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[blocks in formation]

Come, thy foot should ne'er be weary

Never tired thy wakeful eye,
Earth should ne'er seem dark or dreary,

When the morning gilds the sky.
Birds shall plume their wings beside thee,

Gaily warbling over head;
Sunbeams through the green leaves guide thee,
Where thy steps may safely tread.

Tra, la, la.

[blocks in formation]

Andante.......from “ First Symphony"......Haydn.

Chorus....with Orchestral accompaniments....Bishop.

Soprano Solos-J. F. DUTHIE.


Now tramp, now tramp, o'er moss and fell
While breathing chanters proudly swell
The batter'd ground, returns the sound-
Clan Alpine's cry, is win or die.

Guardian spirits of the brave,
Victory! o'er my hero wave.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Hark! the curfew's solemn sound,

Silent darkness spreads around ;-
Heavy it beats on the lover's heart,

Who leaves with a sigh, his tale half told ;
The poring Monk and his book must part !

And fearful, the Miser locks his gold.

Now whilst labour sleeps, and charmed sorrow,

O’er the dewy green,

By the glow-worm's light

Dance the elves of night,
Unheard! unseen!

Yet, where their midnight pranks have been
The circled turf will betray, to-morrow.


“ To Anthea,” and “ Julia”......


[blocks in formation]

A heart as soft, a heart as kind,

A heart as sound and free,
As in the whole world thou can'st find
That heart Ile give to thee!

(And following verses.)

[blocks in formation]
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