National Convention of Factory Inspectors in the United States Held at ...

Myers Bros. Book and Job Printers, 1887

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Side 22 - SEC. 22. No minor under sixteen years of age, and no woman, shall be employed in laboring in any manufacturing establishment more than ten hours in any day, except when it is necessary to make repairs to prevent the interruption of the ordinary running of the machinery, or when a different apportionment of the hours of labor is made for the sole purpose of making a shorter day's work for one day of the week; and in no case shall the hours of labor exceed fifty-eight in a week. Every employer shall...
Side 84 - Court from time to time to make, ordain, and establish, all manner of wholesome and reasonable orders, laws, statutes and ordinances, directions and instructions, either with penalties or without, so as the same be not repugnant or contrary to this Constitution, as they shall judge to be for the good and welfare of this Commonwealth, and for the government and ordering thereof and of the subjects of the same...
Side 29 - ... gases, vapors, dust, or other impurities generated in the course of the manufacturing process or handicraft carried on therein, that may be injurious to health.
Side 56 - ... (Signature of father, mother, guardian or custodian.) (Town or city and date.) Then personally appeared before me the above-named [name of person signing] , and made oath that the foregoing certificate by [him or her] signed is true to the best of [his or her] knowledge and belief. I hereby approve the foregoing certificate of [name of child...
Side 33 - ... other than the attachment of such wages by the trustee process, or a valid assignment thereof, or a valid set-off against the same, or the absence of such...
Side 80 - Assistant shall be empowered to visit and inspect at all reasonable hours, and as often as practicable, the factories, workshops and other establishments in the State...
Side 45 - If ever we are forced to yield the foremost place among commercial nations, we shall yield it, not to a race of degenerate dwarfs, but to some people pre-eminently vigorous in body and in mind.
Side 76 - Every officer and person failing to perform any duty prescribed by this act, shall be liable to a penalty of fifty dollars for each offense, to be recovered in an action of debt in the name of the people of the state of Michigan.
Side 23 - ... and every parent or guardian who permits any minor to be so employed, shall be punished by a fine of not less than fifty nor more than one hundred dollars for each offense.
Side 45 - Never will I believe that what makes a population stronger, and healthier, and wiser, and better, can ultimately make it poorer.

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