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Burke, his picture of Pitt's administration, 60. His Charlotte, queen of England, her death and cha

allusion tu genius and power of Charles Townsend, racter, 385.
64. His plan of economical regulation, 150. Re- Chasielleaur, chevalier, noticed, 175.
form bill. 166. Charge against Warren Hastings, Chatham, lord, opposes Indemnity Bil!, 62. Declines
199. His philippic against France, 207. Second all interference with business, 63. Remarkable
invective on the revolution, C13. Breach of his speeches of, 127. His death and character, ib.
friendship with Fox, ib. Speech in favour of ne

earl of, noticed, 339. Resigns his office of
address, 228. llis death, 260.

master general of ordnance, 344.
Barrard, Sir Harry, arrives in Portugal, ais conduct Chaumont, treaty of, 363.

Cheeseman, captain, killed, 91.
Bute, earl of, added to privy council, 1. Resigns Cherokee chiefs arrive in England, 35.
ofhce, 39.

China, embassy to, 251.
Burar, battle of, 56.

Choisy, general de, noticed, 176.
Byland, count, his squadron taken, 165.

Christian vil, king of Denmark, his death, 335.
Byrun, admiral, noticed, 131.

Succeeded by his son, ib.

club noticed, 79.

Cintra, convention of, 332, Discussed in parliament,


Circunstances attending accession of George III. to
Cabinet, changes in the, 34 59. Changes in minis- the throne, 1.
terial, 61, 315.

City feuse to their Majesties, 14.
Cadrallader, general, noticed, 108.

Cirillist, 2. Revenues of, 5, note C 1. Debates on it,
Caestries, Monsieur, noticed, 02.

70. Debt noticed, 191. In arrears, 199, 309.
Calabria, cardinal Ruffo heads army in, 285.

Clarence, duke of, noticed, 52. His marriage, 384.
Calder, Sir Robert, his engagement, 317.

Clark, Sir James, mortally wounded, 122.
Cambridge, duke of, sent commander-in-chief to Clarke, Mary Anne, noticed, 336.
Hanover, 305. His marriage, 38+.

Clergy of New England preach for independence of
Camden, lord, noticed. 51. Made lord chancellor, America, 89.

60. Opposes indemnity bill, 62. Opinion of India Clerk, Sir P. Jennings, his motion to disqualify con-

bill, 191. Made lord lieutenant of Irelaud, 251. tractors for a seat in parliament, 139.
Cameron, captain, killed, 136.

Clerkenwell prisons forced during London riots, 154.
Campaign in Germany, vicissitudes of, 4. of Bour- Clinton, general, nouiced, 8g. Effects his escape, 124.
bon courts against Portugal commences, 24. ID

general James, poticed, ib.
America, 1777, 115, 12, 112. In Italy and Clire, lord, noticed, 55. lis conduct, 56. Character
Switzerland, 284.

assailed; death, 81,
Campbell, colonel, noticed, 91.

Coalition ministry, 188. New, against the French,
Canada, go, roment of, 212. Invasion of, 356. 278. Against France. 315. Fourth, against France,
Campaign in, 370.

Canal, duke of Bridgewater's, 20. Bill for its exteo- Coblents, the rendezvous of the French emigrants, 233.
#sion passed, ib.

Cochrane, Sir Alexander, noticed, 315.
Canning, Mr. advocates Catholic cause, 355.

-- , lord, his transactions, 368. Conduct to
Captors of major Andre rewarded by congress, 162. wards him, ib. His casting vote, ib.
Cepture of Fritzlar and magazines, 4. Of Belleisle, 10. Cockburn, admiral, noticed, 371.

Of Manilla and the Philippines, 29. Of the richly Coke, Mr. his motion, 139. Address to king, 188.
freighted galley to Acapulco, 29. Of French wer. Colchester, lord, noticed, 382.
Chant fleet, ib. Of Eliabad. 35. of Stoney Point, Collingwood, admiral, created å peer with a pension,
143. Of Mr. Lawrens, 165. or lord Cornwallis, for his great services, 318.
176. Of Martinique, 243. Of Cape of Good Collyer, Sir G. noticed, 112.
Hope, 251, 323. or Curacoa, 326. Or the Presi. Colonies, right of taxing them, 58.
dent frigate, 372.

Colonists, dissatisfaction of the, 49.
Caribbs, the, expedition against, 83.

Comarten Chonan, general, noticed, 258.
Carlton, Sir Guy, plan of, 93. His escape to

Cambermere, lord, noticed, 367.
Quebec, ib.

Commerce, restrictions on, 328. British measures
Carlisle, earl of, appointed commissioner to America, against, 350.

Commercial distress, aid voted to relieve, 342.,
Carnac, general, noticed, 55.

Commissioners for peace, 180.
Caroline Manila, princess of England, noticed, 62. Commons, assemble during London riots under military

Married to the king of Denmark, Christian VII. protection, 135. Their alacrity in providing for
ib. Her misfortunes, ib. ller death, 81.

service of ensuing year, 19.
Cash payments by the bank, suspension of, 261. Pay. Commutation tax, 19+.
ments, 387.

Compact family avowed, 17.
Cassell, Hesse, makes peace with France, 253, Compensation io North Americans, 3.
Castries, marquis de, his knowledge of naval force, Compulsive, clause in new Insolvent Act, 3. Coose

quences attending, ib. Opposition to it, ib.
Cathcart, noticed, 054.

Conde, Prince of, noticed, 22.
Catherine II. empress of Russia, 21. Behaviour to- Conduce of France and Spain towards Portugal, 23.

wards her husband; political conduct, ib. Her Confederacy of Indian powers against England, 165.
death, 259.

Of northern nations, 292.
Catholic chapels demolished by London mob, 154. Confederation of the Rhine, 324.

Question agitated, and occasions change of mi- Conferences with Spain, 14.
Distry, 293. Question renewed, 388. Committee Congress, at Augsberg, proposal of, 6. General, at
formed, 319.

Philadelphia, 81. How constituted-nature of its
Catholics, Roman, relief granted them, 131. Bill in deliberations, 85. American, second meeting-its

favour of, 212. Their discontent, 252. Act for re- acts, 90. Attempts to detach foreign troops froin
lief of the, 304. Present petitions, 345. Their pay of England, 104. Its manifesto, 133. Resolve
claims, 382.

to burn British towns by way of reprisal, 142. A
Causes and effects of sincere disposition of all parties general one, 368.

towards peace, 31. of rupture with Holland, 161. Connor, Arthur Oʻ, tried and acquitted, 270.
Cavendish, lord Frederic, noticed, 23.

Contest, between the printers and the house of com
Caudor, lord, his conduct, 261.

mons, 79. Between the crown and the commons,
Cayenne taken, 340.

191. Between military and insurgents in Ireland
Celebrated vote ou the infuence of the throne, 153,

Chanda Geor, fort of, attacked and taken, 55.

Continental alliances, remarks on, 17. Engagements,
Charette, Vendean chief, 253, Executed, 258.

Charles UI king of Spain, dies, 0

Convention, American, 68, Acts of it, ib. Between
IV, sucuteds to the throne, ib.

France and Genga, 312.
IV. archduke of Austria, resigns to his son, Conway, general, dismissed, 46. Joias the opposition,
who accepts as Ferdinand VIT, 330.

95. His motion against the war, 180.
XII. asceods Swedisb throne, 339.

Coote, Eyre, Sir, his conduct, 177.
Charlestowns, unsucces (ul attack upon, 100 Taken, 156. Copenhagen house, fuld meeting, 254.
Chorlosie, princese of Wales, her birth, 956. Mar.

expedition against, 328.
riaço, 378. And death, 33.

Corbei, major, governor of Jersey, takca prisoner,

167, ratifes capitulation of island-resames his | Defection of Arnold from America, 101
command-censured by court martial dismissed his Defenders in Ireland, 269.
office, ib.

Deficiencies of the civil list, 5. Nove to chapter i.
Corde, Charbute, assassinates Marat, 241

Delawares, nation of noticed, 48.
Corn, scarcity of, 255. Bill, 309. Laws, 376. Delegates, county, 167.
Cornish, rear admiral, noticed, 28.

Democratic societies, 244.
Cornwall, Mr. chosen speaker, 166.

Dempster, friendly to bawkers and pedlars, 225.
Cornwallis, lord, noticed, 107. Appointed to command, Denmark, Frederic, V. King of, noticed, 37. Chris

158. His policy, as a conqueror, 159. Retreats, tian, VII. noticed, ib. Neutrality of, 231. Peace
160. His plans defeated, 171. Proceeds to Vir with, 363.
ginia, 173. Taken prisoner, 176. His campaign Dennevits, battle of, 360.
against Tippoo Saib--grants peace, receives his sons Descent on Martinico, 25.
as hostages for performance of treaty, 220. Ар- Despard's conspiracy, 301.
pointed viceroy of Ireland, 274. Issues act of Dickenson, John, noticed, 100.
amnesty, ib. Goes ambassador to France, 297. Dieppe, bombarded, 306.
signs treaty of peace, ib. Appointed governor Differences in the ministry, 68. Between France and
general of India, second time, dies there, 318.

America, 259. With the United States of America,
-, admiral, distinguished retreat, 252.

Coronation of George III. and Queen, 13.

Difficulties about the mutual retaining of possessions,
Corsica, annexed to the British crown, 247. Evacu- 7.
ated, 258.

Digby, admiral, captures French man of war, 155.
Cossim Mir, his attempt against India company; his Directory of France elected, 254. Overthrowa, 287.
cruelties, massacres prisoners at Patna, 54.

Disasters to royal cause in America, 94.
Cotton, Charles, Sir, noticed, 3*.

Discussions on the peace, 34. On American affairs,
*, Stapylton, Sir, his success, 333.

69. Of quarrel with Russia, 213.
Coronty delegates, 167.

Dismission of general Conway, 46. Of ministry,
Country, disturbed state of the, 382.

Craig, major, noticed, 172.

Dispute between directors of East India company and
Craone, battle of, 363.

proprietors, 61. With Spain about the Falkland
Cratoford, general, noticed, 24.

Islands, 77 With Spain settled. 210. Between
Crillon, duc de, conducts siege of Gibraltar, 184.

France and Russia, 312. With Holland, 114.
Criminal law noticed, 334. Code, 387.

Disaffection in America, 67
Crosby, Brass, lord mayor, discharges Millar, the Dissenters, bill for relief of, 81. Protestant bill to

printer; ordere the deputy serjeant at arms into relieve, 139: to secure their privileges, bill, 335.
custody, wao fiods bail, 79. Is sent to the tower, Dissolution of parliament, 5. Of parliament wbethe:
refuses to back press warrants, ib.

it effects impeachment, 211.
Cruden, John, appointed commissioner with extraordi. Distilleries, 335.
nary powers, 159.

Distresses of the Americans, 158.
Cruger, lieutenant colonel, his defence of ninety-six Disturbances on account of Wilkes, 66.
in America, 173.

---in La Vendee terminated, 598.
Cuba restored to Spain, 34.

Dividends, unclaimed, proposal to seize, 211.
Cumberland, duke of, noticed, dies, 52.

Documents on state of the country, 391.
2nd. do. marries Mrs. llorton, Dol, biskop 2f, murdered, 253.

Domingo, St. expedition to, 300.
3rd. do. his marriage, 376. Durop, count, mortally wounded and taken prisoner,
Cunningham, the American privateer, his conduct,

126. Imprisoned by France, released, &c. ib. Dougal, M. general, noticed, 105.
Curtis, captain, his heroism and humanity, 184. Douglas, Sir James, noticed, 26.
Cushing, Mr. noticed, 68

Sir John and lady, noticed, 356.
Cust, John, Sir, illness and death of, 74.

Doula Sujah, noticed, 54. Arms against English, 55.
Cyder, duty on, levied, 39,

Surrenders unconditionally, ib.
Cuernicheff, visits England, 367.

Dordestell, Mr. appointed chancellor of exchequer,

52. Noticed, 60,

Drake, admiral, noticed, 175.

ambassador at Munich, 311.
Dairymple, Sir Hugh, noticed, 332.

Draper, colonel, his plan for invading the Philippine
Dalyel captain, his plan for surprising the American islands, 25.
savages, 48.

Drayton, W. II. noticed, 132.
Danish, fleet capture of, 328. West India Islands, Dresden, battle of, 360,
surrender of, 329.

Droits of admiralty, 334.
Darby, admiral escapes, 178.

Duckworth, admiral, sent against Midorca, 979. Ilis
Dartmouth, lord receives American petition, 91.

victory, 322. Advances through the Dardanelles,
Dashwood, Sir Francis, resigns office, 39. Created 325.
lord dispenser, 41.

Duel, between Wilkes and Martin, 44. Betsen
Daun, marshal, noticed, 21.

Pitt and Tierney, 268. Between Castlereagh and
Davies, captain, discovers the Falkland islands, 77. Canning, 310.
Davison, general, killed, 171.

Dumonerics, general, noticed, 238. His conduct, ib.
Deane, Silas, noticed, 113.

Duncan, doctor, noticed, 44.
Death of earl Egremont, 42. Of lord Chatham, 130.

lord, his victory, 261.
of the emperor Paul of Russia, 205. Of the prin. Dunkirk, its fortifications and harbour to be demo
cess Charlotte, 383. Queen Charlotte, 384. Duke lished, 33.
of Kent, 393. Of George che 3d. king of England ; Dudas, his escape, 193.
his character, ib.

--, Sir David, retires, 349.
Debates on the expediency of the German war, 16. Durning, resigos his office of solicitor-general, 74

Defence of it, 17. On the proclamation of the His motion on the influence of the crowd, 133.
British commissioners in America, 112. On the Dutch Meet captured, 258. Delivered ap by admiral
peace, 300.

In cabinet on Mr. Pitt's proposal of Story, 286. Commissioners, 337.
war with Spain, 14. On the address, 126. On the Duy, additional, on ale and strong beer, 3. Oa beer,
manifesto of American commissioners, 139. In causes tumult in London, 20.
consequence of the return of the Howes from
America, 146. On Irish affairs, 149. On the
peace, 186.
On the war, 288.

Debts, of the civil list, 299.
Decan, Nizam of, noticed, 73.

Easton, colonel, noticed, 93.
Decatur, captain, noticed, 72.

Fckmul, battle of, 337.
Declaration of war with Spain, 19. Of American Eden, Mr. appointed American commissioner, 199.

independence, 100. of war with France, 129. Eainburgh conrention, 242. Its secretary and two
Decline of lord North's influence, 179.

members transported, ib.
Decree of fraternization, 994.

Education of the poor, 384.
Defeat of the hereditary prince, 5. Total of the Efects of the late king's partiality to his native do

Spaniards at Gibraltar, 174. Of the ministry, 181. minions, 1. Ruinous, of American war, 95
lis dissolution, ib.

Egmont, lord, copiwues in office, 52.


Egremont's, lord, refutation of the Spanish ambas- Flood, Mr. his motion for parliamentary reform, 208.
sador's manifesto, 18.

Florida ceded by Spain, 33.
Egype, affairs of, 282, 292. Expedition to, 295. Flushing, surrender of, 340. Its fortifications de-
Elberi, colonel, his surrender, 145.

stroyed and evacuated, ib.
Eldon, lord chancellor, noticed, 294.

Forbes, lieutenant, noticed, 97.
Elections, new, 328. Disputed bill for determining Ford, colonel, noticed, 73.
them passed, 15.

Foreign affairs, 383. Troops landed in Isle of
Elholm, captain, noticed, 146.

Wight, 245.
Eliabad, capture of, 53.

Poresi, New, Bill, 217.
Elisabeth, princess, sister to the king of France, exe-

Fortescue, lord, his remarks on the house of peers,
cuted, 250.

-, princess, her marriage, 384.

Fortifications, proposed new plan of, 198.
Eloquence of Burke and Grenville contrasted, 71. Foris reduced by marquis of Granby, 4.
Elliot, lieutenant general, noticed, 27.

Fothergill, doctor, noticed, 86. His letter to Frank-
-, general, his conduct, 168. Great foresight,

lin, 87.
184. Defeats all attempts against Gibraltar, ib. For, Charles, noticed, 34. Appointed lord of the ad-
Ellis, Wilbore, noticed, 100. Appointed secretary,

miralty, 74. His ironical speech, 128.

Ilis re-

marks, 140. Remarkable oration, 154. Introduces
Embarrassments of the prince of Wales, 200.

bis Marriage Act, 167. India Bill thrown out by
Embargo on Russian, Swedish, and Danish vessels, the peers, 191.

Elected for Westminster, though

not returned by high bailiff, 193. Obtains damages
Emmet and others executed, 304.

for this in King's Bench, ib._llis remarks on Irish
Emperor of Germany declared “ Emperor of Austria," bill, 197 Amends Sinking Fund, 199. His senti-

ments on slave trade, 206. His sentiments on
Engagement between Keppel and d'Orvilliers, 137. French revolution, 207. Feelings on Burke's
Enghien, duc d', murder of, 311.

breach of friendship, 213. In opposition to the ad-
Engiand declares war against Holland, 154. Assists dress, 926. Opposes address, 233. His motion to
Portugal, 23.

ascertain the precise grounds of war, 237. Sends
English ambassador recalled from Madrid, 18. Go- intelligence to Talleyrand of plot to assassinale

vernment offer assistance to Holland, 29+. Re- Buonaparte, 321. His wish for peace; death and
fused, ib. Army return from the Continent, 254.

character, ib.
Enlistment, 334. Foreign, bill, 389.

France, duplicity of her ministry, 7. Negociation for
Entertainment given to royal family at Guilahall, 14. peace with, resumed, 10. Her conduct towards
Enroys, British, complaint against, 311.

Portugal, 23. Declaration of war, ib. Disasters
Equipment of squadron of men of war and trans- sustained by, 29. Sends warlike stores to America,
ports, 1.

113. Preliminaries of peace with, 186. Affairs of,
Es'skine moves an address, 191.

glanced at, 207. Its revolution, 208. Declares
Escape of the Stadtholder, 250.

war against Britain and Ilolland, 136. Queen of,
Establishment of civil list, 2.

her trial and execution, 242. Commercial treaty
Estaings, d', his fleet noticed, 131. Wounded, 146. with, 200. Considered by the commons, ib. So-
Estouches, d', his command, 169.

lícits offices of Britain in preserving peace, 900.
Errees, marshal d', noticed, 42

Delivered, ib. Manifestos against, 223. National
Europe, movements in, 305. State of, 319.

convention of, constituted, ib. Makes peace with
Eustalia, St. taken, 168, Its prodigious wealth, ib. Spain, 252. Flesse Cassel and Tuscany, ib. Prin-
Conduct observed on its capture, ib.

cess of, exchanged for deputies delivered to Austria
Ewing, general, noticed, 108.

by Dumouriez, 263. State of, 259.

Her measures
Exchequer Bills, 382.

against British commerce, ib. Internal affairs of,
Esertions of congress, 108.

265. Makes peace with Austria, 291. With
Ermoush, lord, his expedition, 379.

Austria, Russia, and Prussia, 317. Annexations
Expedition against Belleisle, 10. Against East Flo.

Terms imposed on, 377.
rida, 136. To North Holland, 480. of commo-

-, Isle of, capitulates, 345.
dore Johnstone, 177.

Franklin, doctor, noticed, 83. His effort at concilia
Erpenditure, national, 388.

tion, 86. Plan founded thereon, ib. Appointed
Expulsion of Wilkes from house of commons, 45. Of head of post office in America, 90.

His reply to
the Austrians from Italy, 264.

lord Howe, 106. Ambassador to France, 128.
Eyre, captain, noticed, 316.

Fraser, general, killed, 122.
Frederic, William, brother to George III. dies, 59.

VI, ascends the throne of Denmark, 335.

William, king of Prussia, dies, 266.
Frederica, princess of Prussia, married to duke of

York, 215.
Failure at Porto Rico and Santa Cruz, 264.

French, advantageous position of the, 4. Squadron
Falkland Islands, disputes with Spain respecting them, arrives in America, 134. Ambassador to Congress,

ib. Fleet on the English coast, 147. Fleet defeated
Family compact, some account of it, 11. How by Rodney, 183. Ambassador's memorial on situa-
avowed, 17.

tion of England, and France answered by lord
Farmer, captain, noticed, 78.

Grenville, 230. Ambassador ordered to leave
Favelle, marquis de la, wounded, 116. Marches into

England, ib. Convention, proposes to treat for peace,
Virginia, 174. Llis military conduct, ib. Further 237. Declares war against Spain, 240. Affairs,
noticed, 245.

.49. Calendar, 243. Extraordinary efforts of, tó
Ferdinand, prince, bis plan of attack, 8.

recruit army, ib. Ambassador,

official com
IV. king of Naples, abdicates, and comes plaint by, 229. Disposition of the king, 203.
on board an English man-of-war, 278.

Priests arrive in multitudes in England, ib, Go-
VII. of Spain, restoration of, 367.

Vernment, state of, 250. Its sanguinary proceed-
Ferguson, governor, noticed, 177.

ings, it

Progress in Holland, ib. Successful in
-, doctor, noticed, 132.

West Indies, 232. Make peace with Prussia, ib.
Fielding, commodore, captures a Dutch squadron, 156. New constitution, 253.

Land in Wales, 261.
Finances, 268, 288, 303, 327, 334, 368, 378. Flat-

Compel the emperor to make peace, 265. Land
tering state of, 215, 299, 261.

at Killala, and surrender, 974. Hostile
Fishery, Newfoundland, rights established, 33.

ment of, againt Switzerland, 276. Enter Berne,
Firigerald, Edward, lord, taken, 270.

enforce a new

constitution, ib. Return from
Fitzherbert, appointed plenipotentiary for peace, 186. Syria to Egypi, 283. Directory overthrown, 987.
Mrs. noticed, 200,

Evacuate Egypt, 296.

New constitution, 301.
tirtilliam, lord, affirms India Company's bank. Driven from St. Domingo, 303.

Fleets attempt to
ruptcy, 189. Recalled from Ireland, 251. Dis- capture West India islands, 317. Enter Portugal,
placeil, 391.

330. Fleet attack on, 340. Convoy destroyed, ib.
Fleet prisou burnt, 155.

---, captain, deceived into a surrender of his
Fletcher, colonel, his disaster, 165.
------, Sir Robert, commands Indian army, 55. Friends of the people, society of, 318.

Captures fort of Chanda Gheer; its governor's re- Fritzlar, capture of, with several magazines, 4.
markable speech, ib. Takes Eliabad,

Fuentes, Count de, his manifesto, 18.
Fleury, lieutenant colonel, 143,

Funeral of king George 11, 1

to, 346.


post, 146.

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Gaze, Genera , noticed, 68. Ilis judicious conduct, Habeas corpus act, Suspended, 111. Suspension of,
69. Appointed governor, 64.

944. Continued, 251. Suspended in Ireland, 307.
Galloway, his charge against general Howe, 141. Hadheld fires at the king, 290.
Galves, Bernando, Dou de, takes Mobile, 163, Halifar, earl of, noticed, 32. Appointed privy seal;
Ganswart, colonel, his message 120.

his death, 80.
Gardner, major, noticed, 144

Hall, lieutenant colone., noticed, 119.
Gates, general, his conduct towards Burgoyne's Hamilton, general, 118.

army, 123. Defeated, 158. Succeeded by Greene, Hammond, Sir Andrew Snape, examined by com-

mons, 140,
Galleon, from Manilla to Acapulco taken, 29.

Hancock, John, noticed, 68. Elected president e.
Gaudaloupe, isle of, capitulates, 345. Restored to Congress, go.
France, 33.

, general, noticed, 135.
Geary, admiral, captures a rich squadron, 167.

Hanover, invasion of, 305. Occupation of, 894. 323
Genoa, evacuated, 291.

Makes peace with France, 253.
Gentoos, distressed state of, 81,

Harcourt, earl of, appointed lord lieutenant, 81.
George III. king of England, accession to the throne,

lieutenant colonel, takes general Lee, 107.
1. First meets his council at Carlton-house; his Hardships of American campaign, 110.
declaration to them; subscribes instrument to Hardwicke, lord chancellor, noticed, 74.
maintain church of Scotland ; proclamation of; Hardy, Sir Charles, retires with his fleet, 147. Dies
adds dake of York, and earl of Bute to list of

privy counsellors, ib. Prorogues parliament; his Harkimer, general, assembles militia, 120. Killed, ib.
first speech to both houses of parliament ib. Pro- Harland, admiral, noticed, 137.
poses plan for securing independence of judges, 3. Harley, sheriff, wounded by London mob, 44.
His speech on closing parliament, 4. His sentiments Harrison, his invention of time piece, 20. Rewarded
on the proper use of conquests, 5. Exempt from by parliament for it, ib
personal or political prejudices, 13. His choice of Harvey, captain, poticed, 26. Destroys Flotilla, 356.
a consort, ib. Speech to parliament, 16. Message Haslei, colonel, killed, 109
to commons, announcing proposed nuptials of his Hastings, Warren, vote of censure on, 183. Burke's
sister princess Augusta with prince duke of Bruns- charge against him, 199. His trial, 203. Resumed,
wick, 44. Bestows 79,3001. French prize monies


Trial adjourned till next session, 238. And
in aid of the nation ; illness and recovery, 51. Insti. acquittal, 252.
tutes royal academy 69. His death, 393. Cha- Haiche, colonel, noticed, 105.
racter of his reign, ib.

Hausonville, Monsieur de, noticed, 301.
Germaine, lord George Sackville, appointed secretary

Havannah, armament against it, 26. Description of
for America, 97. His information to parliament, its harbour, ib. Sarrender of, 28. Immense booty
179. Created a peer, 180.

found there, ib.
German confederacy, sums voted for support of, 2.

Hawke, Sir Edward, removed, 79.
War debated on the, 14. Protested against, 19.

Harkers' tax, 197. Much relieved, 200.
Auxiliaries 237.

Hazkesbury, lord, signs preliminary treaty, ege.
Germany, campaign of, 4. Empress queen of, noticed, Hawkins, doctor, noticed, 44.

38. Emperor of, mediator for peace, 186. Emperor Heberden, doctor, noticed, 44.
of, his manfesto against France, 223. Makes Heister, general de, commander of Hessians in Ame-
peace with France, 317. Campaign in, 337.

rica, 105.
Gibraltar, its siege raised, 183. Completely re-

Helder, battle of the, 286.
lieved, ib.

Helvetic, republic, formed by France, 276.
Goddard, general, storms Ahmedabah, 165.

Hermione, Spanish register ship, captured, 28.
Gordon, lord George, president of the protestant as- Hertford, earl of, noticed, 59.

sociations, 15+. Presents petition tc house of com- Hessians, captured at Trenton, 108.
mons, ib.

Committed to the tower, 155. Tried for Herham, riot at, 3.
high treason, and acquitted, ib.

High bailiff of Westminster, his conduct in reasing
Goree restored to France, 33 Taken sog.

to return Fox, 193.
Gower, lord, noticed, 60. His charge against lord Hill, Thomas, his humanity, 18
Chatham, 127

-, general, his conduct, 352
Government of Canada, 212. Form of independent lord, noticed, 367.
American, 102. Attack upon it, 306.

Hillsborough, earl of, noticed, 4!. Appointed colonial
Grafton, duke of, resigued office, 59. Joins opposi. secretary, 65. His circular letter, 70.
tion, 95.

His Majesty George III. first speech to both houses
Graham, lieutenant general, his exploits, 351. Activity, of parliament, 2.
353. besieges St. Sebastian,"354.

Hoche, general, noticed, 253.
Granby, marquis of, reduces forts, in the neighbour. Hofer, the Tyrolese chief, his talents, 339.

hood of Fritzlar, 4. Recommende accommodation Holland, lord, creation of, 39.
with America, 126.

noticed, 52. Concludes alliance, offensive
Grant, captain, aoticea, 48.

and defeosive with France, 254. Made a republic,
, noticed, 105.

259. Declaresw ar against Britain, ib. Its apuexa
-, general, his expedition, 146.

tion to France, 316. Revolution in, 361. 'Treasy
Granville, lord, noticed, 42.

with, 368
Grattan, his address, 182.

Vote of money

to Holy Alliance, 378.
him, ib.

Honduras, right of cutting logwood ceded to England,
Grares, admiral, fleet of, 101.

33. Convention relative to, 200,
Greathead, Henry, rewarded for his invention of life Honours conferred on officers, 367
boat, 300,

Hood, adpiral, noticed, 75. Created an Irish peer,
Greenreich hospital, abuses, 141.

Greene, colonel, presented with a sword by congress, Hope, captain, noticed, 372.
118. Succeeds Gates, 170.

general, do. 333
Greogory, general, his brigade, 159.

Hopkins, commodore, blockaged by Englisa, 107
Grenada is'and of, its capture, 26. Taken, 258. Horner, noticed, 345.
Grenville, Mr. George noticed, 32. Ilis speech in Hornsby, president, vute of censure on, 199.
favour of taxing America, 57.

Horton, Mrs, poticed as marrying the duke of Can
bill for determining disputed elections, 75. berland, 81.
Received royal assent, ib.

Hoste, captain, his victory, 350.
-, lord, reply to Prince Regent, 393.

Hotham, commodore, sailing of his squadron, 146.
Grey, loid, do. 393.

His victory, 252.
Grey, major general, 135. His nickname, ib.

Houghton, general, his gallant death 352.
Grey, De, appointed lord-chief-justice, 72. Resigns | Howard, general, wounded, 179.
the bench, 155.

Howe, colonel, noticed, 27.
Guichen, count de, joins Spanish feet 178.

--, general, do, 89.
Guildhall, entertainment given to their majesties, 14.

Sir William, do. 100.
Gustavus, king of Sweden, expelled the throne, 339. -, general Robert, noticed, 136.

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Howe, lord, his victory, 948.

Jameson, liegt. colonel, receives Andre prisoner, 162.
Huger, general, left in command of American

army, Jay, ambassador from America, 251.
170. Wounded, 172.

Java, capture of, 360. Restoration of it, 393.
Hughes, Sir Edward, noticed, 177. Destroys shipping Jefferson, Thomas, noticed, 128,

of Hyder Ally, 178. Takes Tricomallee, 184. Jena, baill oi, 321.
Hull, general, bis surrender, 356.

Jenkinson, Charles, Esq. appointed lord of treasury;
Humbert, general, noticed, 274.

this talents, 65.
Hront, captain, noticed, 78.

venner, doctor, receives vo'o of parliament for his in-
member of parliament, expelled for pecu- valuable discovery of vaccination (or cow pox), 300.
lation, 345.

Jervis, Sir John, his victory; created a peer, 263.
Orator, noticed, 392. Found guilty, 391. John, (the painter) his plot, 112.
Huntingdon, earl of, leaves office, 74.

John, St. Island, ceded to Britain, 34.
Hutchinson, governor, noticed, 83.

Leaves America Johnson, Sir W. noticed, 49.
for England, 84.

---, Sir John, do, 119.
Hyde, lord, appointed chancellor of Lancester, 80. Johnstone, governor, named commissioner to America,
Hyder, Ally, noticed, 74. His character and conduct, 129. His attempts by private correspondence pre-
ib, defeated, 177. His death, 189.

judicial, 133.

--, commodore, his expedition, 177

Jointure granted to the queen, 10.

Jones, Paul, his conduct, 147. His nava, actions, ib

His surrender demanded as a pirate, 148.
Illegal meetings, 380.

Jourdan, noticed, 257.
Ilegality of general warrants, 44.

Jubilee of reign of king George III. observed, 341
Illness of king George the III. 51, 204.

Judges made independent, 3.
Illuminations on king's recovery, 205.

Jroies, rights of, in libel cases, 212,
Impeachment of Hastings, voted by house of com-

mons, 202. In parliament, whether affected by its

dissolution, 2212
Impey, Sir Elijab, chief.justice of India, proceedings

of, 166.
Impolitic proceedings in North Carolina, 157.

kalb, Baron de, general, noticed, 158
Income, national, 388. Relinquishment of, by minis.

Kearsley, George, printer of North Briton, 40
ters, 38.

Keating, colonel, noticed, 345.
Income, lax, 279. Repealed, 299.

Kempenfell, admiral, retreats, 178.
Independency of the judges secured, 3.

Keni, duke of, his marriage, 38). Death and cha-
India Company, Mir Cossin's attempt against, 53.

racter, 393.
Stock debates, 61. Indemnity bill of, 62. Scrutiny Keppel, major general, noticed, 26.
of its affairs, 63. Its proposals accepted, ib.

-, commodore, noticed, 26. Captures a fleet of
Petition parliament, 64. Restrained from in-

French merchantmen, 29.
creasing their dividend, ib. Act renewed, 65.

admiral, commands grand feet, 136. Takes
Extraordinary fall of stock, 73. Loan bill passed,

Wo French frigates, 137. Engages D'Orvilliers.
81. Traffic in appointments, 336.

His trial and acquittal, ib
India court of judicature, instituted in, 81. Successes

Kilwarden, lord, murder of, 304.
in, 177. Fox's bill, 191. Thrown out by the peers,

King George 111, his first speech, 3. Illness of, 51.
ib. Declaratory act, 203. State of, 209. War in,

Proceedings thereon ; recovery, ib. Substance of
Statement of its revenues, 219. Successful

his speech, 62. Reply to city remonstrance, 77.
war in, 309. War in, 318. Insurrection in, 326.

Royal conduct, ib. Reviews navy at Portsmouth,
hostilities in, 377. Affairs of, 380.

83. Speech to parliament, 179. Do. 193. Attempt
Indian affairs, 165, 166. 18!),

to assassinate him, 200. His humanity thereon, ib.
Indians, of America, cause of disturbances with, 47

Speech to both houses, 204. Indisposition, ib.
Commence hostilities, ib Treaty with, 49. Join

Recovery, 205. Returns thanks at St. Paul's cathe.
Bargoyne's army, 119. Their barbarities, ib.

dral, ib. Speech, 026. Message to commons on

mayed by Schuyler's account, 120.

Irench affairs, 230. Presents sword and medal to
Indies, West, proceedings in, 301.

earl Howe, 218. Transmits medals to flag officers
Indisposition of the king, 308.

and captains, ib. Speech, 252. Assaulted going to
Inferibility of the English Secretary Chatham, 11.

parliament, 255. His speech there, ib. Attempt
Influence, secret, alluded to, 52.

on his life, 289. Return of illness, 294. His regard
Inglefield, captain, noticed, 184.

to his coronation oath, 295. lpdisposition of, 308.
Inquiries, as to failure of negotiation, 12.

Speech, 313. Completes fifty years' reign, 341.
Insolvent act, 3. Repeal of compelling cause, 16.

Rejoicings in consequence, ib. Malady, 317. In.
Instructions to ambassador at Madrid, 19.

crease of it, 353. Change in the healtb of, 393.
Insurrection of royalists in Britany and Poitou, 210,

His death ard character, ib.
Intelligence of Burgoyne's defeat, 128.

King's Bench Prison burnt, 155.
Interference with affairs of Holland, 202.

Kingsborough, lord, set at liberty; Wexford delivered
Inundacions, remarkable, in consequence of heavy

to him, 273.
rains, 80.

Kinnon, general M', mortally wounded, 352
Invasion of England, 206.

Kniphausen, general, noticed, 107.
Ireland, advantageous acts in favour of, 87. Offers

Knor, colonel, noticed, 105.
to raise volunteer force, 97. Accepted and raised,

---, general, takes St. Vincent, 258.
147. Its trade relieved, 131. Affairs of, 189.
French attempt to invade, 258. Union with, pro-
posed, 279, proceedings thereon, ib. Martial law

in, 307. Bill respecting, 328. State of, 308.
Irish parliament make overtures, 65. Parliament Lake, lord, his services, 318

proceedings of, 238. Origin and progress of Re. Land Tas, reduced, 63 ; increasea, 78; redemption of
bellion, 269. Rebellion, objects of it, 274. Insur- 268
rection, close of it, 275. Militia service extended, | Langara, Don Juan, defeated and taken prisoner, 155.
398. Commercial propositions, 197.

Langdale, Mr. (distiller) house burnt by rioters, 155.
Irishmen, united societies of, 269.

Lauderdale, lord, proceeds to Paris to negotiate, 321.
Irnham, lord, noticed, 81.

Laudohn, marshal, noticed, 22.
Irwin, inventor of the marine chair, 20. Receives Laurens, lleory, elected president of congress, 118.
reward from parliament, ib.

His letter to the British commissioners, 132. Taken
Italy, campaign io, 284. Affairs of, 335.

prisoner, 165. Committed to tower for high trea.

--, lieut, colonel, remarkable situation of, 176.

Lauriston, colonel, arrives with treaty of peace, 298.

Laws of Militia amended, 20
Jackson, (spy) his employment by France, 269. Lee, colonel,"noticed, 25.
Jaffa, capture of, 480.

Mr. do. 91.
Jather, Mir, noticed, 53.

general, do. 92.
James II. king, noticed. Opinion of his abdication, Henry Richard first mover of American inde-

pendence, 100.


son, ib.

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