The Flavor of Orchids

AuthorHouse, 2002 - 208 sider
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How delicate a blossoming flower is? Flower as life, is perishable, breakable as egg... How fragile is life you hold in your palm? I guess, you don't even know, till it slides away from your reach... Oh Life! How vulnerable, important, and suddenly we lose it... May our hearts grow into infinite love, to be shared among all... 'Same as Diana did.'Flowers of Love is breathtaking, brilliantly crafted with evocative images and wisdom from beyond... It brings healing power to all hearts... Dedicated to the over: 100,000,000 (Million), lovers and friends of 'Princess Diana' around the world...Who brought her Flowers in tears of love... Forget not her tragedy! 'Soon!' Let's all take the next step into goodness, where Diana left her indelible last footsteps at 36... Find this book, read it... Tell a friend to tell a friend... 'A service to humanity...' Elimination of Deadly Land Mines... 'Project Diana started' Same we must complete... Oh! Friends! Lovers! Admirers and all... Please enjoy this priceless gem... '36 Treasures to the world.'

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