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and to live long enough to rival Lope “ de Vega, or Calderon. I have two sub

jects that I think of writing on, - Miss « Lee's German tale · Kruitzner,' and Pau66 sanias.

“ What do you think of Pausanias? The “ unities can be strictly preserved, almost “ without deviating from history. The tem

ple where he took refuge, and from whose

sanctuary he was forced without profaning “ it, will furnish complete unities of time and


66 No event in ancient times ever struck

me as more noble and dramatic than the

“ death of Demosthenes. You remember his “ last words to Archias ?-But subjects are “ not wanting."

I told Lord Byron, that I had had a letter from Procter*, and that he had been jeered on “The Duke of Mirandola' not having been included in his (Lord B.'s) enumeration of the dramatic pieces of the day; and that he had added, he had been at Harrow with him.

Ay,” said Lord Byron, “ I remember " the name: he was in the lower school, in “ such a class. They stood Farrer, Procter,


I have no doubt Lord Byron could have gone through all the names, such was his memory. He immediately sat down, and very good-naturedly gave me the following note to send to Barry Cornwall, which shews

* Barry Cornwall.

that the arguments of the Reviewers had not changed his Unitarian opinions, as he called them):

“ Had I been aware of your tragedy when “I wrote my note to Marino Faliero, '

although it is a matter of no consequence “ to you, I should certainly not have omitted to insert


name with those of the other 56 writers who still do honour to the drama.


“ My own notions on the subject altoge“ther are so different from the popular “ ideas of the day, that'we differ essentially,

as indeed I do from our whole English literati, upon that topic. But I do not “contend that I am right - I merely say “ that such is my opinion ; and as it is a

solitary one, it can do no great harm. But “ it does not prevent me from doing justice “to the powers of those who adopt a diffe“ rent system.”

I introduced the subject of Cain :

“ When I was a boy,” said he, “ I studied “ German, which I have now entirely for

gotten. It was very little I ever knew of “it. Abel was one of the first books my “ German master read to me; and whilst he

was crying his eyes out over its pages, I thought that any other than Cain had

hardly committed a crime in ridding the “ world of so dull a fellow as Gessner made 66 brother Abel.


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I always thought Cain a fine subject, “ and when I took it up I determined to “ treat it strictly after the Mosaic account.

“I therefore made the snake a snake, and “ took a bishop for my interpreter.

“ I had once an idea of following the “ Arminian Scriptures, and making Cain's “crime proceed from jealousy, and love of - his uterine sister ; but, though a

probable cause of dispute, I abandoned “ it as unorthodox.


“ One mistake crept in,-Abel's should “ have been made the first sacrifice: and “it is singular that the first form of reli

gious worship should have induced the “ first murder.


“ Hobhouse has denounced Cain' irreligious, and has penned me a most

furious epistle, urging me not to publish “ it, as I value my reputation or his friend

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