The Dark Ages

Blackwood, 1904 - 361 sider

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Side ii - Europe as being, for intellectual and spiritual purposes, one great confederation, bound to a joint action and working to a common result...
Side 73 - Francorum Faro ubi erat princeps Instinctu Dei transeunt per urbem Meldorum Ne interficiantur a rege Francorum.
Side 17 - Methinks we should not so soon yield our consents captive to the authority of antiquity, unless we saw more reason ; all our understandings are not to be built by the square of Greece and Italy. We are the children of nature as well as they ; we are not so placed out of the way of judgement, but that the same sun of discretion shineth upon us ; we have our portion of the same virtues as well as of the same vices : Et Catilinam quocunque in populo videas, quocunque sub axe.
Side 224 - die illi nunc de me corde fideli Tantundem liebes, veniat quantum modo loub{es,) Et volucrum wunna quot sint, tot die sibi m(mnz,) Graminis et florum quantum sit, die et honor{um...
Side 17 - Longobards, whose coming down like an inundation overwhelmed, as they say, all the glory of learning in Europe, have yet left us still their laws and customs, as the originals of most of the provincial constitutions of Christendom ; which well considered with their other courses of government, may serve to clear them from this imputation of ignorance.
Side 336 - KING ARTHUR was at Caerlleon upon Usk; and one day he sat in his chamber; and with him were Owain the son of Urien, and Kynon the son of Clydno, and Kai the son of Kyner; and Gwenhwyvar and her hand-maidens at needlework by the window. And if it should be said that there was a porter at Arthur's palace, there was none.
Side 336 - King Arthur was at Caerleon upon Usk; and one day he sat in his chamber, and with him were Owain the son of Urien, and Kynon the son of Clydno, and Kay the son of Kyner, and Guenever and her handmaidens at needlework by the window.
Side 107 - A man to join himself with th' Universe In his main sway, and make in all things fit One with that All, and go on, round as it; Not plucking from the whole his wretched part, And into straits, or into nought revert, Wishing the complete Universe might be Subject to such a rag of it as he...
Side 335 - four branches"), are in the strictest sense of the word included in the term mabinogion. Although some modern authors follow Lady Charlotte Guest in explaining this word as meaning "a collection of tales for the young...
Side 227 - Ita quod dicere possunt cum Wade : Summe sende ylues and summe sende nadderes : Summe sende nikeres the bi den watere wunien Nister man nenne bute Ildebrand onne.

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