Bibliography and Catalogue of the Fossil Vertebrata of North America

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1902 - 868 sider
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Side 110 - Explorations under the War Department. Explanations of a Second Edition of a Geological Map of Nebraska and Kansas, based upon Information obtained in an Expedition to the Black Hills, under the Command of Lieut. GK Warren.
Side 113 - XL 1844. Report on ichnolithology, or fossil footmarks, with a description of several new species, and the coprolites of birds, from the valley of Connecticut river, and of a supposed footmark from the valley of Hudson river.
Side 57 - On the Fishes of the Recent and Pliocene Lakes of the Western Part of the Great Basin, and of the Idaho Pliocene Lake.
Side 231 - On some of the Foramina at the base of the Skull in Mammalia, and on the Classification of the Order Carnívora.
Side 17 - Contribución al conocimiento de los mamíferos fósiles de la República Argentina.
Side 178 - A Manual of Palaeontology, for the Use of Students. With a General Introduction on the Principles of Palaeontology.
Side 117 - Remarks on the Dental System of the Mastodon, with an Account of some Lower Jaws in Mr. Koch's Collection, St. Louis, Missouri, where there is a Solitary Tusk on the Right Side, by William E. Horner, MD, Professor of Anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania," reported in favour of the publication, which was directed accordingly.
Side 20 - Mammals of North America; the descriptions of species based chiefly on the collections in the museum of the Smithsonian institution. • • • . With eighty-seven plates of original figures, illustrating the genera and species, and including details of external form and osteology.
Side 72 - Mégathérium , autre animal de la famille des Paresseux, mais de la taille du Rhinocéros, dont un squelette fossile, presque complet, est conservé au Cabinet d'histoire naturelle à Madrid.
Side 59 - On the contents of a bone cave in the island of Anguilla (West Indies), 27 pp., 1883 (Smithsonian Contributions, no.

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