Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Bind 18

Metcalf and Company, 1883
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Vol. 12 (from May 1876 to May 1877) includes: Researches in telephony / by A. Graham Bell.

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Side 453 - Origin and History of the English Language, and of the early literature it embodies. By the Hon. George P. Marsh, US Minister at Turin, Author of " Lectures on the English Language.
Side 421 - JOHNSON.— A REPORT TO THE NAVY DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES ON AMERICAN COALS : Applicable to Steam Navigation and to other purposes.
Side 447 - The Camel : His Organization, Habits and Uses, considered with reference to his introduction into the United States.
Side 429 - At the dinner of the alumni, he addressed them in a speech of half an hour. It was a wonderful specimen of eloquence. The old students beheld before them the same William B. Rogers who, thirty-five years before, had held them spell-bound in his class of natural philosophy ; and as the great orator warmed up, these men forgot their age ; they were again young, and showed their enthusiasm as wildly as when in days of yore, enraptured by his eloquence, they made the lecture-room of the University ring...
Side 434 - In this document we see more clearly the breadth, depth, and variety of Professor Rogers's scientific knowledge, and his large experience in college teaching and discipline.
Side 275 - May 9th, 1883. THE amount of nitrous acid contained in commercial samples of potassic and sodic nitrites has been commonly determined in the following manner. The nitrites are dissolved in slightly acidulated water ; a solution of potassic permanganate is added till the oxidation of the nitrous acid is nearly completed; the solution is then made strongly acid, and potassic permanganate added until the solution has a faint red color. This method is far from satisfactory, closely agreeing results being...
Side 450 - To the natural philosopher, the descriptive poet, the painter, and the sculptor, as well as to the common observer, the. power most important to cultivate, and, at the same time, hardest to acquire, is that of seeing what is before him.
Side 429 - His manner of presenting the commonest subject in science — clothing his thoughts, as he always did, with a marvelous fluency and clearness of expression and beauty of diction unsurpassed — caused the warmest admiration, and often aroused the excitable nature of Southern youth to the exhibition of enthusiastic demonstrations of approbation. Throughout Virginia — and, indeed, the entire South — his former students are scattered, who even now regard it as one of the highest privileges of their...
Side 320 - M ) when reduced to a common unit and compared inter se, will give the relations required. It is the experience of the writer that the microscope carriage can be brought into actual contact with the stops, by means of the rack and pinion movement, with greater certainty than it is possible to make a coincidence of the micrometer thread with the defining lines of the standard. The following test has been frequently tried, and always with the most conclusive results. With a quarter-inch objective,...
Side 428 - ... not occur on gentle waves, but in the most compressed flexures of the mountain chains, which in the act of moving have snapped or given way at the summit where the bend is sharpest, the less inclined side being shoved up on the plane of the fault, this plane being generally parallel to, if it does not coincide with, the axis plane ; and, further, that " the direction of these faults generally follows the run of the line of elevation of the mountains, the length and vertical displacement depending...

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