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Our trade being in great measure ruined, and the nation miserably plunged in debt, and in danger of being involved in a new war, about the succession of Spain, in which (according to the present circumstance, and management of affairs) we are in no condition to engage: So, you may see the fatal consequence that attends the actions of men, when they leave the paths of virtue, and go along with the multitude to do evil. I am, Sir, his majesty's faithful subject, a true lover of my country, and

Your most humble servant,

London, July

16, 1698.

G. W.

A List of the Gentlemen who were Members of the last Parliament,

and now are, or lately were, in publick Employment or Trust.

A. Sir Edward Askew, knt. commissioner of the prizes, for Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Sir Matthew Andrews, knt. gentleman of the king's bed-chamber, and master of Trinity-house, Shafton, Dorsetshire.

Matthew Aylmer, esq. a flag officer in the fleet, Dover, CinquePort,

B. The honourable Peregrine Bertie, vice-chamberlain, Boston, Lincolnshire.

The honourable Hugh Boscawen, governor of St. Maw's castle, &c. county of Cornwall.

William Blaithwait, esq. secretary of war, one of the council of trade, and one of the clerks of the council, Bath, Somersetshire.

Nathaniel Bond, the king's serjeant at law, Dorchester.

William Bridges, esq. secretary to the commissioners for paper and parchment, Liscard, Cornwall.

John Barrard, enq. governor of Hurst castle, Lymington, Southampton.

John Burrington, esq. commissioner of the victualling, Oakhampton, Devonshire.

Thomas Blofield, esq. receiver-general of the excise for the county of Norfolk, Norwich.

The honourable George Booth, esq. late commissioner of the customs, Bosiney, Cornwall.

The honourable Charles Bertie, esq. treasurer of the office of the ordnance, Stamford, Lincolnshire.

C. The right honourable lord Coningsby, late lord justice of Ireland, Leominster, Herefordshire.

John Conyers, esq. one of his majesty's council at law, EastGrim-tead, Sussex.

Sir Robert Clayton, knt. late one of the commissioners of the customs, London.

Edward Clark, esq. commissioner of the excise, Taunton, Somersetshire.

The honourable John lord Cuts, baron Gouram, governor of the isle of Wight, and colonel of foot, Cambridgeshire.

Sir Robert Cotton, knt. post-master-general, Newport, isle of Wight.

William Culliford, esq. surveyor-general of bis majesty's customs, Corfe-castle, Dorsetshire.

William Coward, esq. king's serjeant at law, Wells, Somersetshire. William Cowper, esq. king's council, Hertford.

Edward Dummer, esq. surveyor of the navy, Arundel, Sussex.
Thomas Done, esq. auditor of the imprest of the exchequer,

Thomas Dore, esq. lieutenant-colonel to col. Gibson's regiment, Lymington, Southampton.

Sir Robert Dashwood, knt, and bart. commissioner of the excise, Banbury, Oxfordshire.

Sir Ralph Delaval, late a flag officer in the fleet, Great Bedwin, Wilts.


Sir Stephen Evans, knt. commissioner of the excise, and commissioner for wine licenses, Bridgeport, Dorsetshire.

Thomas Earle, esq. major-general of the army, governor of Portsmouth, and colonel of two regiments of foot, Warham, Dorsetshire.

Sir Stephen Fox, knt. lord of the treasury, Westminster.

Sir Thomas Felton, bart. master of his majesty's houshold, Orford, Suffolk.

Sir William Forrester, one of the commissioners of the greencloth, Northumberland.

William Farrer, esq. one of the king's council, Bedford.

The right honourable viscount Fitzharding, a teller in the exchequer, Windsor, Berkshire,

Sir Thomas Frankland, bart. post-master-general, Heydon, Yorkshire.

The right honourable lord Fairfax, colonel of a regiment of dragoons, York, Charles Fox, esq. paymaster to the army, Cricklade, Wiltshire.

G. Sir Henry Goodrick, lieutenant-general of the ordnance, Burrowbridge, Yorkshire.

John Gauntlet, esq. clerk of the signet, Wilton, Wilts.

Charles Godolphin, esq. commissioner of the customs, Helston, Cornwall.

Sir Rowland Gwyn, late treasurer of the king's chamber, Tiverton, Devonshire.

Francis Gardner, esq. an employ in the mint at Norwich, Norwich.

The honourable Ralph Grey, esq. auditor of the exchequer, Berwick.

Sir Bevil Granvil, governor of Pendennis castle, and colonel of foot, Fowey, Cornwall.

John Gibson, esq. colonel of a regiment of foot, and deputy-governor of Portsmouth, Portsmouth.

H. The honourable sir Robert Howard, knt. auditor of the exchequer, Castlerising, Norfolk.

Henry Haveningham, lieutenant of the band of pensioners, Dunwich, Suffolk.

Robert Henley, esq. commissioner of the customs, Lime-regis, Dorsetshire.

Thomas Howard, esq. a teller of the exchequer, Bleching, Surrey

Sir Joseph Herne, patentee for copper halfpence, and trustee for circulating exchequer-bills, Dartmouth, Devonshire.

Sir John Hawles, knt. sollicitor-general, Wilton, Wiltshire.

Sir Henry Hobart, bart, commissioner of the customs, county of Norfolk.

James Herbert, esq. treasurer of the prize-office, Ajlesbury, Bucks.

Simon Harcourt, esq. secondary in the crown-office, Abingdon, Berkshire.

I. Sir Henry Johnson, knt. a great builder of ships for the king by contract, Aldborough, Suffolk.

Sir Jonathan Jennings, commissioner of the prize-office, Rippon, Yorkshire.

K. James Kendal, esq. lord of the admiralty, Port-Pigham, alias West Loe, Cornwall.

John Knight, esq. late auditor of the first fruits, Weymouth, Dorsetshire.

L. Sir Thomas Littleton, bart, lord of ihe treasury, New-Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

James Lowther, esq. clerk of the stores of the tower, Carlisle, Cumberland.

William Lownds, esq. secretary to the lords of the treasury, Seaford, a Cinque-Port.

Sir John Lowther, bart. for many years past lord of the admiralty, Cumberland.

Charles Montague, esq. chancellor of the exchequer, undertreasurer of the same, one of the lords of the treasury, &c. Westminster.

Sir Thomas Mompesson, knt. one of the commissioners of the privy-seal, in the absence of the earl of Pembroke, New Sarum, Wilts, VOL. X.



John Methuin, esq. lord chancellor of Ireland, Devizes, Wilts.

Christopher Montague, esq. commissioner for paper and parchment, Northampton.

Sir Charles Musgrave, bart. master of the robes to the queen dowager, Appleby, Westmoreland.

N. Thomas Neale, esq. master of the mint, and groom-porter, Lurgeshall, Wilts.

0. Foot Onslow, esq. commissioner of the excise, Guildford, Surry.

Charles Osbourn, esq. lieutenant-governor of Hull, Hull, Yorkshire.

Thomas Pitt, esq. master in chancery, Old Sarum, Wilts.
Thomas Pelham, esq. lord of the treasury, Lewis, Sussex.

The honourable Henry Priestman, esq. lord of the admiralty, Shoreham, Sussex.

Thomas Papillon, esq. commissioner of the victualling, London.


The right honourable lord Edward Russel, treasurer of the chamber, county of Bedford.

Sir Robert Rich, lord of the admiralty, Dunwich, Suffolk.

The right honourable lord Robert Russel, clerk of the pipe, Tavistock, Devonshire.

The right honourable Richard lord Ranelagh, pay-master-general to the army, and governor of Chelsea-College, Chichester, Sus


S. The right honourable John Smith, esq. lord of the treasury, Andover, Southampton.

George Sayer, esq. lieutenant of the yeomen of the guards, Canterbury

Sir Cloudsly Shovel, admiral of the blue, commissioner of the navy, and colonel of a marine regiment, Rochester, Kent.

James Slone, esq. secretary to the chief justice in Eyre, Thetford, Norfolk

The honourable James Stanley, esq. groom of the king's bedchamber, secretary to the houshold, and colonel of foot, county of Lancaster.

T. Sir William Trumball, knt, late principal secretary of state, Oxford University

Sir Thomas Trevor, knt. attorney-general, Plimpton, Devonshire,

John Taylor, esq. book-keeper to the treasurer of the navy, and usher of the receipt of the exchequer, Sandwich, Kent.

Charles Trelawn y, esq. a major-general in the army, and colonel of a regiment of foot, East-Low, Cornwall,

Henry Trelawney, esq. a colonel in the army, East-Low, Cornwall

Joseph Thurbarne, esq. king's serjeant at law, Sandwich, Kent

U. The right honourable J. Vernon, esq. principal secretary of state, Penryn, Cornwall.

W. Sir Joseph Williamson, keeper of the records of state, Rochester, Kent.

Sir William Wogan, one of the king's serjeants at law, Haverford-West, Wales.

Richard Woolliston, esq. receiver-general for the county of Hertford, Whitchurch, Southampton.

The honourable Good Wharton, esq. lord of the admiralty, Cockermouth, Cumberland.

Edmund Webb, esq. gentleman-usher to the prince of Denmark, Cricklade, Wilts, &c.





As also, for paying off all Debts contracted in the same, or otherwise. And new coining of all our Monies, without Charge, to the great increase of the Honour, Strength, and Wealth of the Nation. Humbly proposed for the Parliament's Consideration, and submitted to their great Wisdom, and Love to their Country, &c. Octavo, containing thirty-two Pages. To which is added an Appendix, MS.

Sect. 1. A BOUT three years since, I humbly proposed, among other

things, the new coining of all our monies, and gave these reasons for it, viz.

1. They were generally so bad, as to be refused abroad; and so were unserviceable in other countries.

2. The suffering them to pass gave advantage to the further clipping them, as is manifest in our sad experience, for they are now much worse; and so unserviceable at home. 3. It was reproachful to us, that it should be suffered to


and, therefore, worthy consideration and inquiry into the causes of it.

4. It was no otherwise to be prevented or reformed, than by new coining all; and then prohibiting the passing of any clipped money from and after a certain day to be limited, under the penalty of

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