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clare, that some fortnight after, as I remember, that the decree passed, I received two hundred pounds, as from Mr. Scott, by Mr. Shute; but for any precedent promise or transaction by Mr. Shute, certain I am, I knew of none.

*12. To the twelfth article of the charge, viz. he received in the same cause, of the part of sir John Lentall, an hundred pounds :- I confess and declare, that some months after, as I remember, that the decree passed, I received an hundred pounds by my servant Shereburne, as from sir John Lentall, who was not the adverse party to Scott, but a third person, relieved by the same decree, in the suit of one Powre.

• 13. To the thirteenth article of the charge, viz. he received of Mr. Wroth an hundred pounds, in respect of the cause between him and sir Arthur Maynewaringe:I confess and declare, that this cause, being a cause for inheritance of good value, was ended by my arbitrament, and consent of parties; and so a decree passed of course.

And some month after the cause thus ended, the hundred pounds mentioned in the article was delivered to me by my servant Hunt.

*14. To the fourteenth article of the charge, viz. he received of sir Raphe Hansby, having a cause depending before him, five hundred pounds :-) confess and declare, that there were two decrees, one, as I remem

which part

ber, for the inheritance, and the other for goods and chattels, but all upon one bill; and some good time after the first decree, and before the second, the said five hnndred pounds were delivered me by Mr. Tobye Mathew, so as I cannot deny but it was upon the matter, pendente lite.

' 15. To the fifteenth article of the charge, viz. William Compton being to have an extent for a debt of one thousand and two hundred pounds, the lord Chancellor stayed it, and wrote his letter, upon

of the debt was paid presently, and part at a future day. The lord Chancellor hereupon sends to borrow five hundred pounds; and because Compton was to pay four hundred pounds to one Huxley, his lordship requires Huxley to forbear it six months, and thereupon obtains the money from Compton. The money being unpaid, suit grows between Huxley and Compton in Chancery, where his lordship decrees Compton to pay Huxley the debt, with damages and costs, when it was in his own hands :- I declare, that in my conscience, the stay of the extent was just, being an extremity against a nobleman, by whom Compton could be no loser. The money was plainly borrowed of Compton upon bond with interest; and the message to Huxley was only to intreat him to give Compton a longer day, and in no sort to make me debtor or responsible to Huxley; and, therefore, though I were not ready to pay Compton his money, as I would have been glad to have done, save only one hundred pounds, which is paid; I could not deny justice to Huxley, in as ample manner as if nothing had been between Compton and me. But, if Compton hath been damnified in my respect, I am to consider it to Compton.

*16. To the sixteenth article of the charge, viz. in the cause between sir William Bruncker and Awbrey, the lord Chancellor received from Awbrey an hundred pounds:-I do confess and declare, that the money was given and received; but the manner of it I leave to the witnesses.

17. To the seventeenth article of the charge, viz. in the lord Mountague's cause, he received from the lord Mountague six or seven hundred pounds; and more was to be paid at the ending of the cause:- I confess and declare, there was money given, and (as I remember) by Mr. Bevis Thelwall, to the sum mentioned in the article after the cause was decreed; but I cannot say it was ended, for there have been many orders since, caused by sir Frauncis Englefeild's contempts ; and I do remember that, when Thelwall brought the money, he said, that my lord would be further thankful if he could once get his quiet; to which speech I gave little regard.

* 18. To the eighteenth article of the charge, viz. in the cause of Mr. Dunch, he received of Mr. Dunch two hundred pounds:--I confess and declare, that it was delivered by Mr. Thelwall to Hatcher my servant, for me, as I think, some time after the decree; but I cannot precisely inform myself of the time.

‘19. To the nineteenth article of the charge, viz. in the cause between Reynell and Peacock, he received from Reynell two hundred pounds, and a diamond ring worth five or six hundred pounds:- I confess and declare, that, at my first coming to the Seal, when I was at Whitehall, my servant Hunt delivered me two hundred pounds, from sir George Reynell, my near ally, to be bestowed upon furniture of my house; adding further, that he received divers former favours from me; and this was, as I verily think, before any suit begun, The ring was received certainly pendente lite; and, though it were at new year's tide, yet it was too great a value for a new-year's gift, though, as I take it, nothing near the value mentioned in the article.

* 20. To the twentieth article of the charge, viz. he took of Peacock an hundred pounds, and borrowed a thousand pounds, without interest, security, or time of payment:-I confess and declare that I received of Mr. Peacock an hundred pounds at Dorsett-House, at my first coming to the Seal, as a present; at which time no

suit was begun; and that, the summer after, I sent my then servant Lister to Mr. Rolf, my good friend and neighbour, at St. Albans, to use his means with Mr. Peacock (who was accounted a monied man,) for the borrowing of five hundred pounds; and after, by my servant Hatcher, for borrowing of five hundred pounds more, which Mr. Rolf procured, and told me, at both times, that it should be without interest, script, or note; and that I should take my own time for payment of it.

“21. To the one and twentieth article of the charge, viz. in the cause between Smithwick and Wyche, he received from Smithwick two hundred pounds, which was repaid:-I confess and declare, that my servant Hunt did, upon his accompt, being my receiver of the fines of original writs, charge himself with two hundred pounds, formerly received of Smithwick; which, after that I had understood the nature of it, I ordered him to repay it, and to defaulk it of his accompt.

22. To the two and twentieth article of the charge, viz. in the cause of sir Henry Ruswell, he received money from Ruswell; but it is not certain how much :I confess and declare, that I received money from my servant Hunt, as from Mr. Ruswell, in a purse; and whereas the sum in the article is indefinite, I confess it to be three or four hundred pounds; and it was about some months after the cause was decreed; in which decree I was assisted by two of the judges.

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