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thee mad1." And, as if this was not sufficient, he was also a Roman citizen, not by purchase, but in the most honourable way, by birthright. Thus respect, at once, and protection, were provided for the future minister of Jesus, for the future apostle of the gentiles; inasmuch as the Roman citizen claimed and found in his high privileges both respect and protection. Gamaliel little thought that he was giving polish and temper to the sword, destined to pierce his own armour; and adding weight and keenness to the axe which was to be laid at the root of his own faith he no more imagined that he was educating the youth, who should become the champion of the cross, and contribute essentially to supersede Judaism, and overthrow idolatry, than the daughter of Pharaoh thought that she was fostering the child, who should release Israel from the tyranny of Egypt.

But lastly, we may derive, from this history, the assurance, that all secondary

1 Acts xxvi. 24.

causes are absolutely and entirely under the control of Him who sitteth in the heavens; that there is not only a general providence which upholds and governs the universe, but also a particular providence, which, however extraordinary or incomprehensible it may appear to our limited faculties, directs, controls, and superintends every circumstance in our lives, every thing in the world around us. It is a confidence that, in the fullest and most extensive sense of the expression "the Lord God omnipotent reigneth." And what a powerful support is this assurance in all the dangers and difficulties of human life! What an inexhaustible source of consolation in all its troubles and afflictions, and sorrows, to think, and believe, and know undoubtingly, that the God who suggested to the mother the mode of preserving the life of her child-the God who guarded his infant helplessness, when floating unconsciously upon the waters of the river-the God who directed Pharaoh's daughter to the spot, and melted her heart to charity that the God of Abraham, and

Isaac, and Jacob, and Moses, is also our God, and that his hand is effectually, though not often visibly extended for our protection as it was for theirs?

What are we all-the meanest as well as the highest, the lowest as well as the most exalted but instruments in his hand; instruments prepared for a particular purpose, adapted to a particular work? And we may rest assured that, until this work be done, until this purpose be accomplished, not all the might of Pharaoh, not all the power of Egypt, not all the malice of Satan himself, can destroy us; not even a hair of our head can fall to the ground without the permission of our heavenly Father. The events which happen to us may not indeed be pleasant; neither may we be able to discover their influence upon our future welfare or utility: we cannot walk with him upon the sea, nor follow his footsteps in the deep waters we cannot look through the clouds that envelop futurity: we cannot even trace with accuracy the past: yet we are


assured that "all things work together for our good."

And oh! if we could but see this more clearly, and feel it more deeply, and understand it more thoroughly, and believe it more fervently; what burdens of grief would be shaken from the mind! What mountains of anxiety would be removed from the heart, when knowing and feeling that God cared for us, we might be prepared to cast all its care unreservedly upon him! Why do we grieve for the disappointments of life, but because our faith is not yet perfect? Why do we faint under its distresses, but because our faith is not yet perfect? Why do we sorrow for hopes destroyed, for prospects blighted, for friends departed, for all the calamities and bereavements of life, but because our faith is not yet perfect? If we only knew the unspeakable blessedness of a heart fully and entirely stayed on God, our constant prayer would be," Lord increase our faith."

To those among you who are young;

by whom the busy and toilsome path of life has not yet been trodden; who have not tasted of the cup of its enchantments, or have not yet discovered its bitterness; to you I would address a few words, in concluding this subject.

You have been taught to believe in one God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth; and in Jesus Christ, his only Son, who hath reconciled this God unto you. You have been taught to consider him as your Father which is in heaven; to worship him; to pray to him. But do you clearly perceive what this means? Do you sufficiently comprehend all that you owe to him, as the maker and ruler of heaven and earth; and all that you expect from him, as your Father which is in heaven? Do you understand and feel all that he has done for you, all that he is now doing, all that he is still prepared to do? You were once, like Moses, encompassed with the perils of infancy, though not in the same degree, and from these perils He has, in mercy and in goodness, preserved you. You can see in others

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