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By H. M. Riggle
Author of “Man, His Present and Future,”

The Sabbath and The Lord's Day,”
“Hell and Everlasting Punishment,

Christian Baptism,” etc.

Anderson, Indiana, U. S. A.


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Copyright, 1912,

Gospel Trumpet Company.


In presenting this work to the reading public, I think it proper to state that in its preparation I have not gleaned extensively from the archives of history, but have treated the subject more from a Scriptural than from a historical standpoint. There are other works that treat the subject historically, some presenting a narrative of the church, others a mere compilation of historical facts and evidences.

The author has endeavored to unfold some of the grandest and most beautiful truths contained in Holy Writ. Questions that are agitating the whole religious world have been treated. The church of God in all its magnificent splendor is portrayed in simple language. It is traced from its conception in the divine mind to its eternal home with God. Thus the reader is enabled to discern the church in its embryo state at the foundation of the world; to trace it through the four thousand years during which it was "a hidden mystery,” not made known to the sons of men,” except in the types and shadows of the law; to see it when, at the ad

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