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AN ARTICLE FROM DR. ROBINSON. We have received a highly interesting article from Professor Robinson, prepared for the Řepository, on the Dead Sea, and the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.” It came to hand too late for insertion in the present No., and will appear in our next. Dr. Robinson is now in Berlin, where he has been for several months past, diligently engaged in the preparation of his work on Palestine; the MS. of which was nearly completed, July 24. The London edition will probably be published in course of the coming winter. It will be accompanied by a new and complete map of the Holy Land, corrected from the notes of Dr. Robinson and Mr. Smith, by Prof. Berghaus, Foreign Hon. Member of the Royal Geographical Society of London, who is perhaps the most distinguished map-maker in the world.-In an article, extracted from the “London Geographi. cal Journal," which has just reached us, Prof. Berghaus remarks. “In the course of my life I have had in my hands many documents in reference to geographical, and especially cartographical objects, and from them have acquired the conviction that, among

all oriental travellers since the time of Niebuhr, the prize is due to the late lamented Burckhardt, so far as it respects minute attention, even to things apparently indifferent, and also accuracy in the measurement of bearings and angles, and in the specification of time for the determination of distances.

“ This view, however, I must now essentially modify, after having carefully examined the Journals of Messrs. Robinson and Smith. The observations of these two travellers are so full and comprehensive, their notes upon the form and the features of the country so exact and definite, that the geographer is in a situation, on the basis of these specifications, to construct a special map of the territory, which may perhaps leave little more to be desired.”

DR. NORDHEIMER'S CONCORDANCE. Dr. Nordheimer and Mr. W. W. Turner have issued proposals for publishing by subscription a Complete Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance of the Old Testament, with an Introduction and Appendices. It will embody all that is essential in the Concordance of Dr. Fürst, (which is now in the course of publication in Germany,) and will doubtless surpass all works of the kind within the reach of American scholars generally. It will be issued in seven parts, at one dollar each, making the price of the whole work to subscribers $7. Five hundred subscribers are required to authorize the undertaking.





tionalism ? 236. Its open com-
Adams, Hon. John Quincy, his Jubilee munion 237; freedom of inter-

of the Constitution, noticed 254. course with other churches 239.
Algic Researches, by Schoolcraft, no- Friendly to independent Biblical
ticed 252.

study 241.
America, Ante-Columbian History of, Baird, Rev. Robert, remarks on French

Preaching 332.
Annals of Yale College, noticed 494.

Bible Dictionary, The Union, noticed
Ante-Columbian History of America


Bible, the, Obligations of the world to,
Animal Mechanism, noticed 503.

noticed 493.
Anthon's Series of Classical Works, Biblical Criticisms and Remarks 480.
noticed 249.

Born of God" and " Born again,"
Articulale Sounds, the Natural Sig.

as used in the New Testament,
nificancy of, 166. The import of

explained 183. “Born again,"
a variety of vowel-sounds 168. better expressed by the term
Semi-vowels 169. Liquid conso-

generated ” 185. Several passa-
nants 170. Nasals, dentals and ges explained 186. A translation

of our Saviour's conversation with
palatals 171. Lingual and labial
mules-mixed consonants 172.

Nicodemus 189.
Consonants in combination 173.

Bride of Fort Edward, noticed 501.
Atheism, Historical Sketch of, 320. Brown, Rev. John, D. D. on the Law
Ancient idolaters Atheists 321.

of Christ respecting Civil obedience,
Ancient philosophical sects 322.

especially in the payment of tribute,

noticed 497.
The Anaximandrian, and Eleatic
323. The Stratonic 324. Other Bunyan, John, the Life and Times of,

noticed 255.
atheists, general remarks 325. Athe-
ism in Italy 326, in Holland and Bush, Rev. George, his Hebrew Gram-

mar noticed 244.
England 327, in France and Ameri-
ca,—the forms of Atheism in mod-
ern times 329. Moral results 331.

Atonement and Sacrifice, Magee on,

Cause and Effect, an Essay on, in
noticed 486.

connexion with the doctrines of Fa.

talism and Free Agency 381. The
Audebez, Rev. J. J. Sermons of, 332.

axiom that every change implies an

adequate cause misapplied 382.
Bacon's Historical Discou es, Re-

The word “

explained 382.
view of 217. Written in the true

Generic cause, occasional cause and
spirit of history 219. Its publica-

producing cause 383. Is the above
tion well timed 220. Historic axiom true in respect to mind 385.
truth rarely attained 221. Sug-

Different classes of mental acts 385.
gestions on the manner of study. Fatalism 386. Free Agency 387.
ing history 222. Characteristics How to distinguish between produc-
of the Puritans 225. Their lite. ing and occasional causes 388.
rary merils 228. John Davenport Priestley's doctrine of fatalism 389,
229. The principles of Congre- explained 390, its sophistry 392.
gationalism explained and defend- The theory of Phrenologists 392.
ed 230. The Brownists 232. Rob-

Reasoning in a circle 395. Fatal-
inson and the Congregation at ism consists in maintaining that mo-
Leyden 234. What is Congrega- tive is a producing cause of volition


396. The power of opposite or tion of Gesenius' Hebrew Gram-
contrary choice an intuitive truth mar, noticed-244.
397. Why then is it so often denied Condensed Commentary, noticed 495.
in theory 399. Causes of embar. Contributions to Ecclesiastical history,
rassment and perplexity 400. Some noticed 490.
general laws of mind stated 402. Controversy, Religious, the cessation
Want of accurate analysis 404. Am- of controversy desirable 292. Pre-
biguity of language 405. Questions cepts and examples of Scripture
proposed 408.

293. The propriety of controver.
Chapin, Rev. A. B. on the Ante-Co- sy limited 294. The legitimate
lumbian History of America, the

field of debate 295. The points of
Dighton Rock, etc. 191.

controversy usually unimportant
Christian Perfection, Review of 143.

296. Controversy, in most cases,
The Christian Philanthropist, noticed

fails to convince opponents 297, is

adverse to piety 298—is often used
Christ's Kingdom, the Duration of, (an

as a vehicle of slander 300, is often
Exposition of 1 Cor. 15: 24—28.)

pursued merely for victory 302,

furnishes occasions against reli-
439. The design of the Apostle

gion 304. A better way 306.
439. What is intended by Christ's
delivering up the kingdom to the Cowper's Poetry and Letters, General

remarks on the usefulness of poetry
Father 441. A principal objection

449. A Bible view of the subject
444. Inferences 445.

Church, the, of God, its nature and

A controversy with Dogmati-
constitution 308. Note by the editor

cus 454. The poetry of the Bible
309. The church of God one and

455. Poetry perverted 456. Cox-
visible 310. Ils transmission and

per's talents wisely improved 457,
perpetuity 313, by hereditary de-

His boyhood 460. The character
scent 313, by voluntary assump-

istics of his productions 460. Thes
tion of church engagements 315.

present reputation 461. His Les-
Qualifications of church members

ters 462. How collected 464. Hs
316. The rule by which an indi-

piety 466. A trial of feeling 467.
vidual should iry himself 316, by

American taste 468. A notice of
which the church should judge

Cowper's works 469. Cowper corze

pared with Pope, etc. 471. Coo-
Civil Obedience, the Law of Christ re-

trasted with Byron 474.
specting, noticed 497.

Cox, Rev. Samuel H., D. D. on the
Classical Works, series of, by Profes- phrases "Born of God," and "Bura
sur Anthon, noticed 249.

again," as used in the New Testa-
Cobbin, Rev. Ingram, His Condensed ment 183.
Commentary, noticed 495,

Critical Notices 244, 486.
Cogswell, Rev. William, D. D. his Criticisms, Biblical, Remarks and, 480.

Christian Philanthropist, noticed

Communion Sacramental 1. Acred-

ible profession only necessary 2. Dictionary, the Union Bible, noticed
Design of the Lord's Supper 3. 489.
Duty of Christians to partake of Dighton Rock, Inscriptions on the, 191,
it 5. Injunctions of the Apostles

Remarks on the various copies of
respecting it 7. Perfect approval these inscriptions 192.

of each other in all things not re- agreement 193. Meaning of the
quired as a ground of commun- characters 194. Mr. Schoolcraft's
ion 9. The right way to testify objections answered 195.
against sin 10. Are slave-holders Discriminative Preaching, 129.

excluded from communion 11. Duration of Christ's Kingdom, 439.
Conant, Professor T. J.-his transla- Duties of a Thcologian, 347.


Griffin, Rev. Edward D., D. D. Ser.
Ecclesiastical History, Contribution mons and Memoir of, noticed 250.

to, noticed 490.
Edwards, Rev. Professor B B. and

E. A. Park, their selections from Handbuch der neuesten theologischen
German Literature 198.

Leteratur by Fuhrmann, 487.
Edwards on the Will, Tappan's Re- Hare, Rev. W. A., Sermons of, no-
view of, noticed 257.

ticed 251.
Egypt, Greece and, the origin of Harper's Family Library, 503.
writing in, 71.

Hawks, Rev. Francis L., D. D. His
Europe, Recent publications in 259. Contributions to Ecclesiastical His-
Evidence of Testimony 14.

tory, noticed 490,

Hebrew Grammar, by George Bush,

noticed 244.
Fatalism and Free Agency 381. Hebrew Grammar by Gesenius, trans-
Foreign Standard Literature, speci- lated by Prof. Conant, noticed 244.

mens of, by George Ripley, noticed Helsfenstein, Rev. Samuel Jr. on the

Church of God 308.
Forty, the number, a peculiar use of, Henry, Rev. C. S., D. D. His Dis-

courses and Essays appended to
French Preaching, Remarks on, 332. Whewell on the Foundation of Mor-

Protestant authors of sermons 333. als, noticed 245.
Their sermons short 334. Simplici-
ty of style 335.
Onction 335, are

generally Biblical 337. Sketch of Jewish Schools in Palestine 269.
M. Audebez 338. Statement of Jewish Schools in Babylonia 275,
his conversion 339. Catalogue of Jews, the, their condition and belief
his works 344.

at the time of the coming of Christ.
Fuhrmann, W. D. His Manual of re-

Jost's General History of the Jews
cent theological literature, 487.

173. The Jews at that time divi.

ded into three parties 175. One

party adhered to their schools
General Assembly, the, of the Presby- 175. Another party expected a

terian Church, the case of, 499. full restoration of the Jewish
German Literature, Selections from, Commonwealth 177 A third par-

Review of 198. The work highly ly earnestly sought a general re-
commended 199. The Selections formtion of morals 178 The
from Tholuck, Neander, Koster, facts exbibited in this bistory mer-
and others, characterized 201.

it particular altention 181.
Passages in Tholuck's preaching Jubilee of the Constitution, by J. Q.
204. Peculiarities in the style of Adams, noticed 254.
preaching 207. A biographical
sketch of Tholuck 208 Doctrine

of the resurrection, by Rückert
210. Remarks on the same. 211 Law of Christ, the, Respecting Civil
The life of Plato by Tennemann-

Obedience, noticed 497.
the sinless character of Jesus, by Lectures to Young Men, by Dr. Spring,
Ulmann 214 Reinasks on the noticed 493.

manner of these translations 216. Literary and Miscellaneous Intelli-
Gibbs, Professor Josiah W., on the

natural significancy of articulate
sounds 166. Biblical Criticisms Magee, Rev. W., D. D. His work
and Remarks 480.

on Atonement and Sacrifice, 486.
Greece and Egypt, the origin of writ- Mahan, Rev Asa. Review of his
ing in, 71.

work on Christian Perfection 143.

gence 259, 506


Mayer, Rev. Lewis, D. D., on the state of perfect and perpetual boli.
Wine Question 408.

ness in this life 162.
Metropolitan Pulpit, the, noticed 254. Philip, Robert, D. D., his life and times
Mental Philosophy, a Critical Exposi- of Bunyan, noticed 255.

tion of, by Sawyer, noticed 255. Philosophy, Mental, by Sawyer, 255.
Mental Philosophy, Elements of, by Philosophy, Mental, by Uphan, 496.
Prof. Upham, noticed 496.

Poetry and Letters, Cooper's 449
Miscellaneous Intelligence 259, 506. Poetical Works of Robert Southey. 491.
Misapprehensions of the common Enge Poets of America, the, noticed 505

lish version of the Bible 483. Pond, Rev. E., D. D. on Evidence of
Murdock, Rev. James D. D. his trans- Testimony 14, on Atheism 320.

lation of a chapter of Jost's history Porter, Reo. Noah, D. D. on Sacra-
of the Jews 174.

mental Communion I.
Murray, C Augustus, Travels, 502. Porter Rev. Noah Jr. his review of
McDonner, noticed 504.

Bacon's Historical Discourses 217.

Preaching, discriminatre, 129. Hor

to effect a right division of the word
Natural Significancy of Articulate of truth 129. Difficulties in tbe
Sounds 166.

way 131. Such a division indis-
New Publications, list of, 258, 505. pensable to extended usefulness 134.
Nord.heimer, Prof. I. on the Talmud Necessity of enlarged and accurate
and the Rabbies 261.

knowledge 137; a liberalized mind
Normal Schools and Teacher's Semi- 138; a knowledge of men 139, and
naries 90.

moral courage 140.
North America, Travels in, 502. Preaching, French, remarks on, 332.

Presbyterian Controversy, notice of

the 259,
Obedience, Civil, the Law of Christ Presbytrian Church, Case of, 499.

respecting 497.
Obligations of the World to the Bible,

noticed 493.

Question, the Wine, 408.
Origin of Writing in Greece and
Egypt, the, 71.


Rabbies, the Talmud and, 261.

Rcligious Controversy 292.
Park, Red. Professor E. A., and, B. B. Review of Bacon's Historical Dis-
Edwarols their selections from Ger-

courses 217.
man Literature reviewed 198,-on Review of Mahan on Christian Pa.
the duties of a Theologian 347.

fection 143.
Parker, Reo. T., on the origin of writ- Review of Selections from German Lit-
ing in Greece and Egypt, 71.

erature 198.
Perfection, Christian, Review of Richardson, Charles, his new Diction-

President Mahan on, 143. The
question not fairly stated. 143. Ripley, George, his specimens of fer-

ary of the English language 166.
The distinction between attain-
ableness and actual attainment Robbins, Rev. Royal, on Religious

eign standard literature, 247.
144. Mr. Mahan's experience
not in point 146. His arguments

Controversy 292
considered 150. General remarks
156. Other arguments of Mr. M.

examined 158. One or two things Sacramental Communion 1.
which call for reprehension 161. Sawyer, Rev. Leicester A., Mental
Considerations in support of the Philosophy by, noticed 255.
doctrine that none ever reach a Sandwieh Islands Missions, 501.

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