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Lately published, and for sale

by S. ETHERIDGE, Charlestown,

A neat and correct edition of Brown's Concordance, on a fine wove paper. A superior edition of the New Testament, on a large and fair type, and well bound, for the use of schools; proper for charitable distribution, in the frontier settlements.

An elegant pocket edition of Watts' Psalms and Hymns.

Memoirs of eminently Pious Women, abridged, from the large work of Dr. Gibbons, London, by Daniel Dana, A. M.

Discourses to the Aged, on a variety of interesting religious subjects, by Job Orton.

Beauties of Nature Delineated; or, philosophical and pious contemplations on the Works of Nature, and the Seasons of the year. Selected from Sturm's Reflections, by the Rev. T. M. Harris. Extract from the Preface. The selection here offered to the Public, is made from Sturm's "Reflections, on the works of GoD and his Providence, throughout all nature, for every day in the year." Copious testimonials in favour of that work might have been extracted from foreign Journals and Reviews; but it will be sufficient to observe that its merit, and the high opinion which has been entertained of it, are sufficiently evinced in the numerous and large editions through which it has passed in the original German and in most of the languages of Europe. Though the English translation is inaccurate, inelegant, and frequently ungrammatical, it has been well received and frequently reprinted. So interesting, entertaining, and instructive was the matter and the sentiment, that the manner and the style was but little regarded.

To every reflecting, serious person, this little volume will prove a valuable acquisition. It is eminently calculated to give enlarged conceptions of the works of Creation; and, by an easy transition, to lead the thoughts" from Nature up to Nature's GoD." It is particularly useful to young persons whom it will furnish with a just and rational knowledge of the various phenomena of nature, and the admirable economy of the system to which they belong assisting them in the wisest reflections upon every thing around them, and inspiring them with the most exalted sentiments of the SUPREME BEING, all whose works proclaim and praise him.


"Who can this field of miracles survey,

"And not with Galen all in rapture say,
"Bebold a God ! adore him and obey."

The Holy Bible abridged; or, the History of the Old and New TestaA Token for Children; being an exact account of the conversion, and holy and exemplary lives, and joyful deaths of several young children, by Rev. James Janeway. Dr. Watts' plain and easy Catechisms, for children; to which is added, the shorter Catechism, &c. Dr. Watts Divine and Moral Songs, for children.

Said E. also keeps constantly for sale, a large assortment of Cheap Religious Tracts, designed to furnish those persons who are in the practice of doing good by dispersing useful books among the poor, with a variety of the best kind, on the most reasonable terms.

Books in the various branches of science; Bibles of various kinds, large. and small; Testaments, Psalters, Spelling, Reading, and Psalm Books; Children's Books, &c. with a variety of Stationary.

• Translated into English from the German, by a lady, in 3 vols. 12mo.

+ Since a new translation, abridged, has been published by Hemet. 1798, in a 12mo. volume of 448 pages. And a little volume has appeared, called "The Beauties of Sturm, by Eliza Andrews. These the Editor has lately seen: but they could neither assist nor sue persede the present work.

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