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TO FACE PAGE Crime Enters the World 40 Death's Sorrow Is Unsealed. 42 The Cursing of Cain .

44 Cain's Wanderings

46 The First City

48 The Translation of Enoch 50 Noah Builds the Ark

52 The Animals Enter the Ark. 54 The Flood

56 The Destruction of Mankind 58 The Decreasing of the Waters 60 The Dove's Return

62 The Rainbow

64 The Shaming of Noah

66 Noah's Curse Upon His Son. 68 Nimrod the Hunter

70 The Building of Babel

72 The Dispersal of the Nations 74 Abram Leads Forth His Family

76 Abram Enters the Promised Land

78 The Dead Sea

80 The Rescue of Lot

82 Melchizedek Blesses Abram. 84 So Shall Thy Seed Be

86 Hagar Given to Abram : 88 Hagar's Flight

90 The Lord Visits Abraham 92 Abraham Feasts the Angels. 94 God Blesses the World

95 Abraham Prays for Sodom 96 Ileadpiece to the Book of Exodus.

97 Lot Flees from Sodom

98 The Pillar of Salt

100 The Destruction of Sodom 102 Lot and His Daughters 104 Abraham's Oak,

106 Expulsion of Hagar

108 Ishmael Comes Nigh Death. 110 The Rescue of Hagar

112 Abraham Climbs Mount Moriah.


TO FACE PAGE The Offering of Isaac 116 Sarah's Burial

118 The Appointed Wife. 120 Rebekah's Charity

122 The Home of Rebekah 124 Rebekah Sees Isaac .

126 The Death of Abraham

128 God's Command to Isaac 130 Isaac Blesses Jacob

132 Esau's Despair

134 The Dream of Jacob

136 Jacob Meets Rachel .

138 Rachel and Leah.

140 The Flight from Haran . 142 Laban Seeks His Gods 144 Jacob's Wrestling

146 Jacob Meets Esau

148 The Spoiling of Shechem 150 Jacob Buries the Idols

152 The Tomb of Rachel

154 Joseph's Dream

156 The Hatred of the Brethren. 158 The Revenge Against Joseph 160 The Bloody Coat

162 Judah and Tamar

164 Joseph in Bonds. Joseph Sold to Potiphar 168 Joseph Taken to Prison . 170 The Baker's Dream .

172 Mummy of Rameses II., the

Oppressor of Israel 173 Joseph Before Pharaoh . 174 Symbolical Headpiece for Leviticus

175 Joseph Raised to Power.

176 The Youngest Brother 178 The Finding of the Cup . 180 Joseph Reveals Himself 182 Jacob Welcomed into Egypt. 18+ Joseph Reorganizes Egypt 186 Jacob Blesses Joseph's Sons. 188 Jacob Prophesies

190 Tailpiece of the Commandments


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The Land of the Beginnings



And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.Gen., 2, 10.

MAP intended to guide us as to the positions and geographical outlines of man's earliest

days must necessarily be imperfect. Of the location of the Garden of Eden we have no knowledge except from the biblical description which places it amid four rivers and names the Euphrates as one of these. Students have usually guessed its location as suggested on the map, near the mouth of the Euphrates, a region where the garden might include seashore, river-meadows, and mountains.

Noah's landing place, Mt. Ararat, the centre from which his descendants went forth for the second peopling of the earth, is fairly settled upon as being in the great culminating range of Armenia, the tremendous peaks which tower at the Euphrates' source. The site of Babylon or Babel has been definitely established by modern research, as has also that of Ur, the city whence Abraham set out upon his journeyings. These are traced on the map, showing how he went with his father to Haran, how he wandered as far as Egypt, and then finally settled in Palestine, the land promised to his descendants by the Almighty.

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