to France, 33. Taken,

disputes in, 11. Candid enquiry into, 19.

peace unsuccessful, 259. Renewed and broken ofi,

Massachusotrs votes an army to defend her state, 89. Neil, lord Oʻ, mortally wounded, 973.

Neilson, Sanuel, rebel chief, 271.

ib. Prorogation of, 335. Corrupt practices in, 330.
Viison, commodore, his gallantry, 263. Bombards Assembles, 334. Assembled, 353, Meeting of, 356.

Cadiz, 261. His victory off the Nile, 277. Goza Proceedings of, 358. Closed, 359. 369. Re-assem-
capitulates to his squadron, 279. His victory at bles, 367. Opened, 372. Re-assembled, 376. Called.
Copenhagen, 994. Attacks Boloagne Flotilla, 297. 378. Meeting of, 380. Opened, 383. Dissolved,
II:s celebrated signal, 318. Gains victory of Trafal 38. Convoked, 387. Meeting of, 391.
gar; death, ib.

Parliamentary privilege, 43. Reform, 196. Pro.
Ne, minisery, its members, 191. Administration, 185. ceedings, 33+. Ditto, 348. Ditto, 378. Supplies,
Parliament, 193,

Newcastle, duke of, his death, 69.

Purriality of George II. for his native dominions, 1.
Neufvindland, taken by the French, retaken, 30. Parties in France, 940.

Right of fishing vettled, 33. Loss of vessels at, 259. Patra taken by India company, 54.
Neagate prison burnt during riots, 15+.

Paul, emperor of Russia, succeeds his mother, 250.
Nicholson, Margaret, her attempt to assasinate the his death, 295.
king, 200.

Peace, overtures for, from France and Spain, 30.
Nirernois, dnke de, arrives in London to negotiate universally desired, 39. Negotiations for, i
peace, 32. His speech to the king, ib.

Preliminaries sigoed, 33. General motives for, 186.
Noailles. M. de, his declaration, 130.

With the Mahrattas, 189. Negotiations for, un
Noutka Sjund, settlement at, 209.

successful, 259. Between Austria and France,
Vorth, lord, appointed chancellor of exchequer, 64. 291. Between Great Britain and France, 297. Of

Elected chancellor of Oxford, 81. His conciliatory Amiens, 298. Sentiments on the, 299. Negotiation
bills, 127. Aonounces the dissolation of ministry, for 321. Signed, 310.

Percival, assassination of, 351. Character; provinou
Northington, lord chaneullor, condemos ministerial for his family, ib.
easures, 59.

Peter III. succeeds to empire of Russia, 21. Mild
Yorthtumberland, duke of, his disonissal, 52.

and popular regulations; foreign politics; desire
Norton, Sir Fletcher, speech on the encreasing in- of peace; alliance with Prussia; principles of re-
fuence of the crown, 133.

form ; deposition and death, 21,
Vorway, transfer of, 363,

Petition of Wilkes to commons, 68
Nullum Tempus Aci introddood, oppused by ministers, Positions in favour of debtors produces Insolvent Act,

3. In favour of America, 58. Of county delegates,

107. Against American war, 180.

Phillippine islands, invasion of, and capture, 28.

Philadelphia taken, 117. Evacuated, 13+.

Pichegru, his campaign, 050.
Dojects of the rebellion in Ireland, 974.

Pierson, major, killed, 167.
Oliver, alderman, committed to lower, 79.

Pirt, (lørd Chatham, unfavourable to peace. 6. His
Operations of the French fleet, 143. In the West proposal of war with Spain, 14. Interview with

Indies, 177. In Virginia, 174 On the Frontiers, the king, and resignation of office. His conduct, 15.
244. la La Vendee, 255. On the Rhine, 254. In Remarkable speech on taxing America, 57. Sent
Italy and Germany, 237. In Sillesia, 325. in for by king to form new ministry, 59.
Swedish Pomerania, ib.

-, Mr. Thomas, his speech on influence of the
Opposition, its efforts,

74. Roduced by desertion, 228. crown, 154.
To a repeal of the test and corporation aels,


William, his eloquence, 160. Reform bill, 189.
Orange Societies, 969.

His com inunication to the commons, 192. India
Orders in council, repeal of, 354.

bill, 194. Sinking fund, 199. Motion for parlia-
Orleans, New, failure at, 379.

mentary reform, 903. Remarks on slave trade,
Orthes, battle of, 363.

204. Proposal to seize unclaimed dividends, 211.
Orvilliers, count de, sails from Brest, 137.

Speech on moving address, 236. Message relative
Ossory, Upper, earl of, his motion on Irish affairs,

to peace, 255. His duel. 208. Speech on the right

of search, 293.

Resigns, ib. Motion on paval
Ostend, expedition against, 278.

defence. 308. Returns to office, ib. llis illness,
Otto, M. signs preliminary treaty in Londen, 308. 315. Death, 319. Vote of money to pay his debts,
Oude, nabob, of treaty with, 56.

public funeral, ib.
Outcry, violent, against new duty on beer, 3.

Plan of attack of prince Ferdinand. +.
Outrage against the kiog, 251.

Plans of concihation rejected by America, 118. Of
Ozatures made wy courts of Madrid and Versailles, Lord Cornwallis defeated, 174.

Points of dispute in Degotiation with France, 11.
Osford, mayor and bailiffs, sent to Newgate, 65. Poland, kingdom of, dismembered, 81,

Pondicherry capitulates, 149. Taken, 238.

Poor, education of the, 384.

Pope, the, dies at Valence, 276. Restoration of, 367.

Popham, Sir Home, his expedition to Buenos Ayres,
Paine, Thomas, his answer to Burke, 294.

329. Recalled ; tried and reprimanded, 323,
Palliser, sir H. his trial, 137.

Popular meetings, 389.
Palm, murder of, 324.

Population of England, ascertained by authority, 293
Papal authority ended, 276.

Returns of, ib. Act returns of, 355.
Parga, cession of, 393.

Porto Rico, failure at, 204.
Paris, negotiation a, 6. Insurrection, 253, Occu- Portugal, relief of vote for, 20. Conduct of Franate

pation of, 365. Convention of, 366. State of, 373. and Spain towards, 23 Receives the assistance of
capitulation of, 375,

Great Britain, ib. Invasion of, 295. Operations
Parker, Sir H. engages Dutch feet, 178.

in, 342.
Parliament dissolved, 5. Assembly of a new, 16. Pournall, governor, his speech on America, 75

Closes, 21, Opened with speech fron, throne, 34. Powys, Mr. motion against American war, 179.
Closed, 39.

Opens, 42. Proceedings respecting Poynings law protested against in Ireland, 182.
Wilkes, ib. Privileges of, ib. Assembles, 57. Al Prali, lord chief jastice, 41. His opinion on Wilkes's
ways existing, 63. Dissolved, 65. Of Ireland made commitment to Tower, ib. Remarkable charge to
octennial, ib. Its language as regards lord

Jury, 14.
Townsend, ib. Prorogued at a remarkable crisis, Preparations for funeral of George II. 1. War, 295
73. A new one assembled, 85. Meeting of, 95. By France for invasion of England, 303.
Meets, 148. Dissolved, 19.3. Meeting of, 193. Price, Dr. his sermon, 221.
Meeting of, 203. Regularly opened, 205. Meeting Priestley, Dr. his house destroyed by mob, 914. De
of, 207. Dissolved, 210, 'Whether its dissolution clared a member of convention of France. 094
affects impeachment, 211. Meeting, 215. Assem- Princess Royal of England, marriage of, 266.
bled, 295. Meets, 226. Prorogued, 938. Meeting Printers, contest between, and cominons, 79.
of, 214. Meering of, 251. Proceedings of, ib. Privilege, breach of, 341.
Prorogued, 259. Dissolved, 256. New, 250. Proclamation of George III. 1. Of commissioners to
Meeting of, 268. Meeting of, 293. Meeting of, America, 107.

New, 309. Meeting of. 307. Prorogation Progress of French in Holland, 250.
of, 309. Opening of, 313. Meeting, 319. Pro- Prohibitory bill, American, 96.
rogued, 321. Dissolution of, ib. New, 397. Dis Property tax augmented, 313.
sulution of, 396. New assembly of, ib. Prorogued, Proposal of a congress at Augsberg 6.


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Proposals of Prench for peace, rejected, 287.

Rulle, Baron de, attacks 1 Jersey, 10. 'Mertedly
Proposed marriage bill, 167.

wounded, ib.
Proposition for peace, 182.

Rumbold, Sir Thomas, bill of pains and penalties
Protest, popular, against the continuation of German against, 183.

war, 19. of lords against repealing the Stamp Act, --, Sir George, seizure of, 311,
58, 59. In house of peers, 95.

Rupture with Spain, 209. Setuled, 2!0. Russia, 213.
Provision for service of ensuing year, 16.

Discussion on it, ib.
Prussia, subsidy to, 3. Of extraordinary change in Russia, dea h of empress of, ?1. Succession of Peter
situation of, 21. Success of, ib. Makes peace with III. to the throne of, ib. Deposition and death;
France, 252. King Frederick William III. dies, succession of Catherine II. ib. Mediates for a
206. King of, his manifesto against France, 223. peace, 186. Makes peace with France, 317. De
Declares war against France, 300. King of, visits clares war with England, 329. Invasion of, 355.
England, 367. Makes peace with France, 317. Rutlidge, John, elected governor, 145.
Occupies Hanover, 323. Subserviency to France,

Prussian operations in campaigo, 22.

Public testimony of joy on accession of George III. 1.
Privy council assemble on death of George II. 1. Sackville, lord, his elevation to the peerage, 180.
Take nath of fidelity to king George III. ib.

Proceedivgs thereon, ib.
Salamanca, battle of, 353.

Salt tax, augunented, 313..

Santa Cruz, failure at, 264.

Maura, taken, 346.
Quakers, petition against the slave trade, 190. I Sardinia, subsidy to, 237.
Quebec, expedition against, 92. Attack of, gt. Siege Sarrini, his assurances to America, 126.
of, raised, 98.

Savannah, taken by the English, 136. Its seige raised
Queen Charlotte of England, nuptials of, 16. Message 146.

of commons to her majesty, ib. Dowry granted Saumares, Sir James, ais action, 297.
her, ib. Jointure granted to her, ib. Council of its

Saroy, duchy of, made a Freuch department, 494.
members, 348.

Sarilie, Sir George, bill in favour of Roman Catholics,
Quiberon bay, unsuccessful expedition to, 253.

131. House destroyed by rioters, 154.

Sazbridge, alderman, his motion for short parlia-

Dients, 119.

Sanre, Mr. committed to the tower, 95
Radical reformers, 389.

Scercity of corn, 255.
Randolph, Peyton, chosen president of congress, 90.

-, great, 290. A renewal of it, :g3
Rawlings, colonel, destructive riflemen, 107.

Scottish episcopalians, bill in favour of, 218.
Reason for a negotiation at Loodon and Paris, 6. · Secret intrigues of French, at court of Madrid, 1.
Rebellion in Ireland; its origin, progress, 269. Sup. Secession of the minority in parliament, 111.
pression of, 973. 304.

Senegal, secured to England, 53.
Recal of British Ambassador from Madrid, 18. Spanish Seringapatam capture of, 383.
from London, ib.

Sheriff's of London assaulted while attending toe
Recovery of the king, 205.

burning of Wilke's North Briton, 44.
Reinsion of forts by Granby, 4. of land tax, 63. Sheridan's remarks on ludia bill, 19. un fortifica-
Reflections on commercial intereourse, 198.

tions, 198. Sentiments on French principles, 207.
Reform bills, 182. Parliamentary motion for, 208. Shirley, cakes Dutch forts, 184.
Societies in Great Britain, 242.

Shop tax, 97. Repealed, 205.
Regene y act, 51. Bill noticed, 203. · Bill, 348. Skoreham New, electors disfranchised for venality,
Relief to Roman catholics, 131. To the grade of 79.
Ireland, ih.

Sicily, attempt on it, 317.
Remarks on the alliances with continental powers, 17. Sickness uncommon in American army, 110.
Concluding ones, 39+.

Sidmouth, lord, his circular, 392.
Repeal of shop tax, 205. Of compelling clause of Siege of Quebec raised, 98. Or Gibraltar, 155. Do.
insolvent act, 16.

187. Extraordinary fatigues of garrison, 106.
Result of American campaign, 110.

Sierra Leone, settlement of. 212.
Restoration of the forfeited estates in Scotland, 101. Sinking fund, 199.
Restraining Bills, 392.

Slare merchants of Germany, 95.
Retreat of marshal Broglio, 4. of the Spaniards trade, petition of quakers against, 190.* Bill
from Portugal, 25. Its consequences, ib.

to regulate it, 203. Its abolition moved, 206.
Return of English army from the Continent, 254. Evidence on, ?12. Its gradual aboiltion carried in
Revolt of America predicted, 57. Of Pensylvania commons, 216, Delayed by the lords, ib. Proceed
Line, 168.

ings in, 309. Further steps to abolish, 320.
Revolution Society, 221. In France, 207.

abolition, 327,
Recards for ascertaining the longitude, 20.

Smith, general, his motion on Indian affairs, 166.
Rhode Island, tumultuous proceedings at, 83.

-, colonel, defeats Hyder Ally, 73.
Richmond, duke of, appointed minister, 59. Sigos

the publican, his connection with Rose, 917.
protest against proceedings of lords, 95. His plan

Sir Sydney, w, his services at Toulon, 243.
of fortifications 198.

Desence of Acre, 982. Destroys Turkish squa-
Rigby, arraigns the speaker's conduct, 114.

dron, 325.
Riots at Hexham, 3. At Boston, 7o. In Scotland Smolensko burnt, 351.

against catholicism, 148. In London, 154. At | Smuggling, measures for preventing, 51.
Birmingham, 214. In various parts of England, Spain, conferences with, 14. Propose war with; pro
354. In Spafields, 379.

ductive of warm debates in cabinet, ib. Coodoci
Rochambeai, general count, arrives in America with of towards Portugal, 23. Declares war, ib. Disas-
army from France, 161.

ters sustained by, 29. Preliminaries of peace with,
Rochford, earl of, remonstrates at Madrid, 52.

186. Convention, with 200. Rupture witb, 809
Rockingham, marquis of, appointed minister, 52. Settled 210.

Makes peace with France, 259 De.
Lamented death, 185.

clares war against Britaio, 259. Rupture witb, 310
Rodney, admiral, relieves Gibraltar, 155. 7" Takes Campaigo 341. Successes in, 349. Do. 361.
Spanish Conroy, ib. Defeats Don Juan de Lan! Spaniards, their success, 24.

l'ake. St. Eustatia, 168. Defeats French Spanish ambassador recalled, 18. His manifesto o
feet, 183. Created a peer, 183.

leaving London, ib. War declared, 19. Cause,
Roleia, battle of, 331.

Romanu, marquis, landed in Spain, 331,

America, state of, 347
Rome, revolution at, 276. Annexed to France, 339. Speaker of house of commons relires, 4.

King of, created, 350.

casting vote against fortification bill, 199. Abbort
Ross, general, destroys Spanish batteries, 168. Killed, gives casting vote against lord Melville, 314. RC-

Rose, Mr. tried and acquitted, 217,

signs office, 339.

Speech of George III. for making judges independent,
Reyal annuities, 131. Academy institt.ed, 59. 3. Of his Majesty on closing parliaments, its gran

Proclamation against seditious writings, 214. Mar. markable features, 4. "Royal, 387.
riage act, 81.

sidehldor escapes, 200,

Rara, ib.


Stamp, act, American passed, 51 Repealed, 59.

the elector of Hesse and the duke of Brunswick,
Lucia, island of, captured, 26. Restored to for having soldiers, 97. Commercial with France,


Considered by commons, ib. of Campo
St. Pierre isle of, given to France, 33.

Formio, 205. Of Tilsit, 225. of peace between
State of India 290.

Austria and France, 339.
of Great Britain, 111. Do. 379.

Trial of Hastings, 203,
- trials, 241.

Trials, state, 382 And executions for treason, 273.
St. Vincent, island of captured, 26. Restored to Trinidad, capture of, 264.
France, 33,

Triple assessment, 268.
Stor mone, lord, his application to the French court, 16. Tumult in London occasioned by duty on beer, 20.
Sirelits, princess Charlotte of Mecklenburgh, selected Turkey declares war against Russia, 325.
by George III. as his queen, 13.

Turks islands, 50.
Stuart, Sir John, his victory at Maida, 023.

Tuscany makes peace with France, 253.
Subsidy to Prussia, 3. Do. 245. Several, 288. Tyı awly, lord, recalled from Portugal, 84.
Successes in India, 177.

Tyrolese, efforts of the, 339.
Succesire disasters of the British army, 121.
Sums granted for the support of the German confede-
racy, 2.

Sumter, coronel, a distinguisned partizan, his success.

Union with Ireland, proposed, 279. Proceeding
Supervisors of India leave England, 73.

thereon, ib. Completed, 29.
Suppiy of parliament voted, 2. For the year, 245. Universal disposition towards peace, 31.
For service of ensuing year, 16, 313.

Unsuccessful attack on Penobscot, 141.
Supplies, 255. The second, estimate for the year,

269, 315
Suppression of the Irish rebellion, 273.

Surinam, capture of, 287. Surrenders, 310.
Surrender of general Burgoyne, 123.

Vaccination, noticed, 300.
Survey of hostile operations during suspension of

Valencia d'Alcantara suprised by general Burgoyna,

treaty, 7.
Suspension of habeas corpus act, 244.

loss of, 352.
Suarroz, general, his commaud, 284, Conduct, 286. Valletort, lord, his contrast of England and France,
Dies, ib.

Sutton, Manners, elected speaker, 389.

Vaughan, general, burns Escpus, 129. Takes St.
Sweden, affairs of, 339. Charles XIII. ascends the Eustatia, 108.
throne of, ib. Elects Bernadotte king, 346.

Vendee, La, civil war of, 253. Sermination, ib.
Swedes, efforts of the, 335. Conduct of their king. ib.

Vendean successes, 240.
Switzerland, hostile movements of French against,

Vergennes, count de, confers with American commis-
276. Ils constitution changed, ib. Campaign in,

sioners, 128.
981. Affairs of, 301.

Vernon, Sir Edward, sails from Madras, 142.
Symptoms of hostility with France, 302.

l'ice-Chancellor appointed, 353.
Vicissitudes of the campaign in Germany, 4,
Victory of Grabenstein, 22. of lord Ilowe, 218. Of

the Nile, 977.

Victories, naval, 25.

Vienna, congress at, 368.
Talavera, battle of, 341.

Vieneira, battle of, 361.
Tarleton, colonel, victory of, 157. Ilis manauvre

Violent debates respecting Wilkes, 70. Debates, 118.
and success, 158. Defeated, 179.

Vincent, St. taken, 258.
Tarragona, loss of, 352. Failure of, 360.

Virginia, descent on, 149.
Tar on cyder and perry, 39. On land reduced, 63. Visitors, royal, to England, 366.
On shops repealed, 204.

Vittoria, battle of, 361.
Tares, new, rejected by commops, 181.

Voluntary contributions, 245.
Taring colonies, debates and proceedings in England Volunteer companies, 111. Associations, 303.
as to rights, 58.

Volrouteers, vole of thanks to, 304.
Tea destroyed at Boston, 86.

Volunteering of militia, 266,
Temple, his resignation, 15. Patriotisen, 02. Confers

Vure for the relief of Portugal, 20.
with Piui, 60. Remarkable card sent to him, 191.

Votes of censure on various persons connected with
Tess and corporation acts, 205. Their repeal op-

India, 183.
posed, ib.

Vyner institutes parliamentary enquiry into conduct
Thanksgiving for recovery of the kics, 205.

of Burgoyne, 131.
Thurlow, appointed solicitor general, 74. Created a

baron on being made lord chancellor, 148.
Ticonderaga fort taken, 92. Evacuated, 119.
Time-piece, Harrison's, 20.
Tippoo Saib, his success, 165. Conducted,* 210.

Walcheren, expedition to, 339. Enquiry into ine
War against him, 219. His conduct in the field, policy and conduct of it, 344.
ib. Capital invested; sues for peace ;

Wales, princess dowager of mother to George III.
granted ; Reflections thereon, 220.

her death, 81.
parations, 283. Conduct and death ib.

•, prince of, his birth, 28. Ilis embarrassa:ents,
Title, royal, new, 293.

200. Consequences, ib. Answer to Pitt, 205.
Titles conferred by Buonaparte, 321.

Marriage, 252. Debts arranged, ib. Claims of his
Tobago, surrender of, 26. taken, 238.

for arrears; grant ir bim of £60,000 for three
Toleration act, proposed alteration, 348.

years and a half, 303. Refused inilitary promotion,
Toll gates at Blackfriars-bridge burnt, 155.

304. Made regent, 318. Retains old ministry,
Toulouse, battle of, 366.

353. Hlis letter approving them, ib. Delisers
Took, John Horne, tried and acquitted, 245. Elected speech from throne, 359. His letter to the queen,
member of parliament, &c. 294.

367. Addresses parliament, 372. Attacked going
Tortosa, surrender of, 351.

to house, 38). Relinquishes income, 381. Speech
Total defeat of Spaniards at Gibraltar, 184.

to parliament, 38+.
Toulon, its port and fleet surrender to the British, 243.

princess of, charges against, 356. Writes
Evacuated, ib.

letter to the king, ib. To the speaker, ib. Report
Tower, Commitments to, 381.

of commissioners, 358. Receives letter rom queen,
Townsend, marquis, made master of ordins ice, 81. answer, her letter to her husband, 3 Letter to
Trafalgar, victory of, 317.

the speaker, 568. Allowance voted her, ib. Leaves
Traitorous correspondence bill, 237.

England, ib.
Trarancore, rajah of, treats to purchase Datch forts, Wall, general, his letter, 18.

Wallace, attorney general, recommends a truoe will
Traversing of indictments; bill to prevent, 392.

America. 181.
Treasure, ships detention of, 310.

Sir James, his services, 12. Captured by
Treaty for peace with France broken, 12. With the

D'Estaing. 146.
Indians, 49. With the nabob of Oude, 3i. With Want of harmony in the cabinet, 3.

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Ilostile pre-

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War, German, debate on the expediency of, 10. In- minster ball by Habeas Corpus, 40. lis speech ta

genious de fepce of it; declared against Spain, 19. the judges ; discharged from custody, 41. Reteres
In Germany protested against, ib. Declared by thanks to the court, ib. Dismissed from command of
France and Spain against Portugal, 23. Declared militia 41. His North Britop ordered by commons
by Spain, 141. Iu India, 149. In India, 210. With to be burnt by common bangman, 49 Wounded in a
Tippoo Saib, 219. With Holland, 254. With

duel with Mr. Martin, 44. Avoids house of con
Russia, 292. Uopopularity of the, 95+. With mons, 44. Goes to France, Expelled the house,
Holland, 305. In India, 309. Between Austria 43. His essay on women; condemned ; outlawed.
and France, 337.

ib. Starts as candidate for London ; elected member
Wardle, colonel, noticed, 335.

for Middlesex, 66. Addresses court of king's beoch,
Warrants, general, 40. Declared illegal, 44.

66. Disturbances op his account, 66. lmprisoned
Washington, general, appointed to chief command of and fined 5001, 67. Petitions house of commons,

American army, 91. His biography, ib. Difficulties 69: Appeals on a writ of error to lords, ib. Violent
attending his situation, ib. Establishes a war of debates respecting him, 70. Motion for expelling
pests, 104. Refuses to receive letter from royal him house of commons, 71. Expelled and re-elected
commissioners, ib. His reason for such refusal to for Middlesex, 72. Subscriptions raised for him
congress, ib. Hlis patriotic conduct, 107. Retreats elected for Middlesex a third time, 77, Not sal
to Newark, ib. His question to colonel Reed, ib. fered to take his seat, ib. Discharged from prison,
Continues his retreat, ib. Invested with extraordi- ib. Chosen alderman, sheriff, lord mayor, and
nary powers, 108. Retreats to Princetown, 109. He- chamberlain, ib Re-chosen twice more for Middle
roism, ib.

State of his army, 117. Advantages of sex ; obtains the expunging of proceediugs of com-
his position at Whiteinarsh, 124. His situation, mons from journal subsequeut to declension of pope-

His general order, 176. Resigas his govern. larity, ib. Discharges Wheble the printer, 79.
ment, 259.

Ordered to appear at bar of house of commons ; his
expedition to, 371.

letter to speaker ; declining to obey, ib.
Warren, Sir John Ballasse, captures French frigates, William Henry, prince, third son of George III.
248. Naval victory, 275.

created duke of Clarence, 52.
Waterloo, battle of, 373.

Windows, new duty 00, 194.
Watson, colonel, reinforces lord Rawdon, 172.

Winter, admiral de, defeated, 264.
Wati, (the state spy,) executed, 244.

Wirtemburg, prince of, his marriage, 266.
Ways and means, 70, 199, 237.
Webb, (late secretary to treasury,) charges against
him, 68.

Wechabites, sect of, 317.
Welderen, count, delivers memorial to George III. Xavier, prince of Saxony, 22.

Wellesley, marquis, his preparations against Tippoo
Saib, 283.

general, his success in India, 309. Arrives
at Corunna, 331. Gaias battles of Koleia and

Yarmouth, lord, arrives from captivity in France, 591.
Trineira; sails from England ; arrives at Lisbon,

Communicates message from Tallegrand, ib.
341. Takes Oporto , gains battles of Talavera, 341. Yeomanry, force of Ireland, 270.
Created viscount Wellington, ib. Forms the lines York, duke of, added to privy council on accession of
of Torres Vedras, 312. Quits Basaco, 340. Falls George III., 1.
back to Torres Vedras, ib. Raises siege of Ba- ---, duke of, second son of George III.; bis mar.
dajoz, 352.

riage, 215. Allowance granted him thereon, 216
IVellington, captures Ciudad Roderigo ; created by

His campaign, 239.

Returns to England, 250,
Cortes duke thereof, 352. Captures Badajoz, 352. Appointed field marsbal and commander-in-chief-
Enters Spain, 353. Gains victory of Salan anca, 254. Lands in Holland, 286. Campaign, ib. Ne
ib. Captures Madrid, ib. Appointed generalissimo

gotiates and reaches England, 287. Charges pre-
of Spain ; Created earl and marquis, ib. Gains battle

ferred against him, 333. Resigns office, ib. Re-
of Vittoria, 361. Enters France, ib. Crosses the

stored as commander-in-chief, 349. His communi.
Adour, 363. Gains battle of Toulouse, 266. Created cation to lords Grey, &c.
marquis, duke, &c. 367. Gains battle of Waterloo,

York, Nex', act passed to restrain its assemblies, 64.
373. Further grant, 375. Enters Paris, 376.

Preparations against, 200, Do. for its defence,
West Indies, operations in, 177, 252. British snecoce 103. Taken, 100.

in the, 258. Islands lost, 183. Attempt on, by Yorke, Charles, accepts the great seal; elevated to
French fleets, 317.

peerage ; sudden death, 74.
Westminster scrutiny closed, 196. Police bill passed,

Sir Joseph, presents memorial to states gene-

ral, 114.
Weymouth, lord, his letter to Chairman of Lambeth

--, Archbishop of, his political language, 197.
quarter sessions, 70.

Yorck, d', visits England, 367.
Whittam, Messenger, city proceedings against him,

Whites, colonel Joho, 'remarkable exploits of, 146.

Whitehill, president suspendeu, 177.
Whitelocke, general, cashiered, 326.

Zaddas Sha, noticed, 53.
Wilkes, Joha, his North Briton, ib. No. 45 of it, ib.

Arms against Eog.and, 35.

Zoutman, admiral, poticed, 178.
Committed to the tower, 40. Brought up to West.


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