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From age to age unchanging, still the same,

All good thou art :
Hallowed forever be thy reverend name

In every heart!

When the glad morn upon the hills was spread,

Thy smile was there:
Now, as the darkness gathers overhead,

We feel thy care.

Night spreads her shade upon another day

Forever past :
So o'er our faults, thy love, we humbly pray,

A veil may cast.

Silence and calm, o'er hearts by earth distrest,

Now sweetly steal :
So every fear that struggles in the breast

Shall faith conceal.

Thou, through the dark, wilt watch above our sleep

With eye of love; And thou wilt wake us when the sunbeams leap

The hills above.

Oh! may each heart its gratitude express

As life expands,
And find the triumph of its happiness

In thy commands!



COW, on sea and land descending,

Brings the night its peace profound : Let our vesper hymn be blending

With the holy calm around. Soon as dies the sunset glory,

Stars of heaven shine out above, Telling still the ancient story,

Their Creator's changeless love.

Now, our wants and burdens leaving

To His care who cares for all, Cease we fearing, cease we grieving;

At his touch our burdens fall.
As the darkness deepens o'er us,

Lo! eternal stars arise ;
Hope and Faith and Love rise glorious,

Shining in the Spirit's skies.

Samuel Longfellow.




PWARD, where the stars are

Silent, silent, in their turning Round the never-changing pole; Upward, where the sky is brightest; Upward, where the blue is lightest, —

Lift I now my longing soul.

Far above that arch of gladness,
Far beyond those clouds of sadness,

Are the many mansions fair:
Far from pain and sin and folly,
In that palace of the holy,

I would find my mansion there.

Where the glory brightly dwelleth;
Where the new song sweetly swelleth,

And the discord: never comes ;
Where life's stream is ever laving,
And the palm is ever waving, -

That must be the home of homes.

Blessing, honor, without measure,
Heavenly riches, earthly treasure,

Lay we at His blessed feet.
Poor the praise that now we render:
Loud shall be our voices yonder

When before his throne we meet.

Rev. H. Bonar.



ESUS, gentle shepherd, lead me

To the stream that softly flows; In thy pastures guide and feed me,

Where each lamb thy calling knows.

There no evil thing can find me;

I may lie upon thy breast :
There no crooked paths shall wind me;

All shall lead to peace and rest.

Jesus, gentle shepherd, hear me;

Come and call me one of thine : Let me walk henceforth so near thee, All thy footsteps shall be mine.

Agatha Ernesto TRUST


LL things that are on earth shall wholly pass

Except the love of God, which shall live and last

for aye.

The forms of men shall be as they had never

been; The blasted groves shall lose their fresh and ten

der green;

The birds of the thicket shall end their pleasant

song, And the nightingale shall cease to chant the even

ing long; The kine of the pasture shall feel the dart that

kills, And all the fair white flocks shall perish from the


The goat and antlered stag, the wolf and the

fox, The wild boar of the wood and the chamois of

the rocks,

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