The Book of the Great Railway Celebrations of 1857: Embracing a Full Account of the Opening of the Ohio & Mississippi, and the Marietta & Cincinnati Railroads, and the Northwestern Virginia Branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, with ... an Account of the Subsequent Excursion to Baltimore, Washington and Norfolk ...

D. Appleton & Company, 1858 - 442 sider

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Side 249 - As unto the bow the cord is, So unto the man is woman ; Though she bends him, she obeys him, Though she draws him, yet she follows ; Useless each without the other...
Side 155 - THE passage of the Potomac through the Blue Ridge is, perhaps, one of the most stupendous scenes in nature. You stand on a very high point of land. On your right comes up the Shenandoah, having ranged along the foot of the mountain a hundred miles, to seek a vent. On your left approaches the Potomac, in quest of a passage also. In the moment of their junction they rush together against tho mountain, rend it asunder, and pass off to the sea.
Side 13 - I consider this among the most important acts of my life, second only to my signing the Declaration of Independence, if even it be second to that.
Side 196 - ... violently as a glaring example of the very prejudice from which the colored race had suffered most; and later, when such critics had succeeded in getting on the inside, they had been heard to maintain with zeal and earnestness that the society was a life-boat, an anchor, a bulwark and a shield • a pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night, to guide their people through the social wilderness.
Side 112 - Oh ! there are looks and tones that dart An instant sunshine through the heart, — As if the soul that minute caught Some treasure it through life had sought...
Side 102 - ... the country has now, by recent events, become vastly larger. This Republic now extends, with a vast breadth across the whole continent. The two great seas of the world wash the one and the other shore. We realize, on a mighty scale, the beautiful description of the ornamental...
Side 6 - to take into consideration the best means of restoring to the city of Baltimore that portion of the western trade that has been lately diverted from it by the introduction of steam navigation and by other causes/ At this meeting one of the boldest enterprises was inaugurated.
Side 21 - The weight of the machine, with its complement of water in the boiler, must, at most, not exceed six tons ; and a machine of less weight will be preferred, if it draw after it a proportionate weight ; and if the weight of the engine...
Side 160 - Patterson's Creek, eight miles from Cumberland, is next reached. Immediately below this stream is a lofty mural precipice of limestone and sand-stone rock, singularly perforated in some of the ledges by openings which look like Gothic loop holes. The valley of this creek is very straight and bordered by beautiful flats.
Side 21 - There must be two safety valves, one of which must be completely out of the reach or control of the engine-man, and neither of which must be fastened down while the engine is working.

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