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SUPPOSE a few Old Chester house- of much gentility. Probably her grandkeepers did know the meaning of the mother didn't have servants.”

” phrase "domestic problem”; but if so, With this standard of “gentility” was they didn't talk about it. An allusion a patriarchal sense of responsibility for to anything so personal as your kitchen the woman in the kitchen. A real Old was thought, in Old Chester, to be in- Chester housekeeper (not one of the new decorous. And as for changing servants people, of course) concerned herself anxfrequently, that was vulgar!... "There iously, and sometimes prayerfully, about must be something peculiar about Mrs. the manners and morals of her domesSo-and-so, she has had three different tics. ... I wonder, do our daughters girls in a year.” “You don't say so! pray for their cooks? Well, they might Well, I have never thought her a person do worse! . . . But imagine saying, in

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these days-as Old Chester housekeep- darkness for the bell, dangling from its ers used to say—“Your hat is too showy, socket on a rusty wire. She pulled it; Mary; it is not suitable to your station. waited; pulled again; heard a faint And also I must tell you that no respect- jangle far back in the sleeping houseable young woman is seen on the streets and pulled once more. Van Horn, on after dark without a male companion, the third floor, got out of bed, and still who is, of course, a worthy young man half asleep, came clumping down stairs; of whom her parents approve. There when, holding his candle above his head, fore, if you are alone, you must return, he blinked out into the wet darkness, he on your evenings out, by eight o'clock said, briefly, “I swan!” The girl's face, in summer, and half-past seven in the which had been rosy with the driving winter months. These are my rules." rain, was whitening with exhaustion; her

But all that is in the dim past; this shawl, pinned under her chin, was dripstory of the Eliots' Katy is just a ping wet, and some locks of hair were memory of Old Chester's peace in days plastered across her forehead. “Who when, between mistress and maid, the are you?” said Van Horn. incredible simplicity of loyalty and “I'm Katy McGrath, sir. I'm lookin' human kindness, of conscience and dig- for work." nity and responsibility, worked!-and “At this time of night?” said Van only the new people, who certainly Horn; "where did you come from?” never prayed for their "girls," had “Mercer; if you please, sir." domestic problems.

“Mercer! Young woman, you ain't It was one of these “new” people walked that distance?” Ruth Eliot, who took into her household “Yes, if you please, sir.” a young English woman, who was prac- “A girl, traipsing the road!” He tically a vagrant. The Eliots (though paused and rubbed one big bare foot Unitarians) were nice enough; in fact, over the other. “Well," he said, sharply, his father had been born in Old Chester; "I can't stand here and freeze. Step in. but she was a New Yorker, "and you For a minute.' know what that means!" said Old Ches- She stepped in, then said faintly, ter. It explained, we thought, why she “May I sit me down, sir? Me legs is employed a girl who had no reference- givin' way.”

givin' way." She was really crumpling except the hesitating approval of Mrs. up with fatigue, and Van Horn, putting Van Horn, the landlady at the Tavern. out a steadying hand, guided her into the

The woman had arrived in Old Ches- hall, where she sank down on the lowest ter one November night at about step of the staircase. half-past ten, on foot, in the rain. She “Well, I swan!” the landlord said had no umbrella-she couldn't have car- again; then called: "Hey! Mother! ried it if she had, for she was lugging a Lookee here: a young miss." big bundle wrapped in shiny black oil- Mrs. Van Horn, in curl papers and a cloth, and the strings cut deep into first wadded bed jacket, had been hanging one stout hand, and then into the other. over the banisters, listening; she came She had a shawl over her head, and hob- now, ponderously, down stairs. She nail shoes on her feet. When she reached paused on the step above the sagging the Tavern, the Van Horns, behind the figure, and looked at the shawled head, solid wooden shutters, had been sound drooping against the banisters. “What's asleep for an hour or two. Not a pin this? What's this?” she demanded. point of light could be seen, but some- "I don't know," said her husband; how she seemed to know that it was a "look at her! Sopping." public house; perhaps the creaking of the "Joshua," said Mrs. Van Horn, “this old sign, swaying in the rain, informed is no place for you. I'll see to her!” her. At the door she fumbled in the “I wouldn't be too hard on her," old


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Van Horn said, uneasily; "even if she me? I don't want it dripping all over
is a traipser, don't turn her out in the the floor! Sit down."

The girl silently did as she was bid, "Mr. Van Horn,” said his wife, “I but she watched Mrs. Van Horn, going don't need to be told by a man in his in and out of the pantry, with eager eyes, night shirt, how to treat a young woman and when food was placed before her, of this sort. Go on up to your bed. fell on it, stuffing it into her mouth and Put down the candle! Do you think I straining to swallow it with the stranwant to be left in the dark with her? gling hunger of fatigue. Mrs. Van Horn, She may try to murder me! Girl, are looking at her, suddenly turned and you hungry?”

went puffing upstairs; when she came “Yes, mum; but don't you give me back (calling over her shoulder, “No, a thought, mum. If I might just sit Mr. Van Horn! It's no place for you. 'ere

Stay where you are") she brought with “And walk off with the teaspoons, I her a fat black bottle. She poured a suppose, before we are up in the morn- good two fingers of whisky into a tuming?" said Mrs. Van Horn. “Follow bler, and held it out to the girl: “Take me!" she commanded, and, candle in it.” Katy took it, her teeth clicking hand, strode along the hall to the against the glass held in both shaking kitchen, leaving her husband to climb hands. She ate every crumb of food, upstairs as well as he could in the dark. even running the blade of her knife Katy, her knees bending under her, round her plate and closing her lips on picked up the bundle and followed in it, so that nothing should escape her. the wake of the waddling, kindly figure. Watching her, Mrs. Van Horn said, In the kitchen, the candle flickering be- slowly, “A girl, traipsing the public road tween them on the table, came more at this time of night! Well, I wasn't orders, always in a terrible voice: “Put born yesterday. I know what that that bundle in the sink! Do you hear means. ... You can stay the rest of

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DECEMBER, 1923–MAY, 1924

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"The Foolish Jellyfish and the Rude HerGamaliel Bradford 583, 734

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701 Illustrated with Portraits and an Aquatint

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man; illustrations by A. B. Walker... 845 Samuel Taylor Moore 826

Editor's Easy Chair Edward S. Martin Between the Lines Lilian Lauferty 227

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133 Building an American Cathedral

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Letters from America

Manual of the New Mentality, A
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